Misr Informatics University is organizing an open day to launch its programs next Saturday

Coordination opens after the end of the first phase of government universities

Egypt Informatics University announced its commitment to implement the initiative of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, to provide a number of full scholarships for high school graduates – including residence for expatriates (outside Cairo and Giza) to there study, where sector companies and banks support this generous initiative, in addition to a number of Partial scholarships for outstanding students.

In accordance with the decision to open coordination for high school students for some private universities after the termination of government coordination for the first phase, the Misr Informatics University decided to participate in this phase.

The Misr Informatics University is also organizing open day activities next Saturday to learn more about the university’s faculties, departments and various specializations, the services and technological infrastructure it provides to students, and the conditions for double degrees offered by the university with major international universities. , in addition to the grants it offers, on the campus of Misr Informatics University Knowledge City in the New Administrative Capital.

The activities of the open day will start next Saturday, for those who want to attend, whether they are students with different secondary certificates or their parents, and register through the official website of the university and its social network pages.

The activities of the open day include getting to know the faculties of Misr Informatics University, which includes 4 faculties: “computer and information sciences, engineering, business technology, digital art and design”, in addition to an introductory tour of the university’s buildings and its very advanced laboratories, as it is a leading academic institution and the first specialized university in the Middle East and Africa in Data Science was established by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in addition to after some paragraphs, direct communication with faculty members and taking commemorative photos in the City of Knowledge.

The university’s Board of Trustees, led by adviser Adly Mansour, approved the full scholarships for the top high school students at the level of the Republic for the year 22-23 as an extension of the initiative of the President of the Republic for this year and with the support of banks and companies in the information and communication technology sector, including transport, as well as lodging and accommodation for students from outside Cairo and Giza In addition to a number of partial scholarships for those who excel in science, sports and people of determination.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed El-Sharqawy, Vice President for Academic Affairs, for his part, congratulated the high school students on the success and excellence they achieved, emphasized their welcome to the campus of Misr Informatics University and invited them to take advantage of the scientific programs it offers offer to students, by choosing the modern specializations offered by the university. For their professional future, in line with future job opportunities and the requirements of development and sustainability, and to prepare them to engage in the labor market with high quality academic and practical skills and competences, with an emphasis on the university’s participation in coordination after the end of the first phase of public universities.

El Sharkawy explained that Misr Informatics University always seeks to attract distinguished students, whether Egyptian or foreign, and in this context, the university has awarded scholarships to outstanding students to study “computer and information sciences, engineering, business technology, digital art and design”. study. and the 16 academic programs included in these faculties, where We work to support Egypt Informatics University to become a center for international high-quality education in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa, adding value to the quality of education in the new republic.

Dr. Amal El-Gammal, Head of the Department of Software Engineering at the College of Computer and Information Sciences and Head of International Relations at the university, indicated that the university has already signed agreements and partnerships with reputable universities with high international ratings, making we give students double degrees, where the successful ones will obtain a degree from the University of Egypt Informatics and the other foreign university, so that successful candidates spend their final year at the partner’s campus abroad, with some of the combined courses offered by the partner university is offered. during the first years of their studies at the MEU campus.

Dr. Amal El-Gamal added: “An agreement was signed with the American University of Minnesota Twin Cities (which ranks twenty-ninth in computer science according to the (US News) classification for the year 2021, and it was also agreed to then hold a double bachelor’s degree from Egypt Informatics University and Purdue West Lafayette University, USA. Which is the fourth place in engineering according to the (US News) classification for the year 2022, in the computer engineering program, as well as electrical engineering.”

Dr. Amani Issa, a teacher at the College of Computer and Information Sciences and one of the main participants in the founding of the university, said: “Choosing the university is one of the most important decisions that students can make, because it is ‘ a decision that determines their future and their fate, therefore we decided to prepare the open day next Saturday, to shed light on the different aspects of university life. In Egypt for informatics, such as student structure, study programs and career paths, in order to facilitate the decision-making process for students and their parents.Point out that the faculty members offer the participants the opportunity of guidance, advice and guidance in choosing the faculties that meet the wishes of the students and their families, in addition to the opportunity to interact with the specialized staff and the deans of the faculties to meet to answer their questions, and the conditions for joining the faculties and the discipl ines appropriate to their aspirations.

It is noteworthy that Misr Informatics University is the first university in the African region specialized in the fields of communication and information technology and the areas affected by it Communication Sciences, financial technology, e-marketing, animation art, user experience and electronic game design.

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