Ahmed Zewail’s sister for “Dar Al Hilal”: My brother is an “icon” and his dream was to put Egypt on the scientific map

Six years have passed since the departure of the scientific value and stature, Dr. Ahmed Zewail, the first Egyptian and Arab scientist to receive the Nobel Prize, and Zewail is still present in the conscience of the Egyptians with his value and scientific status, a source of pride and an icon for Egypt and the Egyptians.

Zewail died on this day in 2016, at the age of 70, leaving behind a path of work, struggle and extensive scientific achievements, when he invented a microscope that photographed laser beams in a femtosecond, and was called ” the father of femto-chemistry”. “

In memory, the “Dar Al-Hilal” portal interviewed Dr. Nana Zewail, the sister of late scientist Ahmed Zewail, to reveal new aspects in the life of the venerable scientist, the journey of his struggle and the challenges he faced. the first moment he pursued his dream until he reached the world and got the Nobel to become an “Egyptian icon”. She thanked President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi for his support of Zewail City.

Stations in the life of Ahmed Zewail
Dr. Nana Zewail confirmed that from the beginning Zewail was not an ordinary child, but rather calm, a diligent student, an excellent student, and excelled in his studies, explaining that his inclinations from childhood were all scientific until he attended a military high school in Desouk and graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Alexandria University, first in his class with a degree of distinction with Honors, and obtained a master’s degree in less than two years.
And she explained in her interview to the “Dar Al-Hilal” portal that her late brother, the scientist, knew well the value of time and that no one needed him to ask him to study, and he practiced hobbies like any child or young man, such as playing football or fishing, as well as photography, and he had a camera next to the love of reading, adding that Zewail He used to study the courses of the following academic year in studying the previous summer vacation and had several hobbies, since he was young and had a scientific ability.
And she continued: He wrote on his books while he was a student of “Dr. Ahmed Zewail”, and he performed various chemical experiments, and on one occasion he was going to burn the house in one of those experiments, and note noted that after graduating from university, Zewail contacted 4 universities around the world to obtain a doctorate, and they responded. Universities approved him because of his genius in the master’s degree he obtained from Egypt and then to traveled America.

challenges abroad
When he was traveling and while on the plane, he was stopped for a moment between his feelings and his attachment to his parents and his family, and about that moment Zewail said to them: “If I at this moment more if it took. , I will go back to my mother’s embrace again,” said his sister, explaining that Zewail had aspirations, hopes and prospects in The Sea of ​​Knowledge, and at that moment he was between two options, either to return to stop either to his dream, which is to obtain a doctorate, so he decided to complete and arrived in the United States of America.
She added that the amount allowed at this time for any student traveling to any American university is $40, and he was with his wife at that time while being raised in a wealthy Egyptian family, and he thought how to complete his life. with $40, and he faced four challenges after his arrival in Washington. The English language, in the past, the acquisition of knowledge in that language was a weak and difficult hope, so students only what was available to them would get school books, unlike the case now.
The second challenge was the American laboratories, which were different in terms of the latest equipment and capabilities, unlike those that existed in Egypt, because when Zewail traveled it was in the wake of the 1967 setback, where he received his bachelor’s degree in 1967 and traveled. two years later, and at that time Egypt was suffering from The repercussions of war and defeat, and the West regarded Egypt as one of the countries of the other, undeveloped world.
The third challenge was the West’s view of Egypt at that time, that they were from one world and Egypt from another world, and the fourth challenge was the difference in cultures between the two countries. The Egyptian family in which he grew up and settled is. in the midst of the West it is a source of pride and reverence, and he proved himself in difficult circumstances at the time of the setback.
Zewail’s sister confirmed that her brother proved himself and that the Egyptian is capable of creativity and giving and went through his journey and obtained a doctorate, then they offered him to study for two more years to get another degree to obtain the doctorate, and he actually obtained it with distinction, explained that Zewail then came to Egypt and the journey continued and his dream began to grow and grow He is to put Egypt on the map, and has his scientific city “Zewail City” established after 20 years of hardship.

Foundation of Zewail City
She added that Zewail had determination and did not despair of the bureaucracy destroying everything he tried to achieve during the establishment of Zewail City, saying, “Whenever he tried to lay the foundation stone, he would come back to find what was implemented through a demolition, and the state took the land until God wanted and established the scientific base with the help of the state. The Egyptian donated 200 hectares and he is the owner of the intellectual property and donated the value of the Nobel Prize and collected donations and founded the city and included professors and scientists of the Nobel Prize winners.
She explained that a new group was graduated last week in the Zewail City Theater from within the city, and thanked President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi for his support for Zewail City, after the death of Dr. Zewail does not mean that we leave the city. but must be cared for and supported on the approach of Dr. Zewail.

On the anniversary of his death
And she added that she visited Zewail’s grave today to commemorate his passing among his students, lovers and friends, who wanted to convey a message to him that they follow his path, adding: “I want to tell him I miss people and the people of knowledge live, my brother and my pride and the pride of Egypt and the Arabs besides the world.”
And of their last conversation, she said: “We spoke on the phone a few days before he died, for an hour and five minutes, and he said to me, ‘I’m coming down to you and it was, ” and explained that she had printed a booklet about her brother entitled “Zewail is a historical imprint that will not be repeated,” and another book “Zewail the Genius.” In English with elite scholars such as Dr. Lutfia Al-Nadi, Dr. Farouk El-Baz and Dr. Farouk Jweideh.
And she continued: “Zewail is an icon”, as he is a scientist who raised the flag of Egypt and the Arabs worldwide, and his dream was to put Egypt on the map, and on a personal level was he a person, like him is a quiet child, a diligent student, a decent young man and a humble scholar.
Dr. Nana describes her brother as “Zewail, son of the Egyptian family, son of Hassan and Rouhiya, a graduate of Alexandria University, who established the scientific base and achieved universality,” which her happiness with Zewail University students and the appreciation , express love. and respect they have for him.

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