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The “laughing icon” from the seventies of the last century, and the owner of a calm mood in the art world and the search for happiness without looking at money, and a lover of football and Al-Ahly club more than caring about anything else, he liked to sit in cafes and live the life of bums as he used to call himself, so the public and the marginalized loved him. If one of them and he has already decided not to abandon them, he is the artist Saeed Saleh who passed away on this first day of August 2014.

A third of Egyptian films

“Egyptian cinema has produced 1,500 films, one-third of which is my share,” Saeed Saleh said of his artistic career, which includes dozens of films and plays.

Saeed Saleh was born in 1938. Some of his most famous films are “Peace, My Friend,” “The Cat Is a Lion’s Origin,” “424,” “The Milky Way,” “Halfvoet,” “At the Wazir’s Gate,” “The Visitor of Dawn,” and “The Suspicious.” His most famous theater works were “The School of Rioters”, “The Children Are Growing”, “Al-Baba’a”, “Kablon”, “Sharm Bram”, “Al-Shahatin” and “Tasfar Al-Safar”. And “The Challenge Game” and “The Fall in Beersheba”.

The other side of Saeed Saleh

The late Saeed Saleh, or “Sultan”, as he was nicknamed in his most famous plays, “The Children Are Growing Up,” was one of the artists known for his strong love for art, but also the desire to work mastered. and participates in photography in a good mood, and he saw that film is what puts him in this mood, Because her shooting hours are less and acting needs a good mood.

Saleh’s choices and beliefs prompted him to refuse to play the role of Mayor Suleiman Ghanem in the series “Layali al-Helmeya”, because he did not want to drain himself in the drama. He refused the movie “Dangerous Recorder”, in which he was to act with the leader, Adel Imam, due to his fear of the role and the similarity between him and his real character, as he would be playing the role of someone. who has a daughter and dies at the end of the work. The film went to Salah Kabil instead of the role.

Among the other signs that expressed the personality of the late Saeed Saleh, who had a big heart and mind and intellect, was his comment about the period of his stay in prison, when he affirmed that he was happy in the prison, and said: “God wanted to test me, and I felt people’s love for me, and I was busy in prison.” I solve problems, pray and read the Koran, and memorize it, so I asked God to get closer to Him and He answered me.”

The three friends

The life of the late Saeed Saleh had a special relationship with two friends who had not been separated by the producers for a long time, and one of them was paid instead of the other without sadness or artistic jealousy between them, and the case here is related . to Salah Al-Saadani and Adel Imam.

The fame of Saeed Saleh and Adel Imam were together, and the “marginalized comedians” confirmed in one of the television interviews that there was no kind of jealousy between them and they encouraged each other on stage.

This was confirmed by Saeed Saleh’s daughter, Hind, who came out to announce the continuation of her relationship with leader Adel Imam, who constantly reassures her, which is the opposite of the rumors that spread about the relationship of Adel Imam and Saeed Saleh.

Regarding the relationship of the late artist Salah Al-Saadani, he said about her that they are brothers and sisters that one mother did not give birth to, and that their name was very associated at the beginning of their artistic career, like Saeed Saleh knew. that he was one of the artists who made good relations with everyone.

Political and moody prison

Saeed Saleh was imprisoned 3 times during his life, the first of which was for a work of art, and he was the first artist to be sentenced for a work of art, as he called himself “the king of deviation from the text” . ”, which led to his imprisonment in 1983 when he swore on stage He was sentenced to 17 days pending investigation and then released.

This work spread after some rumors that he was imprisoned due to a political sentence said that he ridiculed the Egyptian presidents in the play “A game called money”, when he said in the Egyptian colloquial: “My mother was married 3 times, the first ate our flesh and the second taught us to cheat, and the third is not frustrating or bank”, and raised the issue at the time. There was widespread controversy in the artistic and media circles, and he eventually acquitted.

He was imprisoned a second time in 1991 in a manufactured drug case and was acquitted for insufficient evidence, and in 1996 he was again accused of the same charge and sent to prison for a year and fined 10,000 pounds.

The unrecognized singer

Saeed Saleh’s first ambition was to be a singer and he actually applied to the Syndicate of Musical Professions. He used to listen and did not know the rules and basics of composing, and for this he was rejected, according to the composer Helmy Bakr, who was then a member of the Syndicate’s listening committee.

Saeed Saleh composed and performed many songs in his film and theater works, which were loved by the audience, including “On the Name of Egypt”, “We are the day, what”, “Forbidden to travel” and “The whole day long”.

With this long artistic history, Saeed Saleh ended his career by appearing in a number of works as a guest of honor, especially with Adel Imam in the movie “Zheimer”, the last of which was the movie “Tired and Shadia” in 2013. .

In his television interviews, Saeed Saleh wished that he would die on his feet and not be sick. Perhaps his wish came true, as he did not suffer from illness for long, as he died on August 1, 2014, after suffering a heart attack, leaving behind a great artistic legacy that neither art history nor the public can overlook.

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