The pain of the “survivor knot” in the eyes of his released comrades … and how the families of the prisoners turned into one family – Darb

Al-Jadaan who came out blind and happy, and their friends are still in prison.. and I dream of a miracle that you will come out with all the prisoners of conscience so that we can rejoice without feeling guilty

We and the families of the prisoners remained a family with true love and care.. We have years left to visit and Shailene is each other without courtesy or social duty.

Um Hossam Mounis and Hisham Fouad’s wife talk to me every day and ask me if they need anything.. and all the young people who left their families still ask

Journalist Ikram Youssef expressed her hope for the release of her son, former MP and human rights lawyer Ziad Al-Alimi, and all prisoners of conscience.

And Ikram wrote a message to her son today, Thursday, through her account on “Facebook”, saying: “Good morning, Ziad.. Oh Lord, your health will be better now, and Oh Lord, you and all the good people who are with you are good, what do you imagine, Ziad, what is it?” The look of extinguished joy in the eyes of the Jadaan who came out hurts, as they are covered, they all cheer, my loved ones, who are out, who suffer from the “survivor knot” a strange feeling of guilt for having gone out and left their friends in prison, even their families who have been waiting for this joy for years, they do not know how to be happy.

And she added: “These people changed the concept of family for me. People remain the real family. We have years left to go with a little visit and discuss the food we have, and they are serious, not courtesy or social duty, and neither of us will ask help from the other, or He feels that he is too tired, and who wants us to send a treatment or an answer before the time of his visit to see who goes first so that people can take him with him.”

And Ikram explained: “These people are the ones who really feel each other seriously. He feels it, therefore, oh Haram, whoever comes out of them prefers to feel the one who will hurt them inside, and I know exactly how they spend every moment in the cell.”

And she continued in her letter to Ziad: “The people of those who go out remain sensitive, and understand what the rest of the families do in every moment that their children spend in the cells, knowing what it means to sleep, love, and worry about the night of the visit and the food we do, and they are not guaranteed to enter or not, and the wait hours in front of the prison gate And the moment of the inspection you do as you is going to be an oral examination, and workers claim that our Lord will pass their good, the minutes of the visit do not catch you saying what you want, and you do not hear what the prisoner wants, and you continue to prepare the speech before you reformulate it and shorten it for the sake of time and for the sake of the officer who is sitting.”

And she said: “These people do not feel that there are social compliments among you, and you calculate how you will reject them, because each one offers what he can to the second without waiting for a response, because we all have need some people. hilarious.”

And Ikram continued: “Until now, Umm Hossam (Monis) talks to me every day and asks me (Do you want something?), and Madiha, with whom we used to go for some visits, and Tabliah every week , from an hour Hisham (Fouad) came out every day to talk to me, and she asks me, well, I don’t want to.” Something, and all the young people who went out and their families are still asking, may God make their hearts happy and compensate them with many joys for every moment of injustice and sadness.”

She continued: “Sometimes I hold myself and say; Our Lord knows what you can suffer from the survivor complex if you go out and sabbath to the people of Goa, that’s why the delay of your exit, and I sit in a daydream that a miracle happens and you come out with all conscience prisoners immediately, so that we all rejoice without the pain of guilt, and Egypt rejoices earnestly, I miss you.” .

It is worth noting that after a trial that lasted almost 4 months, the State of Emergency Security Misdemeanor Court sentenced Ziad Al-Alimi to 5 years in prison after finding him guilty of spreading fake news through accounts on the social networking site “Facebook”. “, while the sentence was ratified only two weeks after its issuance.

Al-Alimi has no opportunity to end his imprisonment unless a decision is issued by the President of the Republic to pardon his sentence or to annul the sentence and return it to the court, especially since the verdicts issued by the State Security Courts, are not appealed.

The trial took place before an exceptional court, and the trial, which lasted more than 4 months, was marked by many violations, including the court’s refusal of all lawyers’ requests presented to it, including a request to the matter to see. Although the lawyers disputed the dropping of the charges and the lack of technical evidence confirming the attribution of the published blogs to the accused, and the lawyers disputed the manipulation of the video clips, the court turned away from all this to give its verdict make.

Activists, human rights activists and public figures have launched a campaign of signatures on an open letter addressed to the President of the Republic to cancel emergency court rulings against prisoners of conscience, bring cases and release them.

The open letter of the President of the Republic monitored what he said were “fair trial guarantees that the defendants’ trial lacked, such as their right to obtain an effective defense, since their lawyers did not have the opportunity to obtain a copy of the case files to prepare their defense or to communicate effectively with their clients.”

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