The Prime Minister witnesses the signing ceremony of a cooperation protocol between Planning and E-Finance

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Today, Thursday, Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, at the government headquarters in the new city of El Alamein, witnessed the signing of a protocol of cooperation between the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development and the E-Finance Business Technology Company, regarding the management of technology centers for government services “Egypt Services”.

The protocol was signed by ing. Ashraf Abdel Hafeez, Assistant Minister of Planning for Digital Transformation and Information Technology, and Eng. Ibrahim Sarhan, chairman of the board of e-finance, in the presence of dr. Hala El-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development.

After the signing, Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, states that this agreement comes within the framework of the state’s strategy for the development of public services provided to citizens in light of the goals of “Egypt Vision 2030”, which will improve the life of the Egyptian citizen, and in the implementation of the mandates of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. The President of the Republic, by expanding the establishment of Egypt service centers, which provide government services to citizens through technological centers that the bear name “Egypt Services” in all governorates of the Republic, according to the same mechanism, mark and feature of Egypt’s services (Aswan).

She pointed out that the agreement provides for cooperation between the Ministry of Planning and the company “e-finances”, to develop a mechanism for the locations designated in the “Egypt Services” fixed and mobile technology centers. manage and operate in an efficient manner. which ensures good orderliness and work flow, to provide government services to citizens and maximize their use.

According to the agreement, the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development is committed to receive lands and buildings designated for the establishment of technology centers for fixed government services “Services of Egypt”, and to establish these centers on the lands and buildings assigned to them have been designated with all their components and stages of preparation, in terms of the implementation of buildings and facilities, and interior fittings such as furniture, equipment and appliances. And the various requirements required to receive citizens, as well as driving mobile cars, equipping them with equipment, devices and offices. , and prepare them to work as technology centers for mobile government services “Services of Egypt”.

The Ministry also bears the cost of all the necessary interconnection lines to connect the fixed and mobile technology centers “Egypt Services” to the central information system, in addition to periodic monitoring of the level of performance of services, the mechanism for measuring customer satisfaction, as well as the mechanism for receiving customer complaints, implementing improvement opportunities and providing the necessary financial funds for the project.

English Ibrahim Sarhan, chairman of the board of the financial institutions operating technology company “E-Finance”, explained in his turn that the company, according to this protocol, will receive the fixed technology centers from the moment they are ready. to work, to be responsible for managing the technology centers for the fixed and mobile government services “Services Egypt”. , in a manner that ensures operational and safety management.

He added that “e-finance” will also provide the administrative and technical cadres needed to operate these centers, while providing various systems and applications for operation, in addition to training workers in the technology centers to provide fixed and mobile government services. provide “Egypt Services ” on the necessary training programs, in addition to coordination with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development for advertising and marketing for technology centers “Services of Egypt”, in coordination with service providers.

The company will also be responsible for financial integration with the Egyptian government’s financial network, providing electronic payment and collection services, achieving a policy of financial inclusion through electronic payment methods, in addition to establishing management and follow-up centers, websites and managing the “customer service center” hotline for inquiry services for the centers. Pls Egypt Services, provides booking services through the website.

According to the cooperation protocol, a joint executive committee will be set up, consisting of the two teams of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, and the “e-finance” company, which is specialized in following up the implementation of the protocol, which will governorates define, locations and numbers of technology centers for government services, “Egypt’s services”, fixed and mobile, and setting the necessary standards to be met In plots or buildings, specifications of cars to be used as mobile technology centers, inspection of the locations of places designated for operation in the technology centers for government services “service delivery hall”, the identification of government services provided to the public by technology centers, and the development of services consistent with the purpose for which those centers are intended, in addition to To the set prices. mechanism for the services provided by the fixed and mobile “Egypt Services” technology centers and announces it to the public.

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