Emirates News Agency – “Economy” announces the joining of “KRUSH Brands” to the “Next Generation” initiative

ABU DHABI, August 1 / WAM / The Ministry of Economy has announced that one of the first companies to join the “Next Generation” initiative of foreign investment, “KRUSH Brands”, specialized in food technology, three weeks after the Ministry this launched a global initiative. in partnership with seven partner Strategists, representing the most important national institutions in the UAE.

The company will move its global headquarters to the UAE, aims to triple its growth by creating 700 jobs within two years and will move its technology arm from Europe to the UAE.

His Excellency Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of State for Foreign Trade, said: “The Next Generation initiative comes in support of the UAE’s vision to improve the attractiveness of investments in the new economic sectors, and in a way that the country ‘s efforts to build a successful economic model based on innovation and knowledge, as the Ministry of Economy continues to work in collaboration with its partners.” The strategists, through this initiative, seek to attract new companies to the UAE market and support the business and project system in the future sectors, in light of the directives of the wise leadership, in accordance with the goals and principles of the fifty, and in a manner that contributes to consolidating the UAE’s position as a leading global investment centre.

His Excellency added: “Today we are witnessing a new step in the “Next Generation” initiative with the participation of KRUSH Brands, which sees the UAE as the right place for sustainable growth and expansion of the business of digitally enabled companies, as the state is keen to provide all means of support necessary to make the establishment of digital businesses in the UAE easier and more efficient, and we look forward to the joining of more companies and stakeholders in the coming period to announce.”

The Next Generation FDI initiative offers many incentives for digital companies, such as speeding up business setup processes, facilitating bank readiness, simplifying visa issuance procedures and offering attractive options for commercial and residential real estate. The FDI initiative is a continuation of parallel government. schemes such as the National Program For Programmers, which offers golden visas to 100,000 programmers.

The Ministry of Economy, together with other stakeholders, will support KRUSH Brands’ journey by providing practical support that includes introducing it to potential strategic partners in aviation, hospitality, real estate and retail. It represents an integration of efforts between the Ministry and other stakeholders to strengthen value chains and develop an ecosystem Digital business across the country.

Ian Ohan, Founder and CEO of KRUSH Brands said: “This is a definite win for us and gives us an important opportunity to build our technology company into a world-class digital economy here in the UAE. This is an important milestone in the evolution of KRUSH Brands as we focus on accelerating our own technologies, brands, operations and ultimately logistics capabilities to expand with strategic partners in the UAE and across the region.

He added: “We are proud to be one of the founding members of the Next Generation FDI program and to contribute to the growth of the UAE’s digital economy.”

KRUSH Brands has succeeded in creating an efficient mechanism for economically sustainable delivery and is the only fully integrated digitally enabled multi-channel food and beverage company in the region. It has proprietary food technology, operates its own food and beverage brands and has a professional and ethical delivery fleet. Its unique business model provides an economically sustainable and profitable ecosystem for innovative local food entrepreneurs to thrive and engage with the communities in which they operate.

The company recently launched Locale, its curated online marketplace for local favorite food brands. Locale is about quality food, ideas and people. By not seeking profit from delivery, technology or advertising, Locale aligns its interests with food entrepreneurs, customers and employees by focusing on making money from food.

The company also played a key role during the Covid pandemic in supporting local food entrepreneurs in the UAE. The Locale app allows customers to order directly from brands; With the option to combine several products from different brands in one order.

The company is among the first to join the Next Generation FDI initiative, which aims to attract leading digitally-enabled companies and exceptional technology talent, including software developers, data scientists, programmers and digital entrepreneurs.

The national initiative aims to strengthen the UAE’s digital system and accelerate plans to diversify the UAE’s economy based on knowledge.

A new group of technology companies, entrepreneurs and strategic partners for the Next Generation FDI initiative will be announced in the near future. With more companies and stakeholders joining, the initiative will boost the UAE’s growing digital economy and help empower the UAE in the next 50 years.

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