Scholarships for Syrian students in Pakistan.. and a Saudi academic program to develop leadership skills and creative thinking

Mauritania announces the study opportunities available to its students in Egypt

Yesterday (Monday), the Mauritanian Ministry of Higher Education announced the availability of 57 academic seats allocated to its students to study in Egyptian higher education institutions.

The ministry explained in a statement that these seats are divided as follows: 10 seats for legal specializations for the undergraduate level at Al-Azhar University, 10 more for theoretical and practical specializations for the undergraduate level, and 5 seats for postgraduate study at the same university, in addition to 27 seats for the undergraduate level, and 5 seats for postgraduate studies From the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt. Applications to apply for these seats are completed through the “Study in Egypt” platform through this link.

For any queries, students are kindly requested to email: [email protected]

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Libyan workshop on the development of electronic content for universities

The University of Benghazi, Libya, announced yesterday (Monday) that it will host a workshop on developing academic content for Libyan university websites.

The workshop, which was held on the 31st of last July, witnessed the participation of the universities of: Tobruk, Derna, Omar Al-Mukhtar, Muhammad bin Ali Al-Senussi, Bright Star, and Ajdabiya, in addition to the host university. This event is part of a program launched by the Libyan Ministry of Higher Education to develop the academic content of university websites, in line with international standards for university evaluation. The program is aimed at 24 public universities, where the workshops explore how to prepare the content of faculty pages, courses and academic news.

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Eight programs at the University of Bahrain for former high school graduates

The University of Bahrain has announced the award of a second study period (formerly the evening program) for former high school graduates from inside or outside the Kingdom, to study eight academic programs in six colleges at the university.

According to the Bahrain News Agency, yesterday (Monday) the thirteenth of August is the last date for submitting applications to join the study during that period. The Dean of Admission and Registration at the university, dr. Amal Zayed Al-Zayed, that the university offers eight academic programs for the first phase (second period): Bachelor’s programs in Business Analysis, Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship, Bachelor’s degree in Cyber ​​Security, Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences, Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature, Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, and Bachelor of Laws, and BA in Computer Science – Cloud Computing.

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Algeria uses its researchers abroad to develop higher education

Algerian Minister of Higher Education, Abdelbaki Benziane, said yesterday (Monday) that his country seeks to encourage Algerian professors and researchers living abroad to contribute to the development of scientific research in Algerian universities.

He explained, in a speech he delivered on the occasion of the opening of the summer university of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Algiers 1 (Ben Youssef Ben Khedda), that this contribution through “qualitative training” for researchers and students will be. across various university and research institutions, at both the cognitive and methodological levels. He added that the ministry is engaging these researchers abroad in the preparation of training programs for the new national high schools, and to contribute to the completion of national research programs.

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A Lecture at Mutah University on Artificial Intelligence

Yesterday (Monday), the College of Information Technology at the University of Mutah, Jordan organized an introductory lecture on data science, artificial intelligence and information security.

The lecturer who specialized in artificial intelligence, dr. Sattam Al-Matarneh, addressed the concept of data science, artificial intelligence and information security and emphasized that these are among the newly developed and qualitative disciplines that meet the requirements of the labor market. Engineer Ahmed Al-Tarawneh, from the Jordanian Center for Design and Development, said that data science is one of the modern disciplines that combines mathematics, statistics, computing and artificial intelligence, and it is one of the branches of information technology, which testifies. rapid growth, as companies and institutions around the world began to collect and analyze data on Wide range in many sectors.

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Honoring an Egyptian student after excelling in an international robotics competition

South Valley University in Egypt announced yesterday (Monday) that the president of the university, dr. Youssef Gharbawy, student Jihad Ahmed Mahmoud, at the Faculty of Computing and Artificial Intelligence, after winning third place in the world in a robotics competition.

The university said in a statement that this competition was held in the Egyptian city of Hurghada, with the participation of 170 participants, from 42 countries. The outstanding student qualified to participate in the World Championships, after winning first place in the qualifying qualifying competitions in Egypt, held last February at the Faculty of Computing and Artificial Intelligence in Hurghada.

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