A flash of enthusiasm and teamwork

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His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, continues, through his prominent hashtag “Teacher Flashes”, to spread his profound leadership views, which is a source of inspiration to many generations eager to know the vision. comprehensive work within the state structure, and captures the wonderful details of the previous march of comprehensive development witnessed by the United Arab Emirates during the past fifty years, leading to an advanced model in administration, management, construction and reconstruction that greatly surpassing civilized models that may have been earlier in its geographical presence than the UAE The nature of the vision whose deep roots were established by the first builder, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God have mercy on him, and the constellation of leaders who supported him in his great tasks was enough to achieve these achievements that made the UAE a civilized state at all levels, which the leadership at all levels is keen to maintain, as well as develop and build upon.

In this context of interest in deepening the culture of work and belonging, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid published a leadership flash on his account on “Instagram”, in which he highlighted the great role played by the founding fathers in building the state emphasis, with the need to possess a spirit of enthusiasm at individual and collective levels to achieve state projects. The major, and that the previous and subsequent achievements are the fruit of collective thinking reflected in the active work teams working with rare vigor for the sake of the nation’s elevation and the permanence of progress and excellence in its mature national march.

“When I speak, I mean we are enthusiastic, of course everyone is enthusiastic, I mean if our fathers did what they did and achieved this and we see our small role for them, we should be enthusiastic about the development of the country.” His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid opens this brilliant leadership flash by talking about enthusiasm, Considering that enthusiasm is the active engine of every human activity, the mental conviction of things is the first step in planning, but the implementation of these convictions will only through enthusiasm, which is the work of the heart and conscience, and every work that does not have enthusiasm and passion cannot be achieved within the perspective planned. Indeed, enthusiasm for something and for big projects can reduce time and achieve the requirement in less than the specified time, and when we contemplate the achievements of great civilizations, we find that enthusiasm is the real player in the achievement. Reason is what sparks of the idea, but it is enthusiasm that implements it with a deep sense of responsibility and pride, and if it were not for the great sense of enthusiasm for Islam and its venerable teachings, the Knights of the Arabian Peninsula would not have leaving countries and the The earth and they established one of the greatest human civilizations. Enthusiasm also has the greatest impact on the wheel of progress and development. Enthusiasm is what moves energies, which His Highness likes to emphasize in all his speeches and writings because of his deep experience in life and his knowledge of the great impact of the feeling of enthusiasm in achievement and excellence.

With the morals of loyal and great leaders, His Highness turns to the great efforts of the builders who laid down the fixed rules of the state. He sees that our present-day efforts, despite their importance, seem small compared to the efforts of the great fathers Therefore it is necessary to constantly stop the glowing drive of spirit to keep alive the determination and determination High demands know no stop and inactivity.

“Prosecution is required, support is required, if he tells you: Mohammed bin Rashid is the one who works, Mohammed bin Rashid is one, we are groups, we have work teams, we have young people doing business.” In this clip from Al-Wamda, the horizon opens to the facts The process of achievement, where His Highness emphasizes the need to follow up all projects and follow the pace of the times, while it is an element of support and cooperation between all work teams provided. His Highness dispels the idea of ​​the individual leader by his sincere questioning about the achievements he personally undertakes to then confirm that Mohammed bin Rashid is an individual. However, the state’s march is essentially based on collective work, so that he then with the pronoun “we” to confirm the depth of the feeling of belonging to the group We, according to His Highness’s words: groups and work teams that have been carefully selected and within strict criteria that look at nothing but competence and the ability. to exceptional work that He is tireless, and strives for more achievement, focusing on the youth component in particular, who bear a large part of the burdens of building and rebuilding in the course of the beloved fatherland.

“Of course there is leadership, of course there is a vision. We have no project or idea emerging, but I am 100 percent convinced of it, but when I am convinced, I don’t stop.” Then it was the wonderful conclusion after this wonderful leadership flash, where His Highness emphasized that the state’s progress does not happen according to indulgence. Coincidences rather arise from a leadership responsibility and a strict vision that examines all possibilities and takes into account all the difficulties, and this means that the political leadership bears most of the responsibility, and does not approve a project or idea until after a confident investigation and the right decision is made with full conviction, and not just from a mere thoughtless desire, and when conviction is obtained and the labor force is released, the march does not stop, regardless of the difficulties and challenges, so that this vision will be the ideal model in the process of building a nation that deserves the deepest feelings of love, giving and belonging.


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