Al-Azhar is a scientific institution and a beacon of enlightenment and culture. The first international caricature forum is a message of peace to the world

Under the kind protection of the Great Imam, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, and a precedent that is the first of its kind, the Center for the Development and Training of Foreign Expatriates organizes the International Caricature Forum, which last Sunday with its activities in the Al-Azhar Conference Hall in Nasr City started.. About 31 people participate in the forum A country from different countries of the world, including 400 works of art carefully selected by the jury, in which the Egyptian Caricature Association and a large number caricature artists and civic institutions participate, reflecting Al-Azhar’s zeal to uphold the value of science and culture.

This international forum includes a number of world artists, and the drawings vary according to the point of view of their artists without being dictated by anyone. The viewer of these drawings feels love and peace at first sight, and this is what appeared in the presence of more. as one painting that includes the image of the Pope of the Vatican and the Great Imam, and there is a bath of peace. It flutters around them, and this is what embodies the strong meaning of the Document on Human Brotherhood.
The celebration included the honoring of the international students who participate in the workshops held by the center to teach students the principles of the art of drawing. The forum also honored a number of pioneers of this art, namely the artist Alexander Sarukhan, the late artist Mohamed Abdel Moneim, the late artist Ahmed Toghan, the late Gomaa Farhat, and the artist Sherif Alish, and Muhammad Hakim.
Dr. Nazeer Ayyad – Head of the Islamic Research Academy – says that this forum is the culmination of strenuous efforts around one of the important arts, which is the art of caricature, to confirm that Al-Azhar is a scientific institution with a history is. and an exalted civilization throughout history, and it is a home for all purposeful sciences and arts. He emphasized that Al-Azhar has achieved this position with its moderation, for which it has been known throughout history, as it is open for all sciences and arts, especially this fine art that reflects the values ​​of coexistence and love.
For her part, the forum’s president, Nahla Al-Saidi, affirmed that the international caricature art competition is a ray of Qabas in a dark night, plunging humanity into conflict, and a ray launched by Al-Azhar is to carry his global message. to spread the culture of coexistence and peace, emphasizing that Egypt plays its leading role in confronting extremism, noting that This forum was organized by Al-Azhar so that the new young people who thirst for good and peace a can find purposeful art that carries the message of enlightenment to serve humanity, in a concise language that instills goodness, love and peace in their souls.
On the sidelines of the forum’s award ceremony, Al-Ahram Al-Arabi met the artist, Fatima Hassan, an Egyptian plastic artist, who won first place with a drawing on the Human Fraternity Document. In the Al-Azhar International Caricature Competition, in the midst of this great gathering of artists from different countries of the world.
And she confirmed: I decided to participate in this competition when it was announced by Al-Azhar, and because it was the first of its kind. I worked in the newspaper Akhbar Al-Youm and began to follow events and regularly draw , and refine me. I made a simple drawing about peace between His Holiness the Pope of the Vatican and His Eminence the Sheikh of Al-Azhar.
For her part, Kholoud Ahmed Ismail, one of the winners, said: “I am very happy and like the eminence of the Sheikh of Al-Azhar. International, the title of the portrait submitted by “The Tranquil”.
Al-Ahram Al-Arabi also Dr. Salama Daoud, head of the sector for religious institutions, and we had this conversation with him about the first international conference on caricature:
< This is the first time in the history of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif that a forum for the art of caricature is organized. What is its purpose?
This forum affirms Al-Azhar’s zeal for art, culture and thought, and cares for its talented children. El Jadida is the center for the development of education and training for expatriates, and this forum serves as a clear invitation that shows the extent of Al-Azhar’s interest in the various arts, fine arts, writing, literature and creativity, and the increasing the levels of high-end taste.
When did the idea for the conference come about?
The idea of ​​the forum stems from the eminence of the Grand Imam, who cares for the talented people of Al-Azhar, and we have multiple and different talents in all literary fields, so we had to pay attention to them and take care of their talent and development.
< Why especially the art of caricature, for which an international forum has been organized?
Because the art of caricature is a purposeful and elegant art, and this forum was organized by the Center for Development and Training under the leadership of Dr. Nahla Al-Saeedi and with the participation of many countries of the world, to present a message of peace to the world, and to emphasize the role of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif in spreading the values ​​of moderation and moderation in all aspects of life.
< We have noticed a strong presence of Al-Azhar in various international cultural events in the recent period?
Yes, Al-Azhar has recently participated in several international events, and has become a beacon of science, culture and enlightenment, and we have many cultural achievements, and all this falls under the renewal of the religious discourse that President Abdel Fattah calls for. El-Sisi, President of the Republic.
< What is the school curriculum's part in religious discourse renewal?
Its share is very large, since the curricula are developed every three years and some of them are revised, especially since there are many sciences and studies that are an integral part of the Al-Azhar study, such as Sharia sciences. Therefore, the caricature forum was an important necessity, because it is a refined art that addresses people’s concerns in various aspects of life.
< What about Al-Azhar's efforts to take care of its talented children?
He has a major role in nurturing his talented children in all fields, the first of which is the memorization of the Holy Quran, religious chanting and supplications, stories, poetry and rhetoric, as well as international competitions organized by Al-Azhar and the presentation of prizes to the talented.
What are the criteria for choosing the winners of the international caricature competition?
There are many parties participating in this cause with us, and there is a committee formed to select the winning works from inside and outside Egypt.
< How long does it take to prepare?
We started preparing for it months ago, and many standards and controls were put in place.
< It caught my attention that there are many photos of the Pope of the Vatican with the Sheikh of Al-Azhar?
It is an embodiment of the historical document of human brotherhood signed in the Emirates, which made a strong contribution to national unity, and there are many images that carry different meanings.
Are there conditions set for this competition?
The most important condition is that the work is distinguished, and all the technical elements are available in it.

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