Evening – a strategic choice and an economic bet

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The President of the Republic, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of National Defence, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, was keen to pay tribute to the roleEfficient and pioneeringThe People’s National Army to give impetus to the national industry, and to contribute to the effort aimed at promoting and developing the national economy, throughStrengthening the national industrial structure and the development of military industries in a way that enables job creation and export orientation after meeting the needs of the national market.“. President Tebboune renewed his promise to continue developing the capabilities of the People’s National Army by implementing a program to develop our forces and increase their combat capabilities and operational readiness to keep up with the rapid technological developments.“.

For this reason, the President of the Republic has placed the promotion of military industries as a strategic option no less important than the effort to build a strong and diversified national economy in order to protect the nation’s sovereignty, its principles and values ​​and for the unity of his sons.“. In this context, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune did not hide his confidence in the ability of the People’s National Army to carry out this task, sayingI am still convinced that upgrading military industries as a strategic option is no less important than building a strong and diversified national economy to defend Algeria’s sovereignty.“.

Patriotism, dedication and seriousness

This led him to urge the Algerian industrialists to follow the example of the military industry in the field of national integration, as it represented the locomotive of the national industry, and requested them to draw inspiration from the patriotism, dedication and seriousness of the military sector in the course of industrial evaluation“. As part of its efforts to control the military industries and provide the equipment it needs, the People’s National Army has made remarkable achievements as it progresses.with great determinationTo transform technology with military objectives and work to adapt it in a way that ensures the renewal and modernization of military equipment and the promotion of the technical and logistic support path, in addition to the multi-level scientific and technical training of cadres and users.

The process of developing the armed forces and strengthening their combat capabilities in all disciplines remains a top priority for the army’s high command, with the aim of laying the foundation for a solid and diversified industrial base to minimize external dependence to reduce. achieve autonomy on the one hand, and reduce the import bill on the other by establishing an Algerian military industry in accordance with And the nature of the transformations known to the People’s National Army. It is this belief that prompted the army leadership to take the option of establishing institutions of an industrial and commercial nature affiliated with the army establishment, which took up the task of establishing a real industry capable of defend and meet the needs of multi-format support, the strengthening of defense capabilities through the transfer, control and localization of technology and the modernization of the range of manufactured products and services aimed at the military The popular national and for the national and international market.

It is a bet that has gradually and realistically begun to consolidate, to the extent that the prime minister, Ayman bin Abdul Rahman, He frankly announced that the state depends on military industrial technology to develop civilian industries, while on the occasion of his stop at the military industrial pavilion during the National Production Show, he emphasized that the governmentWants to transfer defense industry technology to The agricultural sectors, small and medium enterprises, and why not achieve a merger between the civil and military industries, which have shown great control over technology to serve other fields, and this is the national integration“.

Of paramount importance to the national industrial fabric

For his part, the Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, Lieutenant General Said Chanegriha, did not hesitate to emphasize the utmost importance that the High Command of the National People’s Army attaches to the military industrial sector, whether in the production of weapons and ammunition, mechanical industries, military vehicles or clothing, and for various military purposes which It represents one of the manifestations of field work based on a forward-looking and far-sighted vision..

The first general emphasized on the occasion of the restoration of national sovereignty in the sixties that the army aims toTo contribute effectively to the national effort aimed at achieving the desired renaissance for Algeria by continuing to develop military industries and contributing to the preservation of the national industrial structure by adopting a deliberate strategy taking which is continuously strengthened until meeting the needs of the national market and developing the industrial base in our country, and thinking about entering regional markets and later internationally.

The Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army stopped at the first fruits of this strategy and emphasized that the approach taken in the field of national military industries This has contributed to giving a boost to the national economy, both in terms of absorbing unemployment by attracting thousands of young people of both sexes and employing them in different specializations, or in terms of reducing the import bill.. He said that the military industries play an important role in the revival of the military industrial establishments and the products they supply to the national market, as well as to contribute to the development and expansion of the handling networks through an industrial base for this aspect to establish the course of national integration..

2022..year of transformation

The Ministry of National Defense has made the current year a year for shifting the import of weapons and military machinery to its export, as the Director of Military Industries, Major General Salim Qareed, confirmed the determination to export products of the to export military industry to the markets of African countries. . and even internationally. For this reason, the Directorate of Military Industries confirmed the development of its products by introducing more than 18 A project for research in various fields, such as DNA extraction kit and technologyribovirus covid – 19″ For the benefit of military health, in addition to the project to develop a modern suit for demining, the preparation of a smart system to monitor entrances and exits, not to mention the introduction of new production chains for machine guns and grenade launchers that not intended for security use, as well as the development of some supporting equipment such as an explosives immediate detection kit.

The Director of Military Industry said that the achievements of the Directorate will not stop, as the challenge raised by the army leadership goes beyond meeting the needs of the National People’s Army from the products of military institutions and companies affiliated with the Directorate of Military Industries, but rather meets the needs of the various security threads and public institutions of trucks, utility vehicles and material. Explosives targeting mining activities and electrical generators.

Maj Gen Qurayd added, in an interview with the magazineArmyThe Directorate of Military Industries has written short, medium and long-term future prospects that it aims to achieve, represented in the following:The development of new types of light weapons and ammunition, the development of steel and materials used in the armored vehicles and cars, the integration of modern weapons systems on board armored vehicles, the development of protection systems and the creation of platforms or databases in partnership with national institutions, banks and investors“. Major General Qerid highlighted the People’s National Army’s effort to integrate private and public institutions, start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprisesin the military industries To reduce the import bill and preserve the hard currency. Highlighted itThe new vision adopted in this area aims to regroup some public economic institutions with the aim of establishing a national mechanical industrial base and exploiting sites that were closed or are in the process of being closed across the national territory to establish this base in order to avoid reinvestment in new infrastructure..

A new breath for powerless institutions

According to this strategy I could Military industries have a role to absorb the unemployment rate by over-employing 25 A thousand civilian workers. Brigadier General Abdulghani Badawi, Director General of the Mechanical Industry Promotion Complex, confirmed the establishment of a partnershipwinnerwinner“. Algeria produces everything it needs from light weapons, ammunition, vehicles and military transport vehicles. It has also developed the maintenance sector of some advanced weapons, such as fighters, and seeks to develop a technological and industrial base through strategic alliances in the field of small and light weapons and other industries, especially mechanical.. The current industrial activities revolve around the assembly and installation of various types of military vehicles, relying on foreign partnerships.

The manufacture of military transport vehicles, armored vehicles and dual-use vehicles (military and civilian)advanced with the activity of the companymercedesBenzThe local automotive industry, and the military’s activities also revolve around the manufacture of boats and various small ships, including landing craft, and the manufacture of light aircraft for military training, control, civil protection and for agricultural use, as well as the manufacture of military helicopters for transport and control, and search and rescue helicopters of the brandAgustaWestland, in addition to video surveillance systems, the Ministry of Defense is also developing a local industry in some strategic sectors such as reconnaissance drones..

Today, the Algerian military-industrial fabric consists of more than 12 An enterprise spread over various productive sectors of the mechanical, electronic, chemical, textile, explosives and ammunition industries.….

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