Putin and Erdogan to “set the clocks” at the Sochi summit

The “grain deal”, Syria, and military and economic cooperation are on the research agenda

Russian President Vladimir Putin is holding a comprehensive session of talks with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, at the second summit between the two leaders in three weeks, reflecting a tendency on both sides to continue discussions on files in which they differ sit, reflect. appeared between the two countries, and tried to “set the clocks.” According to the Kremlin statement.

The Kremlin prefaced the meeting, which will be held in Sochi, the summer residence of the Russian president, by noting the importance Moscow attaches to continued coordination with the Turkish side on files of mutual interest. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the agenda of the dialogue will include economic files, mechanisms for strengthening cooperation between the two countries, the crises in Syria and Ukraine, and the implementation of the “grain agreement”.

He added that the meeting will become an opportunity to “set the clocks” on the effectiveness of the grain export mechanism from Ukrainian ports, in addition to exchanging views on important global and regional issues for the two countries. The announcement of the setting of a date for a new summit between Putin and Erdogan, about a week ago, came as a surprise to political circles and observers, as the meeting had not previously been on Putin’s agenda. It came shortly after the two presidents held talks in the Iranian capital. Which reflected that the Turkish side was the one who initiated the request to hold the meeting to continue discussing the files on which the two sides failed to reach an understanding in the last meeting.

With the files announced by the Kremlin, Peskov indicated earlier that the issue of military cooperation between the two countries would be present during the meeting. “The file of military-technical cooperation between the two countries is constantly on the agenda, and the fact that our interaction is developing in this sensitive sector indicates that the whole scope of our relations in general is at a very high level, ” said the Russian. spokesman said. This file is considered sensitive for the two countries against the background of strong US objections to the expansion of military cooperation between Moscow and Ankara. It is worth noting that data recently reported by circles close to the Kremlin indicated that the joint production of the Turkish “Bayraktar” drones may be on the agenda of the Russian-Turkish dialogue.

Peskov avoided giving an explanation on this issue, but added that “the recent contacts between the two leaders included the issue of military-technical cooperation in its various dimensions.” Regarding the Ukrainian file, Peskov made it clear that discussions on the work of the Joint Coordination Center will focus on the extent to which the center’s work is compatible with the agreements reached between Russia and Ukraine in the presence of Turkey and the United Nations closed over grain. exports. In recent days, Moscow decided to send warnings to the United Nations about the need to accelerate the fulfillment of the guarantees it obtained in the framework of the “grain agreement”, which stipulates that the facilitation of Ukrainian exports is linked to the lifting of indirect restrictions imposed on exports of grain and fertilizers from Russia. The Kremlin’s talk of continuing the discussion on the Syrian file looked like Putin and Erdogan would return to discuss the possible Turkish military operation in northern Syria, after Moscow and Tehran expressed clear and direct opposition to the military operation during the tripartite -meeting expressed. which took place in Tehran three weeks ago. Erdogan has announced that he is determined to continue implementing the steps that will improve Turkish security in the border areas. Officials in Turkey announced that Ankara “does not seek permission from any party to improve its national security,” and this phrase reflects the Turkish president’s degree of dissatisfaction with the results of the Tehran meeting in this regard, which analysts in Moscow prompted to suggest that this file is one of the main reasons that prompted the initiative to organize this summit urgently.

As for the situation in Ukraine, Moscow has made new accusations that they are directly involved in the military operations taking place in that country. Less than 24 hours after the US Department of Defense accused the Americans of enhancing intelligence activity and missile strikes launched by Kiev on the sites of the Russian military and pro-Moscow separatists, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Oleg Siromolotov, made new accusations and said that Washington uses information technology with its allies for offensive purposes and contributed to the development of “Ukrainian Electronic Army” to attack Russian infrastructure. And Andrei Krutskykh, Director of the International Information Security Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said earlier that cyber groups from Ukraine, as well as from the United States and Georgia, actively carried out cyber attacks against Russian government institutions and against data and data. databases of Russian citizens and foreigners in Russia. On the ground, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that its forces had destroyed a base for storing Western weapons and ammunition in western Ukraine’s Lvov province, an area bordering Poland that has rarely been subject to Russian attacks. . The Russian military said in a statement that “Russian high-precision missiles” destroyed near Radekhev in the Lviv region, “a depot of foreign weapons and ammunition delivered from Poland to the Kiev regime.”

Russian defense spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that long-range missiles launched from the air near the town of Radikhov destroyed a large warehouse where weapons and equipment from Poland are stored. He also indicated that the Russian Air Force launched a strike on a temporary deployment point of one of the units of the 81st Ukrainian Airborne Brigade, which resulted in the elimination of more than 50 personnel and the destruction of 6 vehicles. The spokesman added, in a briefing on the results of the Russian army’s operations during the past 24 hours, that the Russian forces carried out a similar attack in the Kharkiv region, inflicting heavy losses on the Ukrainian army. He said that the attack used heavy artillery fire. Overall, during the past day, the Russian military targeted three command centers in addition to Ukrainian military forces and equipment in 133 regions, as well as destroying four depots of weapons, missile and artillery ammunition, and a fuel depot for military equipment. According to the statement, Russian air defense shot down five Ukrainian drones in the air, and also intercepted two Tochka ballistic missiles.

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