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On a long line of red carpets, welcoming shots were fired from artillery batteries and a military aerial display of the Zionist capabilities. The US president received a sleepy old Joe Biden during his recent visit to occupied Palestine at the airport that is home to the criminal and terrorist was named. Ben Gurion, located on the ruins of the village of Deir Yassin in the Lod area, who massacred the gangs. Zionism is the people

The first sentence that Biden said after landing at the airport is his confirmation and emphasized that he is a Zionist, repeating (You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist), and this is not the first time that Biden has said this, as he previously confirmed on November 10, 2014, although he is not a Jew, but this is the first time While he is a US president, while as former US served as Vice President Barack Obama, Biden described himself as a Zionist, saying, “My father indicated to me that it was not necessary for me to be a Jew to become a Zionist, and today I announce you that I am a Zionist.”

Since the first moments of Biden’s visit to the region, which was mainly aimed at forming an Arab alliance with the participation of the occupying entity, to confirm his previous statement that it is not required to be a Jew to ‘ to be a Zionist, and what this means somehow is that this alliance is a (Zionist alliance) with its existence, goals and components and also to prove that it is over. It is a time of hostility, fight and boycott the Zionist entity forever, and thus, he is not only committed to the security of the occupying entity as his biggest supporter, but also excessively shows his love and affection for him and the Zionists

Biden’s second hostile message to the Palestinians and Arabs was that during his visit to the occupied Jerusalem he chose the Waldorf Astoria Hotel as his residence, although he knows that this building is dedicated to the Supreme Islamic Council which is in the Ma’man Allah – neighborhood is located. in Jerusalem, built in 1929 to be an Islamic architectural landmark in the space of Jerusalem, which was converted by the Zionist authorities after the occupation into a tourist hotel bearing that name, which is derived from (the city of Walldorf) , which is located in the northern German state of Baden-Württemberg and is the ancestral home of the prominent German-American Astor family.

Many researchers, specialists and those interested in Palestinian affairs have found in the choice of this particular building, which represents a religious, political and historical symbol for the Palestinians, the headquarters of the US President’s establishment of a negative political message addressed to the Palestinians and a confirmation of the American bias towards the occupied state and its criminal and heinous racist policies.

The head of the usurper entity, Isaac Herzog, who belongs to the left-wing Labor Party, gave a very warm welcome to US President Joe Biden in a political speech in which he adopted a strong Jewish language inspired by the Torah, where he the story of the Prophet Joseph and his brothers and compared his guest (Biden) to the Prophet Yusuf al-Siddiq

He is repeatedly applauded by the praise. Welcome, Mr. President. Welcome, my friend. Welcome to your home in Israel, among its people, who welcome you to the Holy Land with open arms and happy hearts. You are our brother (Joseph the Bible), the son of our predecessor Jacob, and you are a member of our family, a visionary and a leader with a sense of I carry a high responsibility for promoting the United States, the Middle East and the State of Israel, and I have always been a true friend and staunch supporter of the State of Israel, its people, its security and its prosperity throughout your life.

The head of the occupying entity also referred to Biden’s first visit in his speech by saying your first visit in 1973 was a few weeks before the outbreak of a bloody war with our enemies, but today you come to us and the winds of peace are blowing in the region and we are signing more agreements of normalization with the Arab countries, and I hope from the bottom of my heart I pray that this visit will help to create a regional vision of prosperity, integration, peace and security for the state promote Israel

As for interim Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid, he described Biden’s visit as “historic” and said: “Mr. President, you are the best friend of Israel ever.” He quoted his famous saying from him: “You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.” It is a great honor for me to visit the independent Jewish state

Biden said in his speech: “I will not forget sitting next to Rabin one day, and when I look back, I realize that I had a great honor because I was part of the history of this country, and I am proud to say that our relationship with the State of Israel is deeper and stronger than ever, and in this visit we will strengthen our relationship even more.” weapons and its promise to preserve, enhance and enable the capabilities of the occupying entity to defend itself against any aggression or threat

For this reason, the Palestinians’ demands for new peace initiatives between Israel and the Palestinians, the reopening of the US consulate in Jerusalem that was closed by former President Donald Trump, or the abolition of the classification of the Palestine Liberation Organization as a terrorist organization have gained traction remained paper and received no response. Biden also ruled out the idea of ​​establishing a Palestinian state, claiming that the circumstances are not configured at the moment.

Although the United Nations issued a statement warning that the two-state solution was all but extinct and ending due to rampant Zionist settlement, Biden in return promised to encourage some Arab countries to improve relations with the occupying to normalize entity under the pretext of paving the way. for peace with the Palestinians and the whole region in a way to laugh at the Arab peoples to accept that normalization Humiliating and shameful

It is very unfortunate that with the leaders of the occupation and their American guest proud of the Jewish biblical heritage, a group of Arab trumpeters in some capitals could not bear to hear an Arab Muslim official his speech to the basmalah does not begin or quote Qur’. anic verses and how much he criticized and opposed freedom’s opponents of some writers, journalists and academics who bear Arabic names Many of these principled and sincere positions are Islamic, considering the barbaric colonial powers and to the arrogant policeman of the region to please.

American President Biden, although he has been exposed for a long time with his Zionism and absolute prejudice towards the occupying entity, he was able to sell many dreams, illusions and false promises to the Palestinians and Arabs in exchange for his full support to the Zionist entity. In 2022 he says (You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist), meaning the creed of infidelity is one nation. Allow me to mention with distinction some of the positions of this Zionist president before and after he was an American citizen

For more information in this regard, I present to you what Haim Saban, the Israeli-American businessman and founder of the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution, said that since 1973 Joe Biden has been keen on Israel’s security and she existed when he met Golda Meir and Yitzhak Rabin as a young senator a short time ago. From the Yom Kippur War, Congress at the time demanded more American security assistance for Tel Aviv. Saban quoted Biden as saying during his first visit to the entity, if Israel did not exist, the United States of America would have created it to protect its interests

In 2007, Biden was a candidate for the US presidency, and in more than one meeting he uttered the famous phrase, which he repeated 15 years later, namely (He brags that his wife is Jewish and that his three sons and daughter are all are married to Jews. (The non-repetition of the Holocaust was due to the establishment of the state of Israel)

In 2016, during his term of office as Vice President Obama designed the Memorandum of Understanding for the largest security assistance in the history of the United States to the Zionist entity, amounting to 38 billion dollars over 10 years to the story of his love and affection for Israel, who has remained reciprocated since his first visit and he is in his first year in the US Senate to the extent that he has become proud to be a Zionist as he has repeatedly boasted of his services to Israeli interests during his presidency, while the Israelis feel very lucky to have a loyal and faithful friend in the White House

In 2001, the terrorist Ariel Sharon, the former Zionist prime minister, said: “We the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it. The Jews in America control all the American media and members of Congress, and they will not let them then not. to take any decision against Israel, and that the Tel Aviv embassy in Washington practically dictates its agenda.” Against them by the Zionist lobby and the very rich Jews in America

Biden’s recent statements on Zionism and his acceptance of Zionist thought have revived the talk in the Arab and international media about the difference between Zionism and Judaism, as many historians and writers have documented that the Children of Zion are not the Children of Israel who whose name is mentioned in the Qur’an There is a great difference between the Children of Israel mentioned in the Holy Qur’an and the Children of Zion in the nineteenth century, the twentieth century and the present century, who are under the scum of the world is. .

No matter how Zionism tried to manipulate the Jewish religion, which was changed and distorted by the recognition of the Koran and the acceptance of the Talmud afterwards to consolidate the myths that established the establishment of the Zionist entity, that is not Jews except in name only and they are not also religious because they know how the Torah has been twisted, which they have changed to the Talmud, Kabbalah and books of witchcraft and sorcery Satan worship and other historical and religious lies and superstitions

The most dangerous thing happening in America now is the marketing of the right of the Jews in Palestine and the promotion of theories to marry the American model of democracy with Zionism, which has encouraged B’Tselem racist Zionism to be a great banner to hoist at Ben. Gurion Airport says, Mr. President Biden (Welcome to the apartheid regime)

Old Badin the Zionist in behavior and intellect dropped the mask of the ugliest and ugliest Zionist America’s face after giving everything to Israel.Gaza besieged for 14 years without mercy

President Biden, who is in love with Israel, has become like someone who shakes hands with his shadow, the leader of his house, who must restore his strenuous effort and malicious preparation, and his racist Zionist idea has become Muslim in rigid forms in everything he adopted and announced. Liberation and Return The spark of Palestinian anger due to the blind American bias towards Tel Aviv and the practices of the terrorist Zionists will continue to ignite to burn all those who affect their existence, their rights and their land.
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