If you want a summer, we bring you the names and prices of the beaches

In the summer season, everyone is looking for a suitable resort, and there are basic things that everyone who travels to coastal cities and tourist resorts is eager for, including the availability of entertainment and ease of movement within the place.She decides to move to the right and most suitable choice for him, and in this report we present a guide that includes the prices of most of the tourist spots this summer.

In Alexandria – the bride of the Mediterranean – hotel prices varied according to the services they provided to tourists, their location on the sea and how close they were to the beaches. It varied between 270 and 9,000 pounds. The prices were as follows:
Amon Hotel: The price of a double room was 650 pounds, without any meals per night.

Jewel San Stefano Hotel: The average price is 1,420 pounds per night.
Miramar Hotel: the price of a room overlooking the skyscraper starts at 250 pounds, and a double room with a sea view starts at 450 pounds.

Eastern Hotel: the room price starts at 150, and the hotel suite reaches 2800.
Cleopatra Hotel: a single room costs 500 pounds, and a double room costs 650 pounds.
Hilton Alexandria Corniche Hotel: The price of a double room reached 3700 pounds per night.

Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria: The room price was the highest among the rest of the hotels, reaching 9678 pounds for a double room per night, excluding meals.

On the other hand, vacationers can enter the public beaches to spend one day at the lowest cost of hotel reservations, with only 50 pounds, which allows you to enjoy the sea for a whole day and return home at night then without incurring the cost of hotels. , which can be expensive.

On the other hand, some people tend to spend “day use” in many coastal cities like Ain Sukhna, enjoy fishing and sit on a yacht all day, and it will only cost them 300 pounds per person.

According to the booking sites, the price of a room per person per night in Hurghada reaches 1,500 pounds in 3- and 4-star hotels, and 17,500 pounds per person in 5-star hotels.

As for El Gouna, the price of a room per person in three nights is about 2,700 in 4-star hotels, and up to 21,660 pounds in 5-star hotels. As for renting the villa, it reaches 44,500 pounds for three nights.

Sharm El Sheikh and Marsa Alam
The price of booking per person per night in Sharm El Sheikh reached 1,076 pounds in 3 and 4 star hotels and 12,870 pounds per person in 5 star hotels. As for Marsa Alam, the price of a room per person per night reached 1,600. pounds in 3-star hotels, and up to 25,300 in five-star hotels.

10 thousand pounds
The owner of this amount does not have many options, but he can spend his vacation in the Retal Aqua Hotel, at a cost of up to 10,270 pounds, or in Aida Hotel with breakfast only, at a cost of up to 10,500 pounds, or in one of the chalets of Porto Matrouh, whose area does not exceed 48 meters, and reaches 7800 pounds, or in The Royal Hotel costs 10,300 pounds, with breakfast only.

While several places competed to offer special offers for the family consisting of two people and two children, who want to spend the holiday with a suitable budget in many hotels, where it is possible to spend 3 days at the Aqua Blu Sharm Hotel in the plateau at prices from 5000 pounds.

While the family can spend their vacation in the Novotel Sharm Hotel, at a cost from 15,000 pounds and no more than 20,000 pounds, and the same amount is almost the same in Dominic Coral Bay Hotel.

As for the cost of staying at the Four Seasons Resort in the period after Eid al-Adha, it has jumped to 17,000 pounds, which is the same cost a family can spend at the Sunrise Resort hotel.

With 15 thousand pounds, the head of the family can take his family to Sol Y Mar Naama Bay Hotel, or to the Style Mercato Hotel on the plateau, while the cost of spending 4 days and three nights in Sharm Hotel reaches 18,000 pounds have, and the same amount in Jolie Ville Resort Hotel and 20 thousand pounds in Fayrouz Hotel, Naama Bay.

There are a greater number of hotels and chalets available in the Marina Tower Golf area, where there is a chalet with an area of ​​48 square meters sufficient for the accommodation of the family, at a cost of up to 16,400 pounds. You can also spend a nice time in Porto Marina in an apartment of up to 90 square meters, and its cost is about 26 thousand pounds. Or the Tulip Hotel in Borg El Arab, at a cost of up to 14,000 pounds, and renting a hotel room in Marseilia Beach, at a cost of more than 18,500 pounds.

Offers for wealthy families
As for the wealthy families, they have many comfortable hotels for their summer holidays in Sharm El Sheikh, where they can stay at a cost of up to 30,000 pounds in my hotels: Rehana Sharm and Albatros Sharm Resort, while the Sunrise Robot Hotel 32,000 have reached pounds, and the cost in my hotel exceeded: Albatros Magic World Sharm 39 thousand pounds, and decreased in the Aqua Blue Sharm Hotel to 36 thousand pounds.

If the budget allocated to the family to spend the holiday exceeds 50,000 pounds, it is possible to spend it in the Albatros Aqua Park Sharm El Sheikh Hotel at a cost of more than 56,000 pounds.

The cost of staying in a room for nine adults and two children in the Jaz Crystal Hotel on the North Coast was 94,000 pounds, and the cost of staying in the Aurora Sidi Abdel Rahman Hotel was about 47,000 pounds, and the cost of staying in stay. the Golf Bay Paradise Hotel was about 61,000 pounds in an apartment consisting of a bedroom, a living room and a bathroom with an area of ​​60 meters, while the rental of a villa in the El Alamein -area with a small area less than 49,000 pounds cost , and rent a small chalet with an area of ​​no more than 90 meters in the Marassi area of ​​60 thousand pounds.

The cost exceeds 60 thousand
60 thousand pounds is the amount that the family can pay on vacation in the Jazz Almaza Bay Hotel, and the price of a premium hotel room reaches 75,000 pounds, but if you want to excel, it is possible to spend this vacation in a villa or chalet in the Four Seasons at a cost of up to 115,0000 EGP, or a suite in Park Regency Hyatt, a former Hyatt Hotel, at a cost of more than 106,000 EGP.

The cost in the Rixos Premier Seagate hotel is 112,000 pounds, or in the Rixos hotel with a fully equipped suite, at a cost of up to 138,000 pounds, and a villa consisting of four rooms, a living room and four bathrooms can be rented at a cost of up to 90,000 pounds, and there is another villa consisting of three rooms and two bathrooms. Its cost reaches 122,000 pounds, and there is a villa with an area of ​​more than 400 meters, consisting of five rooms, at a cost of more than 560,000 pounds.

High earners
If you are a high income earner, you can spend your holiday in some areas that cost more than 250 thousand pounds, such as in Porto Marina chalets, at a cost of more than 266,000 pounds, while the cost of accommodation in the G Hotel is about 241 thousand. fairy. Al Alamein Hotel has launched its latest deals for a 6-day summer holiday in one of its royal suites, at a cost of one million pounds.

Occupancy 95%
For his part, he referred on behalf of the Tourist Syndicate Circle to the preparations that tourist facilities are witnessing in all parts of the coastal governorates, whether the Red Sea or the White Sea, in preparation for receiving tourists on summer vacation. He said: The prices of reservations and occupancy in hotels at all levels have reached 95%, especially in Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Marina, the North Coast and Marsa Alam, which are the areas that have become overcrowded with Egyptian tourists in relation to domestic tourism.

He added: Regarding foreign tourism, Egypt still receives charter flights from Europe to Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam, and Egypt is considered a preferred tourist destination for European tourists, because the distance is not far and the prices are considered appropriate become and competitive compared to some surrounding countries, and it is considered a safe tourist interface and infection rates with the Corona virus are almost non-existent. After Egypt managed to face and control the consequences of the crisis.

He explained that the high occupancy rate includes all hotels of all gradations and social levels, whether 7-star, 5-star or less, and even apartments and chalets rented by the day or by the week, as many Egyptian families prefer. them because they are lower in cost, and offer the opportunity for the whole family to spend a summer well.

He continued: There are some coastal cities that depend heavily on renting apartments and chalets, the most important of which are Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh, Ras El Bar and Ain Sukhna, as they are considered public summer resorts preferred by many Egyptians because their prices are affordable.

The head of the Tourist Syndicate indicated that prices have increased by about 20% compared to last season, at the level of domestic and foreign tourism, pointing out that Egypt is tied to long-term contracts with tour operators in Europe, and after their expiration, the contracts are re-contracted at the prices traded according to the conditions of tourist facilities.

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