How do I know that I love someone?

How do I know that I love someone? This question has many people, since there are many people who are attracted to other people without knowing whether it is love or just admiration, and love is not necessarily recognized in words, but it can be done through actions and behavior, so we will present the most prominent signs that This indicates that you love someone.

How do I know that I love someone?

Love is a mixture of actions and emotions associated with strong feelings of affection, giving and warmth. Love can sometimes be a choice and in some cases love may not be controlled and controlled, and it can be difficult for a person to distinguish between true and false feelings of love, especially at the beginning of the relationship, and for this we will learn about the most prominent signs that indicate how to know that I love a person, which are as follows:[1]

  • Care for the other party and feel happy and enjoy when he provides assistance and meets his requirements.
  • The loving person seeks to develop himself, his personality and his lifestyle for the better, in order to be a positive and distinctive person for the other party.
  • Look for everything that makes the other party happy, try to improve his mood and tell stories and humorous jokes that make him feel good and funny.
  • The loving person’s sense of comfort and reassurance, and honesty with the other party about his weaknesses and faults when he is with him.
  • A person feels confident, secure, more attractive and intelligent near his loved one, and does not feel comfortable, embarrassed or stressed when talking to him.
  • A person who tries some new hobbies and things that he may not have tried before but wants to do because the other person loves and cares about it.
  • Constantly longs for the other party during the time he is away from him.
  • The desire of the loving person to get to know the family and friends of the other party and get closer to them.
  • Think about the other person all the time.
  • The person who shares the achievements and goals he has achieved with the party he loves.
  • The feeling of a loving person in harmony with the needs of his partner, he feels his pain and his happiness.
  • The desire of a loving person to spend a lot of time with a partner.
  • Constantly waiting for the loved one with calls and messages from the other party.
  • A person’s attention to his outward appearance, choosing the clothes he will wear carefully when meeting a loved one, and paying attention to the smell of perfume and haircut.

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Signs of a man falling in love

There are many men who cannot express their feelings, a man may be shy and unable to reveal what is in the girl he loves, and he strives to explain his feelings through certain behaviors and actions instead of words , so in this article we will list the most prominent signs that indicate that a man is falling in love, which are as follows:[2]

  • The man’s inability to stop thinking about the person in love, if he thinks about her all the time, it indicates that he is falling in love with her, and this is by constantly thinking about her, sending texts and calls to do with her regularly.
  • The desire to spend time with her, when a man wants to get close to the girl, and wants to be by her side all the time, it is one of the most prominent signs that indicate that he is in love.
  • A man feels nervous and anxious when he meets the lover for the first time. If the man finds himself stumbling in words, and feels nervous and anxious when expressing his feelings to the beloved, this is a sure sign that he loves her.
  • Talking to the other party about future plans, and related to marriage and family, is a clear sign that the man wants to associate with this person and create a family with him.
  • To protect and support the loving person and stand by him in difficult times, even if he does not express his feelings towards the girl, as he wants to show his admiration through his actions and behavior.
  • A man listens to the loving party when he speaks, and gives him full attention, as this is one of the most prominent signs of his infatuation.
  • A man’s desire for the woman he loves to get to know his relatives and friends, this is considered important and indicates the man’s interest in the relationship and shows how much he loves the girl.
  • When a man loves, you find him smiling in the face of the one he loves with a bright smile, to express how happy he is in the proximity of the one he loves.

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Signs of a woman falling in love

The behavior of a woman falling in love appears in a different way than a man, she may feel nervous and anxious, act shy or cold with the lover, which leads to a man feeling confused and confused or the woman loves him or not, so we will now present the most prominent signs of women falling in love as follows:[3]

  • Women strive to be the best friend of the person they love.
  • The woman tries to help the other party to face the challenges and resolve the differences that fall into it.
  • A woman’s feeling of shame and confusion when she meets the lover, and her inability to look into his eyes while talking to him.
  • Talk to the other party about the events of her day, and get advice and counsel on some matters, as she respects him and trusts his opinions.
  • A woman seeks to be by the side of the one she loves all the time, to provide him with support and assistance to achieve his ambitions and goals.
  • A woman sometimes feels sad for fear of losing a loved one when he is away from her.
  • The woman seeks to know the goals, plans and future of the other party.
  • A woman’s feeling of jealousy for the person she loves.
  • Care for the lover and seek to know what is happening to the lover related to his life.

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How to express love

A man or a woman may want to express his feelings of admiration for the other, but a person may not know how to express his feelings, and all this requires patience, honesty and courage to feel comfortable, we will present most in this article. prominent means that can be taken when you want to make known about love, which are as follows:[4]

  • Talk together to set common goals and future plans to achieve them.
  • Disclosure by both partners of their mistakes committed, and forgiving them, helps to bring each of them closer to the other.
  • Care for the loving party, take care of it, and stay by its side.
  • Send some fun gifts to the other party.
  • Support the loving person and help him achieve his goals and ambitions.
  • Send a text message to the other party expressing his love and appreciation for the loving person.
  • Appreciate the achievements of the other party, and support him in achieving what he seeks.
  • Talk to the loved one in a respectful and gentle way, listen to him and pay attention to what he says while you are talking to him.
  • Spend as much time as possible with your loved one.

Finally we have completed an article How do I know that I love someone?We also learned about the most prominent signs of falling in love in both men and women, and at the end of the article we talked about how to show love.

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