ABB and Red Hat sign partnership agreement to provide a diversified portfolio of digital solutions across industrial edge and hybrid cloud

ABB and Red Hat will provide industrial automation and software solutions to improve the efficiency of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems and provide the industrial ecosystem with expanded deployment capabilities and a higher level of flexibility.

ABB will provide customers with on-demand, large-scale digital solutions using the Red Hat Open Shift platform.

Customers will be able to leverage data-driven decision-making capabilities with applications that can be flexibly deployed from the edge to the cloud.

Dubai United Arab Emirates: Today, ABB and Red Hat announced a global partnership to enable companies and industrial organizations using ABB’s process automation and industrial software solutions to expand their operations quickly and more agilely using the leading enterprise platforms developed by Red Hat is, to help. To Red Hat’s Linux-based Enterprise Operating System Application Services.

The collection, management and analysis of plant data is critical to improving process efficiency and meeting safety, security and productivity requirements, in line with ABB’s process automation development strategy. The new partnership between the two sides enables virtualization and storage of automation software within container systems based on the Red Hat OpenShift platform to provide a higher level of flexibility when deploying equipment and devices according to application needs. Collaboration also provides more efficient system synchronization, enabling real-time data-driven decision-making at the edge, as well as further processing in the cloud.

Red Hat OpenShift, the leading Cubernets platform, will provide ABB with a unified and consistent platform for applications from small single-node systems to converged clusters at the industrial edge, making it easier for ABB customers to seamlessly manage and evolve application development processes. . Red Hat OpenShift ABB will help increase the flexibility of deployment and expansion of the Ability™ Edgenius™, a comprehensive platform for industrial software applications, as well as the Ability™ Genix Industrial Analytics and AI Suite, an enterprise application management platform based on artificial intelligence. technology, industrial and design to help clients keep up with the demands of digital business customers. Through this partnership, ABB will have the ability to benefit from features such as frictionless provisioning (remote network setup) as well as increased manageability and consistency across factory environments.

Matt Hicks, Executive Vice President, Products and Technology, Red Hat, said: “Red Hat looks forward to working with ABB on this unique partnership that will advance the integration of IT systems and operations through a diversified portfolio of digital solutions across the industrial edge and hybrid cloud. Through this collaboration, we aim to simplify the transition from automated to autonomous processes and to address current and future manufacturing needs using open source software technologies and solutions. We will work with ABB to remove barriers between the IT ecosystem and manufacturing processes. through an innovation-based approach to transform technology operationally based on open source.

Bernard Askermann, Chief Technology Officer, Process Automation, ABB, said: “This exceptional partnership with Red Hat demonstrates ABB’s commitment to meeting the needs of its customers by seeking alliances with leading companies in the field of innovation. This new collaboration with Red Hat will see ABB continue to help its customers improve their operations and keep pace with the demands of the rapidly evolving digital landscape This partnership will give them access to the tools they need to integrate their improving IT ecosystem and operations at the factory level, while reducing risks and improving performance.”


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