“The Al-Kurani Case” .. a new novel about political capital and the Brotherhood

The arena of political conflict remains a destination for all who seek to get closer to the Sultan’s court in Egypt, whether by pumping political money or using religious games, as terrorist groups resort to.

In a rich novel recently published by the journalist Sayed Al-Harani, entitled: “The Case of Al-Kourani”, the author delved into the details of this chronic competition and conflict between the various powers that have existed in Egypt for decades is inherited.

The novel is concerned with refuting aspects of contemporary social, economic and political life within Egyptian society and the intertwined relationships with the authorities, the press and the media.

The novel, which revolves entirely on the lips of its hero, “Saeed Al-Kourani”, takes place in the luxurious neighborhood of Zamalek in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, where its hero lives in his fortified palace. The granddaughter of all the arts of life, he informed him about different cultures and civilizations, and accompanied him in many of his meetings with leaders and leaders.

The novel starts from a very hot point, which is the moment of the arrest, detention and interrogation of its hero, Saeed Al-Kourani, which is a reason to stop being busy with work that does not pass through his life didn’t happen to him, until he picks up a long tape of memories and events in an attempt to find an answer to the confusing question of why he was arrested. What is his fate now?

“Al-Kourani” the protagonist is a man who deals in everything and anything, commercial, real estate, agricultural and industrial investments, so the only way to protect all these investments was to manufacture a strong wall and defense, according to the events of the novel, so “Al-Kourani” invested in the field of journalism. And the media, and he founded a large press organization, and others participated in large satellite stations.

Protection was indeed achieved at one stage and he was able to quietly practice his business, but all this ended with the events of the 25 January 2011 revolution, when there were new politicians and other rulers of the stage.

And to talk about the period after the January 2021 revolution in Egypt, and the rise of the terrorist Brotherhood on the Egyptian political scene, the protagonist, through his life experience, his family’s relationships, his sons and daughters’ marriages, his partners, relatives and friends at home and abroad, tried to appease and enter into partnerships with the Broederbond, but the matter did not last long. Let the Broederbond go and their criminal plans fall in the June 30 revolution.

In 2013 comes a new regime clashing with it and many new obstacles and challenges. It has fought a bitter battle with this regime for various reasons, the main one being that the sharing of its foreign partnerships with the Americans, Germans, Israelis and others contradict many of the new policies, and that its press organization and satellite stations it owns. Their shares were one of the main reasons for igniting the revolution in Egypt, and that he moves part of his capital for hidden purposes that are not in the interest of the country and the citizen, or so he promotes his competitors, who are very is, and accuses him and some of his old friends in private and public sessions.

But the protagonist of the novel, Saeed Al-Kurani, was able, as usual, to overcome every part of these obstacles, and quickly entered and re-engaged with those who succeeded him in power.

Therefore, the strange case and the perplexing question through the events of the novel, why was he arrested? And why did he become the owner of one of the most important and famous issues that follow the local and international public opinion?

The novel ends with the end of his detention period, as well as his case, and his intense preoccupation with the search for answers to questions left unanswered by the events of the novel. Why did what happened? Who is behind what happened?

Regarding the future of the political novel, author Sayed Al-Harani commented in exclusive statements to Al-Ain Al-Akhbar that he sees the future of the political novel on the rise and that the reader’s demand for it is noticeable is in light of the decline in his previous interest in the “emotional” and “horror” novels.

He explained that this interest is due to many factors, most notably the political events that impose themselves on the local, regional and global public scene, and also the reader’s interaction with these events with the means of transport of their events, especially to satellite. channels, talk shows and contemporary social media of all kinds could enter all homes. All family members interact with it, and it could also connect the daily life variables of the citizen with his solutions and his bitterness and the political world with his struggles and decisions.

He explained: “Here comes the novel reader’s passion to kindle the desire to discover oddities, and to try to learn more from the scenes of the world of politics in political novels.”

It is noteworthy that Al-Harani is a journalist writer at Akhbar Al-Youm, a political researcher, and an Egyptian novelist who graduated from the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University, a member of the Egyptian Writers’ Union, the Novel Department.

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