Learn about the sub-disciplines of digital skills in educational jobs

Learn more about the details of the sub-specialties of the announced digital skills specialization within the targeted specializations in educational positions, which are as follows

Computer, computer and information sciences, computer science, information systems, computer engineering, computer and network engineering, computer programming and information systems, computer science, computer science and engineering, computer science, computer information systems, science in information systems, advanced computer science, computer education, Computer Science and Education, Statistics/Computer Science, Educational Computing, Software Engineering, Computer and Information Systems, Information Technology – Network and Security, Information Technology Data Management, Technical Computer Engineering, Computer Education, Computer Automation and Network Security, Information and Computer Technology, Computer Science, Course Computer Networks, Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Information Systems, Network Engineering, Communication- and Information Technology, Information Technology/Internet and Multimedia, Computer Networks, Computer and Information Science, Software development Computer Science, Application Development, Information Technology and Computing, Computer Information Technology, Education Computing, Computer and Information Technology, Computer Applications, Computer Systems/Network Computing, Network Technology, Computer in Software Development, Computer Systems and Networks, Programming, Applied Computer Science Technology, Computer and Information Systems/Graphics and Multimedia , Computer Networks and Web Design, Information Science and Technology, Computer Engineering, Computer/Information Technology, Electronic Computing and Computer Engineering . Science and Technology III, Computer Science – Network Technology, Software Technology, Computer Science/Software Engineering, Software Systems Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Technology, Computer and its Applications, Communication and Computer Networks, Computer Information Systems, Computer Systems Engineering, Computer Security, Computer Science Technology, Computer Science – Cooperative Education, Computer Networks and Cyber ​​Network Design, Information and Computer Science / Network and Security, Computer Science (Software Engineering), Computer and Information Engineering, Programming and Information Systems, Computer and Network Engineering – Network Engineering, Computer Engineering, Programming and Computer Science, Computer Science, Computers and Information Technology, Computers and Information Technology (Information Systems), Computer Technology and Programming, Computer Systems and Electronics, Network Technology and Systems Management, Computer Information Systems Science , Software Engineering with Networks, Computer Systems, Network and Security, Information Technology Security, Computer Systems, Data Management, Network and Computer Information Security, Technical / Computer Engineering, Technology and Information Systems, Information Systems Security, Networks and Internet, Computer Systems Technology, Computer Science and Information Technology, Computer Application Technology, Information Technology and Software, Information and Network Security, Computer and Information Science/Data Management Computer Science Applications, Advanced Computer Science and Information Technology Management, Technology Computer Networks, Computer Systems Engineering Technology and Quantum Systems Pewter (systems technology). Integrated), Department of Information Technology, Engineering Technology and Computer Science, Technology and Computer Science, Network and Communication Systems, Programming Technology, Computer Technology (Computer), Information Technology and Computer/Communication, Network and Communication, Computer Science – Information Systems Track, Computer and Information Science Automation Engineering Software and Data Management, Computer Information Systems (software design and development), electrical engineering and computer engineering (computer engineering), network and communication engineering, computer languages, integrated information technology, business and computer information technology, information systems technology and communication engineering. Software and Computer Engineering – Cooperative Education, Information Systems Engineering, Computer Engineering, Science, Computer Science, Computer, Information Technology, Computer Technology in Software Development, Networks, Communication Systems, Electrical/Computer Engineering, Electronics, Communication and Information Studies.

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