The UAE is consolidating its leadership on the map of international investments

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The Ministry of Economy monitored the factors and ingredients that put the UAE in a leading position in the Middle East and North Africa region, and among the top 20 in the world, to attract international investment.

She explained in an exclusive report by “Al Bayan” that the main factors that boosted this leadership represent the fifty projects, the new economic legislation system, the innovative initiatives and the various incentives announced by the UAE government by the Ministry of Economy during the past two years, with the aim, among other things, of raising the investment environment in the country to new, unimaginable horizons.

The report confirmed that the UAE has established its leading position on the international investment map, and has contributed significantly to improving investment flows regionally and globally, by adopting forward-looking policies and initiatives that have stimulated inward foreign direct investment, and the spread of its foreign investments to reach all world markets, especially through the introduction of the fifty national strategic projects and the integrated developments observed by the economic legislation system in the country in line with the vision of the wise leadership for the future, and in order to achieve the goals of the UAE Centenary 2071 which aims to diversify the revenue sources of the national economy and make it more flexible and sustainable and build a knowledge-based economic model.

The report stated that the country was able to maintain its position among the top 20 countries in terms of the growth of inward foreign direct investment flows, which amounted to 4% in 2021, according to the World Foreign Direct Investment Report 2022 issued by the United States. Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

The country has also achieved a growth in FDI inflows of 116% during the last ten years, in addition to being the top 6 economies within the group of developing countries in Asia, in which inflows are still highly concentrated.

Pioneering career

The report added that the UAE continued its pioneering path after ranking fifth globally in the number of new foreign direct investment projects announced by destination in 2021 with a number of 535 projects, which saw an increase of 39% compared with the number of projects at the end of 2020, which amounted to 384 projects. The report cited a solar project announced in Dubai in 2021 for $633 million, by Germany’s DHL Global Forwarding and Total.

The report indicated that two Emirati companies were among the list of companies that attracted the largest 5 financing deals in the region, namely “Kitoubi” Food and Beverage, which obtained a financing of 1.5 billion dirhams (415 million dollars). has, which is the largest. financing agreement in the region, and “Pure Harvest Farms” Smart” which secured 238.5 billion dirhams ($65 billion) in financing, which is the fifth largest financing deal in the region, according to the Magnet platform 2021 report.

Outgoing balance

The report touched on Emirati companies investing abroad, stating that their performance boosted the growth of the cumulative balance of foreign investment issued by the country to global markets, particularly the e& group (formerly known as Etisalat Group), which ranked 48th globally. terms of foreign assets for the year 2020 and among the top 100 A non-financial multinational company from developing and transition economies, GlobalFoundries, which launched an innovative $4 billion project to build a chip manufacturing plant in Singapore, and DP World, which bought SyncoronNeoco, a provider of long-haul trucking services. , for $1.2 billion.

The report stated that the cumulative balance of foreign investment issued by the state reached more than 215 billion dollars by the end of 2021, achieving a growth rate of 11.7% compared to the balance in 2020, which the country ranked 17th worldwide and first in the Arab world and regionally.

investment trends

He explained that the investment trends of the 100 largest multinational companies in the world, according to the UNCTAD report, are concentrated in a large group of sectors, especially healthcare, the pharmaceutical industry, the software industry and information technology services, e-commerce, renewable energy and logistics services.

The UNCTAD report revealed that global flows of foreign direct investment recovered to pre-pandemic levels last year to reach $1.6 trillion, an increase of 64%, and this recovery is expected to continue in the current year the world continues with expectations of growth.

Most funded projects

The ministry’s report added that the investment trends mentioned in the UNCTAD report indicate that the projects nominated to attract financing through foreign direct investment are concentrated in the sectors of renewable energy, real estate, oil and gas, telecommunications , petrochemicals, transport infrastructure and mining. .

The Ministry of Economy told “Al-Bayan”:

› The UAE is among the top 20 in the growth of foreign direct investment flows

› 116 percent jump in FDI inflows over 10 years

› The fifth country in the world in the number of new investment projects in 2021, with a total of 535 projects

› Two Emirati companies are among the top 5 attracting local financing deals

› National companies among the top 100 in developing and transition economies

› Measures to upgrade the investment environment in the country to unprecedented heights


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