Abu Dhabi Police: “Heroes of Tomorrow’s Police” is a comprehensive program to enhance belonging to the homeland

Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

200 male and female students in the age group of 12-15 years joined the activities of the fourth edition of the summer program “Heroes of Tomorrow’s Police”, which includes an integrated program to motivate them to experience the military life, their increase physical fitness, improve belonging to the home country and equip them with positive skills.
Colonel Hussain Ali Al Junaibi, director of the police rehabilitation department at the Saif bin Zayed Academy of Policing and Security Sciences, expressed the Abu Dhabi Police’s interest in promoting the concept of community partnership, developing working mechanisms and increasing the level and quality of security emphasized. and police services, by interacting with community sectors, and upgrading the level of the security system, according to The best international practices, the most advanced, to keep up with the needs of the present, meet the requirements and anticipate the future.

He explained that the summer program “Heroes of Tomorrow’s Police” focuses on investing the students’ time during the summer vacation for benefit and benefit, pointing out the zeal to implement the prescriptions of the wise leadership to harness the energy and talents of investing young people. of all ages, and values ​​and should settle in the homeland.
He said the program includes basic police skills and military training such as infantry and weapons, and focuses on certain security and cultural aspects to strengthen students’ sense of security, physical activities and a set of events and visits aimed at strengthening their invest energy and give them positive behavior to strengthen patriotism and increase self-confidence, noting that these programs have received great attention from parents due to the benefit they have achieved over the past years and the development of their children’s skills .

He explained that the course program was prepared according to high quality educational specifications, achieved a high level of physical fitness among students, and provided them with leadership and skill qualities, expressing his pride at the students’ response to the program’s activities, and the efforts of parents who contributed to establish the values ​​of national identity, encouraging children to fill their free time with what benefits them and benefits their country in the present and the future.
He praised the commitment of the students since they joined the first day and the appearance of signs of enthusiasm and their presence at the specified times, wishing them to benefit from the content of the program and all knowledge and skills learn to prepare a conscious generation with qualities. of a security nature and distinct in giving and patriotism.
He expressed his appreciation to the students who exemplified commitment and diligence to follow up and increase their knowledge of the programme, and pointed to the interest in diversity in the activities, which included lectures and practical exercises to providing them with more skills and experience. , encourages them to know and develop their own abilities, improve national values ​​and cherish the authentic customs and traditions that cherish us. .

The student, Suhail Khalifa Al-Saadi, expressed his gratitude to the Abu Dhabi Police for the opportunity to practice his favorite hobby, “shooting”, and that he benefited from the notes and instructions of the trainers, which he efficiency in dismantling and assembling the weapon and introducing its components, indicating that he will be keen to participate in the upcoming programmes.
He pointed out that investing the summer vacation in military, educational and cultural courses and everything that is useful, whether in study, training or skill development, increases self-confidence by developing their skills, adopting their minds and bodies, their minds revitalized, and to expand their perceptions to gain new practical experiences to advance society towards a prosperous future.and shine.

The student, Muhammad Ali Obaid Ali Al Darmaki, expressed his gratitude to the Abu Dhabi Police, who played a major role in refining his beloved hobby, namely swimming. He praised the role of the coaches in discovering his talent when he joined the program and help him learn new skills to refine and develop his talent and learn to swim well. He added, “I will continue to develop the skill of swimming to represent our beloved country in local sports events and international forums.”

The student, Rawda Fahad Al Balushi, confirmed her great pride in learning new skills by joining the Police Heroes of Tomorrow program during the summer holidays. She pointed out that the program instilled in the participants a love of belonging to the homeland, encouraging knowledge, how to protect ourselves from all harm and utilizing free time to learn new and unique things, self-abilities to develop, enhance national values ​​and pride in authentic customs and traditions.
She explained that she had a special experience to learn the nature of police work, and the efforts of Abu Dhabi Police to improve the security and safety process and spread peace in the community by practicing many purposeful activities, and attending valuable lectures that instilled positivity in us, in addition to visiting the operation room and traffic patrols. About how policemen work to spread security and safety, improve traffic safety and how to deal with accidents.

Student Ali Thani Al Shamsi said that he was familiar with many traffic regulations and laws that he was ignorant of before participating in the program, and enjoyed the discussions and conversations that took place between the coaches and participating friends, leading up to the program fun and joy.
He explained that he has loved horseback riding since childhood, and was able to pursue his favorite hobby in the Tomorrow Police Heroes Program, where the trainers worked to refine and develop his riding skills in addition to their training. in the disassembly and assembly of weapons, swimming and pedestrians.
He emphasized that the attention of the Abu Dhabi Police General Command to the students is evidence of its zeal to instill noble values ​​in them, strengthen national identity and belonging in them and empower them in all fields because they are the future leaders of the renaissance that the country is witnessing, point out that the summer vacation has more free time that must be To invest well.

Student Khaled Nasser Al-Saadi explained that the program played an important role in introducing them to the sense of safety, the dangers of social media, cybercrime, drug and smoking harm, and gaining new information about prevention of various risks. police.
He said that by joining the Heroes of Tomorrow Police, he learned about the great efforts that policemen put in to provide safety, comfort and reassurance to members of society, and that he aspired to work in police work. should belong after completing his education stages to the country in one of the most important areas of national work, and we will be the best support and support And help the policemen to perform their noble duties.

Student Shamsa Adnan Awad Bakhmis said: “I joined the (Heroes of Tomorrow’s Police) which is a summer, educational, sports and entertainment course to invest our free time during the summer holidays, and the program contributed to strengthen our national identity and establish noble values.”
She pointed out the features of the diversified program with activities and opportunities such as physical fitness, pedestrian and weapons training, and recreational activities to learn the basics of swimming, acquire horse riding skills and join educational lectures. She confirmed that she gained many skills during the period when she joined the program, and trained in many sports activities such as swimming, horse riding, pedestrians and first aid.

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