Nermin Kamil, sign language interpreter: The hearing-impaired audience has a higher sense than the normal one (Exclusive)

Recently, Nermin Kamil, a sign language translator, hit the trend, after appearing in a new song by artiste Asala, who translated the song into sign language for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Nermin Kamil has been working at Ain Shams University for 7 years, then she tried to translate songs into sign language with music so that it reaches the receiver well and reaches the feeling of the song and not only conveys the meanings of the song, noting that the hearing-impaired hearer has a sense higher than the ordinary; She explained that she translated a chorus in sign language at the university in front of the university president, the minister of solidarity, and another in the church service; And she is interested in leveling the energy and highlighting the talents of deaf and dumb people of determination because they have good voices, pointing out that normal people should accept deaf people while they are anywhere with them and they don’t disturb in a state to locate them.

“Voice of the Nation” met with Nermin Kamil to talk to her about her profession, as well as what Egypt has seen in recent years in terms of supporting and empowering people of determination, due to the supportive political will and support that sought to create a space and an appropriate climate for the joint efforts of all segments of society, including academic, legislative and other institutions, to support people with determination and special abilities.

Initially, Nermin Kamil confirmed that she started working in sign language when she was a volunteer for some civic organizations to help the deaf and hard of hearing in literacy lessons, adding: “One day I learned that Ain Shams University needed sign language interpreters, so I applied to work, and at the same time I worked on myself for development, because I am absolutely sure that the deaf and dumb need sincere help from all of us, because they are an essential partner in society, especially since they number in Egypt is not small.”

And about her appearance in more than one video aimed at translating awareness of domestic violence and how to choose a life partner into sign language, Nermin Kamil said that what she does “above all is a humanitarian message, and it is the right of the deaf and dumb, their right to learn their compassion for each other, and how we respect ourselves in the beginning to force others to respect us,” noting that the most important request she made of parents of deaf and mutes received, was to teach their sons and daughters how to be fair to their fathers and mothers, as well as to their husbands and wives, emphasizing that she also in her work and during training to customs and traditions and the love of young men and women fulfill for the fatherland, because their qualities of It is important to focus on them in raising a young generation, since they are the hope of Egypt because they are the youth of tomorrow and the future.

Speaking about the role of the Egyptian state with those who are able to differ, especially the deaf and hard of hearing, Nermin Kamil said: “In the beginning, I must give all my thanks, greetings and appreciation to the great father and leader . President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, for giving a great opportunity for the deaf and hard of hearing to be a productive part of society, and to join The state considers them a large part of the workforce and ‘ an important component of human wealth, and the state seeks to maximize benefit from it within the framework of the broader trend of investing in people, and we do not forget that the Egyptian constitution guarantees a set of rights for people with special needs, and that The National Agenda for Sustainable Development, “Egypt Vision 2030,” included a number of development policies for this category.

And about her meeting with President El-Sisi during the art exhibition at the Qaderoun concert a few months ago, Nermin Kamil said that when President El-Sisi saw the participants in the exhibition, he encouraged them and highly praised them for their artistic skills, and this stems from his kind, loving and supportive father to all Egyptians, adding: “During the exhibition, the president arranged for Al-Sisi to paint a painting for one of the participating students, and discussed with him have, which gave everyone a feeling of love and attention from the president for them, which gave them an impetus to continue creativity later, challenge and continuity in their national and societal path, and the students’ attachment to the president raised what he immediately responded to their request to take photos The memorial, as the President was eager to meet the demands and wishes of all those present.

Nermin Kamil also spoke about the Egyptian legislation and laws that support those who are able to disagree. Their right to health, inclusion in education, and a reduction in the value of metro tickets and other means of transport, all these measures have made people determined. . really an important part of society, and here the state’s interest in this file should be praised, which is in line with the state’s strategy to provide a decent life for all Egyptians.

Nermin Kamil indicated that what she sees President Sisi achieving daily in the Egyptian state for all Egyptians, especially for people of determination, is something that calls everyone to be proud, by people of determination, especially the deaf and hard of hearing, to to speak which says: We have a president who is like a father to all of us, and he is president Sisi who feels everything that is going on in us, and works to achieve all our wishes and dreams because he always dreams of a better tomorrow for every Egyptian.”

Nermeen Kamil appealed to the community to support all initiatives aimed at combating bullying, and asks schools and universities to play a role in this matter, especially since the state has a strong and vital role played and continues to play, and society as a whole is required. to be positive in the face of bullying.

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