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If you were to choose one superior feature in your phone out of these two features, what would you choose.. a longer battery life and hold a charge for a long time, or a powerful camera? .. if you tend to choose the powerful camera, you have to think a little, because it will be useless if charging the battery.

Despite the great importance of phone batteries, their manufacturing technologies and the technology that functions in them have not seen advances equal to this amount of importance, so they are likely to run out of energy easily, especially with our use of phones in most of the details of our daily life.

In the following topic, we will give you a number of tips and tricks that will help to maintain the charge for a longer period of time on Android phones.

1- Use a black background:

Don’t be surprised, the idea of ​​a black background seems strange, but in fact it contributes to increasing battery life in Android devices, because most smartphone screens in the market are illuminated by colored pixels.

While black pixels are not illuminated, the more black pixels or darker pixels on your screen, the less power it takes to illuminate them.

2- Find out what drains energy:

All you have to do is look for the culprit or first responsible for draining the battery. You can do this by going to “Settings – Battery”. This setting shows the applications in a drop down list.

If you can find an app that you barely use or a feature that you don’t use at all, it’s best to uninstall that app or turn off that feature.

3- Home screen widgets and live wallpaper:

Many users use to enable widgets on their smartphone screens, and they believe that it makes life easier.

It may be, but it has a negative impact on battery life. Widgets consume more RAM and even in the background drains the battery. If you really want to save battery life, you should avoid enabling widgets on the home screen.

As for live wallpapers, I agree with you that they add more vitality to your smartphone’s home screen. But do not forget that they consume a lot of battery power, because animated wallpapers always keep the screen active.

So you’d better switch to using plain still images as backgrounds, or as we’ve already said, use black backgrounds and save battery life.

4- Turn off automatic brightness:

Auto-brightness seems like a useful feature, but don’t rely on it. In fact, automatic brightness is usually brighter than you need, so it is best to manually set the brightness to a low level that is comfortable for the eyes at the same time.

Then you can increase it if necessary. This method is one of the best ways to save battery life because screens are the component of the phone that drains the most battery.

5- Control the refresh rate of the applications:

The following method is related to controlling the refresh rate of some applications installed on your device. Apps frequently check for new emails and other data throughout the day to fetch new data and information, and this high rate of frequent data fetching in the background drains the battery quickly.

You can disable this ghosting feature, just go to Settings, Accounts and uncheck Automatically sync data to prevent your Android device from automatically syncing with Google or other accounts.

6- Choose a lower screen display delay:

If you want to maintain longer battery life, set the screen duration to the shortest possible time without sacrificing the process element for you.

For example, if the screen timeout is set to one minute, it will use four times more power than if it is set to 15 seconds.

Studies show that the average smartphone user turns on their phone 150 times a day, so long screen timeouts definitely have a negative impact on the battery, and lowering this will help keep the battery going longer.

7- Turn off vibration:

Unless you need that extra awareness of your phone’s vibrating feature, turn it off immediately.

Turn off vibrate alerts for incoming calls, because it actually takes more energy to vibrate your phone than just alerting you with a normal ring.

8- Keep your device at a moderate temperature

Surprise isn’t it?! Temperature can definitely mess with your device’s battery life, so always remember to keep your device at a moderate temperature, not too hot or too cold.

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