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Why am I turning over my old notebooks and comparing what I missed with what has come in recent years? To reverse the pain, but as a matter of recalling a past we lived in complete contentment, and then express surprise at what New in our lives, and the current young generation, do not have the joy of surprise because it deals with elevators and escalators The TV, the telephone, the soapy shower and the comfortable chairs (what idiots are these? Sitting chairs? Are there standing chairs and sleeping chairs? The same question I asked yesterday: Why is a room called “sleeping”? “While all rooms are fit for sleeping, and there is not a room designated for insomnia and sleeplessness? You will say to me there: “Living room,” but sleep in it prohibited, forbidden or impossible?).

We are the incredible generation to this day that American astronauts landed on the moon, The lucky ones among us rode on the planes with four or two propellers, and felt that they penetrated the earth and reached the mountains at length. He constantly telling others about his experience, and how he arrived in Cairo from Khartoum in five hours (yes, he lost. Those planes were just donkey carts and hippocampus compared to the jets of the current era), and before that we know the secret of the big box that talks and sings (most radios were twenty inches in size and ran on batteries the size of car batteries in today’s world), came the TV so we could see “The Government” and before we thought the government was a mythical gelatinous creature, which resided in a place called “the capital.” And he works in his own way and in his way (He still works in his way and how he is, but we now know what/ Who exactly is he?

The first two countries to know television in the Arab world were Sudan and Iraq (1962), and at that time Sudan was subject to military rule (1958-1964), the people let it fall in a popular uprising, then in later years realized – when Other military dictatorships came – that government was a tender dictatorship. What is important is that that government distributed televisions to public squares and to cultural and sports clubs, which shook the market for cinemas, because those places were filled with hundreds of spectators, from six o’clock in the evening (the beginning of the broadcast of the Noble) Koran) to The national anthem was played at ten in the evening, at a time when people would stay outside their house after ten Baluka Falta (in the entertainment program “Sunday” on Sudanese TV, in the era of live broadcasting) was considered / Direct for all programs, Muhammad Suleiman, the host of the program, was surprised that the singer who was going to sing during the program, Tina, was drunk, and he had no choice but to trust in God and allow him to to participate in singing. Because banning it meant canceling the show, and that wasn’t possible because there was no alternative that would last a full hour. From the broadcast, and luckily for him, the singer performed his songs without faltering or stuttering, and Muhammad Suleiman breathed a sigh of relief. relief, and said In conclusion: walk Our dear guide, and that ends today’s “Sukra”).

Then came the color television, and we know what so-and-so wears, and we distinguish the colors of the buildings, and we see things on the spot. Its nature, my dear, revolves around you today and you will find that young and young people are not inclined to watch what it broadcasts Television: Children, come on such and such a lovely program on television. Then you get the reaction: I saw it two months ago on YouTube (the literal translation of this name is “You are piped”, And he was impressed by how the Sudanese handled it, whereas today he sees a person as a pipe in Sudan described meant that he is a deceiver and a liar and ignorant, and he demands what is not in him and in him).

As someone who has made a living trolling the world news, in recent years I have developed a complex, oh what One of my family surprised me with something like: Trump decided so-and-so or said, on a matter that interests me and that of others. Considering that the President of the United States decides and decides on matters of concern to other people, I wonder: From where? You have this news, and you haven’t sat in front of the TV since the era before Obama? I read the news in C. that. that. On the phone!! So you remember that the telephone of this time is no longer its mission to communicate speech between two or more people (in the so-called In group calls it has become a source of news supported by written texts and live / animated images My time did not come until I saw the transformation of the telephone into a television.

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