Layali Dhrab for Al-Anbaa, I and nothing without it

  • It’s fun to work with Heba Hamada because she’s different from others
  • Vinny is energy and madness that needs proper direction
  • Chemistry brings me with Abdul and “Abiz” are professionals in the truest sense of the word
  • My ambition has no limits and my submission to international affairs will “become”.
  • “Zetora” has achieved great success and the reactions are very nice
  • I have no problems, and the Dahrab family is in addition to the artistic families

Dialogue – Yasser Al Aila

The young star, Layali Dhrab, carries an energy of optimism in her features that deserves attention and respect, and when she acts, she makes you smile with her wit and spontaneity in acting.

Layali Dhrab, I consider her a symbol of happiness in the kingdom of art. Her roles are an explicit invitation to the love of life, as she is the daughter of a generation that wants to leave a distinctive imprint in art.

“Al-Anbaa” Layali met at the headquarters of the “Abiz Productions” company for artistic production, accompanied by the producer Ahmed Al-Buraiki, the director Manaf Abdel and the writer Abdullah Al-Roumi, where she spoke to us about her new developments in the coming period and many other matters through the following dialogue:

First, talk to us about something new in the coming period.

I am currently preparing for an 8-episode “Season” produced by Abyss Productions, titled “The Next.”

What is new that you offer in this work?

* I present an action that is different from what we see in the works, and its events revolve around a group of girls, each of them has her own cartoon, and the artists are currently being selected for this work, which is written by Abdullah Al-Roumi and directed by Manaf Abdel.

How did the audience react to your latest play “Zetora”?

Praise be to God, the reactions were very beautiful, and the play was a great success, praise be to God, and the performances were beautiful, and the artists who participated in them were all wonderful. Initially, the artist Hanadi Al-Kandari was with us, but due to the circumstances of her pregnancy, the role was assigned to the beautiful artist Heba Al-Dari, and we have a group of stars, including Ahmed Al-Najjar and Iman Faisal, Fatat Sultan, Rawan Al-Ali, Rahaf Al-Anzi, Ahmed Alf, Hassan Abdel and the girl Al-Zain Burashid, and the work is produced by “Stage Group”, under the supervision of Abdul Hassan Al-Omar, written by Jassem Al-Jalahma and directed by Shamlan Al – Nassar.

What is the secret of the chemistry between you and the artist Ahmed Al-Najjar, and we often see you together on social media?

* Ahmed Al-Najjar, before we have chemistry and work, he is my brother and I die for him, and thank God that people loved us together from our first experience in the Juman series, and they loved the humor between us, and the honesty between us is a beautiful state of understanding at work.

But what is your reaction to the rumors that are always circulating about the existence of a relationship between you and the confirmation that your marriage is imminent?

(She replies laughing): Let them say, let the follower live.

What about your ambition as an artist in the coming period?

Honestly, I “have” a lot of energy and need correct guidance, and for now I am in the stage of intensive research.

Who should you direct?

I have energy as I told you, and I need someone to use this energy, and “correct” the madness that I want to present in works of art, because in the end I respect the viewer so that he respects me , so I don’t want to present anything traditional.

What does love for people mean to you?

A great thing, and it is a blessing from God, and every day I wake up from sleep, I thank God very much for this love, because this audience is the one who made Dhrab nights, so I am nothing without they don’t.

You previously achieved success in the series “Beirut batch” and now you are participating in the series “London batch.” What is the difference between the two characters?

The “character” I present in the London batch is a cute “Wide” character, and the role attracted me since the first episode I read of the work, and I expect my role to impress the viewers.

And how did you find working with the great writer Heba Mishari Hamadeh?

It’s interesting, and I love her, as she is a beautiful writer and different from others, taking us to another world in her work, and raising realistic issues in general. I like to work with to her work.

What about your work with the director Manaf Abdel?

I had the honor of working with him for the first time, and we had great chemistry from the first moment, and within him there was a positive energy similar to me.

I feel that you are comfortable working with “Abyss Productions” company, and the proof is that there is more than one collaboration that brings you together with them.

Honestly, I am very satisfied with them, as they are professionals in their work, in the truest sense of the word, despite the absence of a monopoly contract between us.

Your sister, the artist Asrar Dahrab, recently entered the artistic field through the series “Revenge Project.” Does this mean we will see a new artistic family in Kuwait?

Why not, God willing, a new artistic family will be added to the artistic families in Kuwait. Asrar started her artistic steps, and I have my sister, Abrar Al-Dahrab, an announcer and she has a certain line on YouTube.

What is the secret of the state of contentment that I always feel in your words and the state of psychological reconciliation in which you are distinguished?

Praise God for these qualities, and to be honest, these qualities comfort me a lot. I have no problems with anyone, and all my focus is only on my work. It’s me and my cattle on my way.

Do you have a dream to host business outside of Kuwait, whether Arabic or international?

Of course, and “it will be” with God’s permission, because my ambition has no limits.

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