Volunteers..a beehive to support those affected by rain and floods

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The volunteers of the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, who are currently in one of the shelters for families and individuals affected by the heavy rain and torrential rain that flooded their homes in the Emirate of Fujairah, form a restless beehive in the heart of the centre, which requires great concerted efforts as they take great care under the guidance and supervision of officials. The Crescent Authority is committed to fulfill all tasks and responsibilities entrusted to them in a spirit of dedication, which is to receive the affected cases, record their data, allot appropriate rooms for family numbers, in addition to providing logistical and psychological support, providing all assistance and providing the necessary needs and supplies.

“Al-Bayan” visited the shelter center, and it was the first newspaper to cover the center’s preparations and met with a number of officials and volunteers who emphasized that the situation the state was going through, especially in the Emirate of Fujairah, not only requires joint efforts, but rather seeks to strengthen the spirit of voluntary work, which is definitely rooted in the depth of the culture and heritage of the Emirates, and it is an opportunity for individuals to give back to give to the dear homeland.

important role

Mohammed Ahmed Al Yamahi, Director of the Emirate Red Crescent Authority, Dubai Center, said: Yes, work and efforts continue in the center with the aim of a gradual return to recovery from the effects and repercussions of rain, wind and to accomplish recent weather. fluctuations, and the resulting damage, and the exit of a number of residents, citizens and residents, to shelter centers provided by the government of the UAE, where male and female volunteers in the shelter center play important roles from every morning to night, and continuous communication with the affected families present in the center to check on them, ask about their needs and requirements, ensure their safety and work urgently to secure their needs.

Al-Yamahi added: I am not exaggerating that the volunteers do not calm down, except to reach the comfort of those in the accommodation center, as they move between rooms to ask for their needs, and immediately rush to meet the necessary supplies what they want. I want to make the point that we are really proud of all the volunteers, without exception, who truly embody the values ​​of the authentic Fazaa in the Emirati society.

Yahya Abdullah Al-Maeini, of the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, Dubai Centre, explained that the UAE is one of the most successful countries in the process of achieving the promotion of the voluntary work approach, as it embraces many involved agencies, institutions and programs . in this field.

Al-Muaini added: “Also, in light of the vision of the wise leadership and the directives of the UAE government, the safety of the people in the shelter center is a top priority, as the volunteers work day and night according to practical and humanitarian plans to deal with all the families in the center, according to an integrated work system.

I want to emphasize that the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace, left clear humanitarian fingerprints locally and globally, as he gave voluntary work and humanitarian attention, until it became one of the characteristics of the people. of the Emirates. Therefore, everyone should not hesitate at all, and even take the initiative to volunteer in this humanitarian situation, until the affected people return to their homes after securing them.”

Ahmed Juma Al Kaabi, leader of the volunteer team at the shelter center in Fujairah, said: Awareness and commitment to national and moral responsibility is enough to overcome crises.

Our volunteer work today is to support national efforts and provide the necessary support based on a purely national desire. This includes various diets, sleep needs, personal and hygienic needs, in addition to logistical, psychological and medical support.

Al Kaabi added: “The volunteer work of Emirati and residents confirms the extent of the Emirati people’s love for their homeland, never hesitating to respond to the call of duty in all circumstances.”

hum loudly

Volunteer Moza Musabeh Al Mazrouei said: I have never hesitated to play my voluntary role in serving families affected by torrential rain and torrential rain in the eastern regions of the country, in one of the shelters in the Emirate of Fujairah.

As our efforts are united to achieve the comfort of the affected people in the center, with a high Emirati determination capable of overcoming challenges.” Al Mazrouei added: “Volunteering in the UAE is an exceptional case, and it has become a well-established approach laid down by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace. To build a better future for future generations.

Sakina Ahmed Al-Hajji emphasized that all volunteers present an honorable image of the concept of volunteering at Dar Zayed.

Al-Hajji spoke about a situation that occurred to her while distributing some needs to families in the rooms designated for them, as a family head asked to “breastfeed” his child so that he could drink milk, and because the center was missing at the time the father requested, I had to leave the center and go to one of the sales points and buy a bottle and give it to the little one, which made the father very happy.

Judy Mohamed Bassam pointed out that volunteers provide care and support to families affected by torrential rains and downpours after being transferred to hotel housing units and accommodation centers, especially senior citizens, children and families who do not have a breadwinner or need help during the emergency shelter period.

Sense of responsibility

The young man, Muhammad Ibrahim Al Balushi, also moves between the departments of the shelter, motivating his fellow volunteers to work in a team spirit, and even with a high patriotic spirit and a sense of responsibility towards the homeland.

He said: Today, the Emirate of Fujairah hosts many male and female volunteers who cooperate with the relevant authorities in the emirate, in the performance of many voluntary works represented in the operations of supporting affected families in shelter centers, clearing roads and remove. the effects of torrential rain and torrential rain that affected Fujairah. In preparation for resuming normal life.

He emphasized that the volunteers also played important practical roles by helping to transport the affected people in four wheel drive vehicles, as well as buses and vehicles provided by various stakeholders to transport and secure families in those areas.

Sarah Hamza Nour Al-Huda pointed out that all volunteers are fully qualified to support and support national efforts in emergencies and crises, to preserve people’s lives and the nation’s profits.

She added: We work day and night in the shelter center, and one of our tasks after registering the names of families and individuals in the shelter center is to identify their health status, especially those who complain of chronic diseases, to provide the necessary medical support in the center of the supporting and supporting health and medical authorities.

Psychological help

The young Azerbaijani woman, Lala, noted that there are some individuals in the shelter center who are still suffering psychologically from the effects of heavy rains and downpours that entered their homes, and they have actually been cared for and contained by the necessary provisions to make. psychological support by a number of volunteers specialized in this field to relieve them and help them overcome what they have been through.

Volunteer Sarah Moussa praised the UAE Red Crescent Authority’s support for male and female volunteers and qualified them for volunteering by encouraging them to participate in specialized courses.

She added: My permanent presence in the initiatives of the Red Crescent Authority gave me opportunities to enter the field of volunteer work and join hands with it.

Jamila Hassan Al Balushi, a pioneer of volunteerism, emphasized that her presence in the shelter center to support and support the affected families considers it a sacred duty to her country and its leadership.

Al-Balushi added: The situation in the Emirate of Fujairah has caused me to stay somewhat away from my family, but all this makes it easy to return the favor to the beloved country. On the one hand, we contain children in the center, identify the needs of families and distribute the necessary supplies to them.

families help

Shamsa Ali Mohammed said: “The volunteers in the Emirates Red Crescent have their unlimited efforts to support the families in the shelters, in addition to the rehabilitation of the volunteers for the various affected areas and cleaning, in cooperation with the competent authorities, and have indicated that she and other volunteers hope to be active in the community, through their participation in targeted volunteer opportunities, represented in providing support and assistance to many affected individuals and families in shelter centers, which will contribute to strengthening their relationships and interaction with the community.

Inspiring examples of the spirit of giving

During the tour, “Al-Bayan” got to know the sections of the shelter center, which included many rooms that included the needs and supplies of the affected, in addition to other sections represented in psychological and medical support, which are all volunteers . who are fully aware that volunteering is the spirit of humanitarian work, embodying the values ​​of solidarity and community cohesion to support efforts large national.

Where the volunteers, who are still in the shelters in the Emirate of Fujairah, wrote inspiring and honorable examples of the spirit of giving and answering the call of duty without hesitation, as they were proactive in responding to the call of the motherland , giving and achieving leadership in humanitarian and charitable work in its highest sense.

You see them competing in the shelters to serve families and individuals affected by the downpour and downpour that flooded their homes. The volunteers are eager to reassure them, meet their needs and relieve them of the gravity of the difficult situation they have gone through. Especially since the safety of life is a top priority for the rational leadership in the country, and for all responding parties in the national system for emergency, crisis and disaster management.

A volunteer received a family affected by torrential rain at the shelter, and the young volunteer noticed that one of the family’s daughters was barefoot, as she had lost what she was wearing due to the situation in the emirate, and the volunteer immediately gave the girl her. sports shoes, so that she would remain without shoes, and she did not stop there. Instead, she continued volunteering until the wee hours of the morning to do her volunteer work. Emphasize that it aspires no more than to be part of this national action, which enjoys the joint efforts of all sincere people, without exception.


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