The conditions of Egyptians changed dramatically during the era of Sisi

Anba Daniel Lotfi, Metropolitan of Ismailia, confirmed to the Coptic Catholics that the Catholic Church does not have divorce, but that there is a physical separation between the two parties.

Al-Dustour met Anba Daniel Lotfi at the headquarters of the Coptic Catholic Patriarchate in Cairo, and the text of the dialogue reads:

How do you view the conditions of Egyptians in the era of Sisi?

“During the era of President Sisi, the conditions of Egyptians changed dramatically in terms of religious freedom and freedom of expression, in addition to the issuance of a law to legalize churches, and hope and hope began to spread among Egyptians. The Egyptian position is of great importance and we are always proud that Egypt is represented by President Sisi in international and major forums and is taken into account in important international situations, innovation and change require time, effort and goodwill on the part of the people. Electricity for the first times in Egypt and he worked to establish new cities and we have the new capital and worked to establish the infrastructure for land and other means of transport in addition to express trains and President Sisi worked on a very big shift for the country. The Egyptian people have not seen that shift except in European countries, but we need more of patience to see more progress in addition to that o if the church’s solidarity with the poor is needed and care more for them, this is the church’s permanent message Caring for the poor and meeting the needs of the poor.”

What do you think about the law on building churches, especially after more than 160 churches in the governorates have been legalized?

“In the Diocese of Ismailia, a church and two service buildings have been legalized, and I am still following up with officials to legalize the rest of the churches in Ismailia.”

What are the developments of the personal status law for Copts, and the reasons for divorce in the Catholic Church?

“In the Catholic Church there is no divorce.. But we have three cases, which is that the marriage is valid, so there is no invalidity on which the invalidity of the marriage is based, or that the marriage is valid from its inception Problems between the two parties or a danger to one of the parties, so the physical separation takes place and we mean that the marriage is still in place and neither party has the right to remarry, so there is no divorce in the catholic church.

Does Addiction Cause the Nullity of Marriage?

“Of course, one of the two parties can submit an invitation to the Spiritual Council in the Catholic Church, and we call it a temporary separation, which we define for a certain period, and during that period we work to solving problems through family. counseling centers, according to the type of problem that the church and the minister of the church are trying to solve.”

What are the reasons for invalidity of marriage in the Catholic Church?

“One of the reasons for the invalidity of marriage in the Catholic Church is the dissatisfaction between the two parties from the beginning of the marriage and that one of them marries the other with force from the family, but it must be proven that he Marriage, during marriage and after marriage with one of the parties.

Does atheism lead one of the parties to the invalidity of the marriage?

“This does not lead to the invalidity of the marriage…but according to the Spiritual Council of the Catholic Church, it can lead to a physical separation between the two parties.”

How does the Catholic Church view inter-church marriage?

Marriage in the Catholic Church is required to be between two baptized Christians regardless of the type of sect or what the sect is. It is important to us that marriage should be based on love, consent, respect and understanding between the two parties. The Catholic Church has no objection to marriage between different sects.

How do you rate Christian marriage counseling courses?

“In general, this has been the direction of the Catholic Church in general since the Second Vatican Council, which was held in 1962 to 1965, which is one of the great councils in the Catholic Church, and it met to discuss many pastoral issues. discuss, among other things, the issue of the family and the issue of marriage and the family The engaged and those who are about to get married with the knowledge of the church and specialists in marriage and from its role the family is built , and the church has been offering these courses since the last century to raise awareness among those about to get married, meaning to know what marriage is and the value of marriage and that it is an eternal union is and that these courses worked to some extent to solve the problems between The two parties to the marriage.

What is your assessment of the document on human brotherhood signed by Pope Francis in the UAE?

“The truth is human brotherhood is an initiative between the two institutions, Al-Azhar and the Vatican, because the Vatican is at the head of the Catholic Church in the whole world, and the Vatican is the spiritual leadership of Catholics in the whole world. world And he leads the Islamic religion in the whole world and at the head of each institution they had the intention of presenting a document of human brotherhood and each side presented a committee that followed it to that document with all to present its provisions which include everything related to human dignity and equality and the common matters between the Islamic religion and the Christian religion to worship the faith in the one God and we discuss About humanity in all people without separating them , especially the marginalized in societies. The truth is the human brotherhood among them is very wonderful, and the activation of the document remains, and I demand that it be taught in schools and activated in seminars and practical conferences in society, and through that we only seek the human.”

Does the religious discourse in Christianity need to be renewed?

“Any religious discourse needs renewal, but its origins are fixed, and religious discourse, its constants and its rules are fixed. What is meant by the renewal of religious discourse is renewal in style and method… How do I speak and speak to people about love and the goddess of love and mercy more than I talk to them about the god of judgment, punishment and justice? Individuals need to listen.” In the religious discourse about mercy and love, and it must know God, believe in Him, and be close to Him, because she loves Him and does not fear God.. Any religious discourse that stems from the intimidation of people from God, has renewal necessary.

Criticism and thought are said to be against religion. How do you view the matter?

“In my opinion, the individual must be able to distinguish between truth and in the Christian religion we have many areas of criticism that search for truth, but not criticism for the sake of criticism or distraction, but the Christian faith always exists for criticism that always in search of truth and constructive criticism, even in the renewal of our rituals, because rituals must be renewed according to the present circumstances and conditions and the requirements of the present age, and they are renewed from time to time. Nile River and the crops are now based on prayer It is performed throughout the year, it is prayed and not only in certain months, and the rituals and prayers are adjusted according to the circumstances and requirements in the spirit of constructive criticism. era, and as is the case with the modification of the rituals in the way of eating during the beginning of the Corona crisis in the year 2020, so the Catholic Church was the first church to adopt the ritual of eating by eating with the hand modified, according to the requirements of the present time and to prevent the spread of infection .. It was not a heresy or an invention, but since The beginning of the first centuries in Christianity was by hand eating.

How do you see the relationship of the individual to religion in the Arab countries?

“Every person has the right to belong to his religion and adhere to it without fanaticism, and I must respect his religious beliefs, rituals and religious freedom. God alone establishes the relationship of the individual with him, and the actions of the individual must be grounded on love, humanity, respect for the other and his acceptance of coexistence with him.

In your opinion, is it necessary to separate religion from politics?

“I believe there are initiatives based on the acceptance of the other, mutual respect and staying away from religious matters, and this is a practical application through the degree of acceptance of those who differ from me religiously and intellectually.

How does the Catholic Church view the ordination of women as priests?

This is done in the Catholic Church, where a woman is not ordained as a priest.

How does the Catholic Church deal with atheism among young people?

“I see that most young people are not atheists, but what happens among them as a result of crises, such as the delay in the age of marriage and the lack of job opportunities. Most crises are left to God, and when he does not no. find an answer or solutions for it, he turns away from God, and when he gets suitable job opportunities and solves his problems, he gradually starts to return to God.

“Atheism in practice is a denial of the existence of God completely, in theory and in practice, and that God does not exist, and an atheist lives according to a certain philosophy, such as the philosophy of chance .”

In your opinion, why the difference in the timing of the celebration of holidays between Christian denominations?

“The difference in the timing of the celebration of any of the holidays between the Christian sects, east or west, is not caused by faith and does not affect it in anything. Rather, it is only due to timing. The Catholic Church celebrates Christmas on December 25..and this day has been scientifically proven after correction and a certain time difference, and it has proved to the whole world that it is December 25 and that the issue is only a matter of timing and fixing dates. .some denominations in the east still celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January, and on the Feast of Resurrection it is every 4 years that the East meets the West or agrees to celebrate the same day in celebration of the glorious Resurrection Feast, and the subject is very simply that the Western Church together with the Jews’ Passover celebrates or celebrates the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ according to the Gospels. The Resurrection coincided with the Jewish Passover as an occasion that in this lfth occasion took place, but the Church in the East has chosen since the beginning of Christianity to separate Christian and Jewish holidays, so the celebration of Easter is separated from Easter. Kindly, all Christian denominations believe in the birth, incarnation, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, and therefore the difference in holidays is caused by timing and not faith.”

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