All your favorite apps are now available on one platform. HUAWEI AppGallery A secure and unlimited world of applications

Thanks for reading the tech news: All your favorite apps are now available on one platform. HUAWEI AppGallery is a safe and unlimited world of applications and now with the details of the news

Cairo – Samia Sayed – Imagine your phone without apps! It’s not possible, is it? Smartphone apps are the basis for trying it out; Users usually measure their satisfaction with the phone experience by the availability of popular traditional applications, the addition of new ones as they are released, as well as the availability of their updates that provide them with all new valuable and easy-to-use services. Therefore, an app platform is always eager HUAWEI AppGallery To provide the latest applications that make it easier for users to make their daily life more fun and enjoyable.

Users of Huawei devices in Egypt can download all the main applications they need quickly and safely without any problems, as they can rely on a set of applications and services that provide an integrated user experience that lacks nothing, as the platform includes everything which users need from applications such as applications Banks and electronic payment, such as the National Bank of Egypt, Banque Misr and Banque CIB and apply My Fairy And many other banks and all the applications of mobile operators such as Ana Vodafone And theMy Orange And the My USAnd theMy Etisalat and various smart transport applications such as UBER And theCareem And the SWVL and delivery programs such as TalabatAnd the Elmenus and entertainment programs such as TikTok And theAnghami And a wide variety of special games such as PUBG Mobile And the AFK Arena And theAsphalt 9: Legends And theClash of Kings And many other games.

And unlike other app stores that only search within their own database, Huawei Petal Search Download all apps that are not on the platform by searching for them on the browser and download them in an easy way and simple steps like apps from their official websites WhatsApp And theFacebook And theInstagram. And you can use Huawei browser Huawei browser Which comes with a built-in news feed, shortcuts to your favorite websites, and supports dark mode functionality for ease of use, as it provides a safe and high-quality browsing experience that ensures complete protection and privacy.

Huawei Assistant is also available Huawei assistant Which facilitates the search for information and provides instant access to applications and services. Huawei has not forgotten to develop its own map services, since it is the application of Petal cards Navigation and Maps, which is one of the best and reliable maps and navigation applications in your daily life, as it contains maps of more than 1300 cities around the world, can be used offline, and provides fast flowing and recorded business, transportation and health information.

When you create a Huawei account Huawei ID You can fully enjoy all the services and features offered by the platform and synchronize your personal data so that you can access it from any Huawei device you use through the Huawei cloud service for mobile devices Huawei mobile cloud Which allows you to access your device data at any time. It also allows you to back up your data to a secure storage space that prevents data loss in case you lose your phone, and also enables you to easily transfer your data to a new device anytime, anywhere.. You can get up to 5GB of cloud storage for free, after which you can purchase additional storage up to 2TB at great prices. It also offers Huawei themes feature Huawei themes Tens of thousands of stylish themes, fonts, icons, lockers and wallpapers to customize the look of your phone the way you want. Users can enjoy the benefits of the Huawei Membership Center Huawei Member Center And access to exclusive services and also give them the opportunity to participate in a wide range of events and activities

It offers a video streaming service Huawei videoAn excellent collection of movies, series, short videos, sports videos, documentaries, as well as Huawei’s own music streaming service. Huawei Music, which includes music by the most famous Egyptian artists in various genres and languages. Users can track their Huawei devices through the app Search Deviceas well as playing the ringtone remotely to help find the device or lock and wipe devices to protect user privacy.

Huawei Quick Apps featureFast applicationsA new kind of application without pre-installation, in short, applications that you can use immediately without having to install them like an application Youtube. With these fast apps, Huawei device users around the world can enjoy smooth interaction and great user interfaces to experience the original app.

Huawei is keen to provide full technical support to all users of the platform HUAWEI AppGalleryBy providing a means of direct communication with the support team from within the platform, in addition to the hotline number that can be contacted to inquire about any information, in addition to the possibility of direct communication through chat applications.

During the past period, Huawei worked closely with all local partners and developers, which contributed to the enrichment of the platform with all the basic applications needed by any smartphone, in addition to Huawei’s focus on providing all services to users of its devices anytime and anywhere. Huawei continues to work with all its local partners to make more applications and services available on the application platform HUAWEI AppGallery To maintain the trust of its users at all times and help them carry out their daily life tasks effortlessly.

She was able to register an application platform HUAWEI AppGallery Since its launch in 2018, more than 580 million monthly active users in more than 170 countries, and nearly 432 billion app downloads and distributions. At the local level, Huawei continues to work with many partners to launch their applications on the application platform HUAWEI AppGallery Such as smart transport and food delivery applications, and many innovative banking and e-wallet applications and electronic payments.

It owns an application platform HUAWEI AppGallery A wide base of users and customers spread throughout the Republic to support the expansion and distribution of the services of any application or partner, where exclusive offers and discounts are introduced from time to time for users of the platform, contributing to the increasing the volume of interaction and providing the best possible service to users.

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