Signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Qatar Financial Center and the Digital Poland Foundation to accelerate the development of new digital technologies

Doha – Qatar: The Qatar Financial Center has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Digital Poland Foundation, which aims to improve cooperation between them in the digital sector and accelerate the pace towards creating new digital technologies. This MoU is the first step in the QFC’s endeavor to establish long-term cooperation with Polish institutions.

According to the memorandum, the two parties will work together to develop and implement various initiatives such as holding webinars, organizing networking and acquaintance events, arranging direct business meetings between companies and other initiatives in order to stimulate digital activities and the digital support business system in both countries. In addition, the two parties will commit to launch relevant business opportunities in both countries, exchange information in the digital field, launch technology companies and jointly promote their respective activities and events through social media and digital platforms.

Commenting on the signing of the partnership, His Excellency Mr. Janusz Janki, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in the State of Qatar, said: “After the great success of the third edition of the Qatar-Polish Business Forum for New Technologies, organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Doha and the Qatar- Polish Business Council on 30 May 2022 in cooperation with the Qatar Financial Center as a strategic partner,

This memorandum represents another milestone in the scope of Qatari-Polish cooperation in the technology sector, and I would like to commend the QFC for its leadership and tireless efforts in this regard.

The signing of this partnership has come at a time when the Qatari-Polish relations have recently experienced strong growth in several areas, as it will help facilitate cooperation between the two sides in the technology sector and the exchange of visions and experiences.

The Polish economy is the largest in Central and Eastern Europe and is characterized by strong capacities and capabilities in the field of information and communication technology. As the State of Qatar is currently seeking to transform its society into an advanced digital society in line with the aspirations of Qatar National Vision 2030, it hopes that this partnership will contribute to strengthening its operations and plans for digital transformation in the country.

The common interest to work together for the development of national capabilities and industries will contribute to the inauguration of new trade lines between Qatar and Poland. In 2020, the Qatar-Polish Business Council was established in the Qatar Financial Center to promote economic and trade cooperation between the two countries. The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Doha has so far organized three editions of the Qatar-Polish Business Forum for New Technology, in cooperation with the Qatar-Polish Business Council, to promote the Polish technology and communications sector in Qatar.

Mr. Youssef Mohamed Al Jaidah, CEO of the Qatar Financial Center, spoke about this partnership: “I am very pleased with this collaboration with Digital Poland, which is one of the leading institutions that have contributed to making Poland an important global center for innovation .

This memorandum is an important step for the development of the digital sector in the State of Qatar and the expansion of its expertise in the field of digital technology. It will also open new doors to improve cooperation with Poland, as this partnership is the first for the QFC with a Polish institution.”

He added, “This partnership will strengthen the QFC’s commitment to the development of the digital sector in Qatar. By setting common growth goals with Digital Pole, I am confident that there will be many successful initiatives ahead that will contribute to the support of knowledge and learning, skills development and acceleration The rate of innovation in the digital field in both countries.

This partnership will serve the common ambitions and aspirations of both the QFC and the Digital Poland Foundation to strengthen their countries’ position in global markets and build an inclusive and resilient digital economy. The two parties will also move forward under this partnership in their efforts to achieve their goals by opening up new investment opportunities for synergistic activities that contribute to the consolidation of Qatari-Polish bilateral relations in the digital sector.

Mr. Piotr Michkowski, Managing Director of Digital Poland Foundation, said: “This partnership with the QFC will enable us to persuade emerging and global companies to come to Poland and expand their business to other international markets such as Qatar. This partnership will also provide a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences about the business ecosystem of the technology sector in Qatar and Poland.

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