Golf flower – protects the strands from moisture and pool water. “Nano” technology for frizz-free hair


Nanotechnology was behind the invention of a liquid, which is sprayed onto materials to make them impervious to water, from sofa upholstery to sneakers. Today she looks down on humanity, and she has a magical solution to the problem of frizzy hair, which many women on this planet suffer from. Here is the working mechanism of this new technique, with which the hair acquires the properties of water resistance, so that moisture does not affect it, and the pool water does not threaten it, but instead makes your immersion with the sea water a unique pleasure this summer. A few months ago, hair treatments appeared on the market, which experts called “raincoats”; They protect hair from water, just as coats protect clothes from rainwater. The layer of product spread on the hair is like an invisible abaya, thrown over it to protect it from water and moisture that causes frizz.

These innovative products protect the strands, especially the colored, stressed and porous ones, against many factors that damage the hair, from the sun and the heat of the electric hairdresser, to environmental pollutants in the surrounding air, chlorine and salts in swimming pool water. And the more pores the hair; It became more prone to wrinkles. Therefore, this technology envelops each strand with a transparent protective layer, which prevents two things: the first is frizz, and the second is the “flyaways” which are those short, brittle hairs that distort the beauty of your hairstyle by going in a different direction to take of the soft, flowing strands.

Usage mechanism

These products, which come in the form of a spray, cream or gel, are spread on the strands, not wet, after they have been washed with shampoo, then the conditioner is applied to them, they are rinsed and then with a cotton towel be dried. Spray the spray over the hair to cover it completely, then dry it with an electric “blow dry” or a thermal iron; Because the heat here activates the polymer in the preparation, and makes it work to get the result.

mini keratin

Experts consider these products to be a miniature or simplified version of the at-home keratin hair treatment. It leaves hair silky smooth and shiny like a piece of glass, and protects it from humidity or sweat for up to 72 hours, or for two or three shampoos. When the water is poured on the hair treated with these preparations; We find the water has turned into small beads or pellets, and it flows without any effect on the hair; Because it has become “watertight” or impenetrable. They usually contain filters or filters that protect the hair against ultraviolet rays, so that the color of the dye does not fade. It also gives the hair antistatic properties; His hairstyle looks beautiful.

vegan formula

Among these products is the Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray, which has a light texture that leaves no trace of oil on the hair, in addition to being vegan, free of gluten, silicone, sulfates, alcohol, parabens and phthalates. As well as the IGK Blocked Water-Resistant Hair Shield Cream free from mineral oils, there is also the Philip Kingsley Swimcap Water Resistant Mask, which is enriched with olive oils, castor oils and hydrogenated elastin, and the great thing is that it does not require heat do not have to activate, just comb it on the hair, and you are confident that you will get the desired result immediately.

its proteins

We add Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel to protect the hair from climate fluctuations, heat and humidity. It is distinguished from other products by the fact that it contains silk proteins, which give hair health, well-being, shine and unparalleled softness. These products differ from serums that make hair resist moisture, as they do not accumulate on the strands or weigh them down, nor do they cause them to lose their density, or give them that unwanted greasy feeling.

Anti-wrinkle technology

Nanotechnology works on the study, understanding and control of matter with dimensions ranging from 1 to 100 nanometers, which can be used in all different scientific fields, such as: physics, chemistry, biology and engineering. Nanotechnology has also entered consumer products, where billions of microscopic “nano” hairs, each about 10 nanometers long, are attached to natural and synthetic fibers to add stain resistance to clothing and fabrics, and nanocrystals are used to oxide Zinc is used in the manufacture of sunscreens, especially ultraviolet rays, and silver nanocrystals are included in dressings to kill bacteria and prevent infection. Most recently, Anti Frizz Nano Technology covers the hair so that water molecules are not allowed to penetrate its pores, thus preserving the benefit of hours spent in the salon​​​​​​ For a perfect hairstyle, do not spoil it with a few drops of dew.

Formaldehyde hazards

Dermatologists are divided into two groups regarding these products. One group believes that there is no objection to its use because it is not fair to deprive curly-haired women of their opportunity to enjoy smooth, hanging tresses, and this is the same group that allows the use of her straight products with keratin, protein and collagen of all their names, with Recommend the use of good species, and not excessive demand. Another group claims that it should be avoided; Because it has serious damage that can threaten life, because it contains a preservative that results from exposure to heat, formaldehyde, which is resistant to bacteria and fungi, but in certain proportions that can lead to death, and cause hair loss.

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