Architect Eva Szumilas: Returning to the spirit of the decorative arts is my motto

The engineer, Eva Szumilas, left her home country of Poland in her mid-twenties for the purpose of work. Then she settled in Lebanon, where she realized that the field of architecture, her university major, was not her passion. was not , other than the design of furniture and the preparation of interior decorations for various projects and technical equipment, the areas that enable her to express About himself, in a language that can be understood and distributed. Shumilas was on a road trip in Italy when “Madam” contacted her, and she welcomed the discussion of her design philosophy in the following dialogue.

You left your native Poland after graduating from university for the purpose of work, and you worked in Cyprus, the Emirates and Lebanon. What remains in the minds of Poles?

I think the traces of my native Poland are still strong and clear in me, and in my work. It is known that the idea is the basis of the design process; In every thought are memories, feelings and life experiences. I spent 27 years of my life in Poland, which is a long time; The country, its people, the history and the end of the communist era in Poland are all influential, whether in the way I think, speak or even dress. It even comes down to how we celebrate life, the freedom to travel and the desire to experience more.

How is the mix of East and West reflected in your life experience on your signature designs?

I want the furniture I make to be distinctive in a way that makes it easy to attribute the designs to me; Knowing that my designs blend the simplicity and solidity of Eastern Europe and the constructivist philosophy, and the complexity and diversity of the Middle East, and the tendency towards ostentatiousness and femininity. In short, furniture is an elegant and discreet combination for everyone.

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Art that makes people happy

Some designs by engineer Eva Shumilas

When did you decide to focus on furniture design in your career?

She studied architecture at the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland, where she obtained a master’s degree in architecture and urban planning. After working in architecture for years, in Poland, Ireland, Cyprus and Lebanon, I was not entirely happy. I was a little frustrated, and I just wanted to be more creative. Then my story with furniture and product design began with a floor lamp, which I participated in at Smogallery in Beirut in 2012. (Designer) Gregory Gatsirelia founded the exhibition, and he later became my mentor and his immense knowledge of art and design. The floor lamp worked, was sold and written about in a few magazines, so I discovered how fun and exciting it was to create and manufacture something from scratch, and I realized that this is what I was looking for, to beautiful, timeless projects to work on. and pieces to create art that people will remember and enjoy. At that time I also started working on art installations, which stimulated my mind, with all its challenge, adrenaline, passion and great satisfaction at the end of the process. After all these experiences I was ready to open my own design studio focusing on limited edition luxury custom and collectible furniture. I also design interior spaces for the private and public sectors, luxury residential projects and corporate offices, as well as interiors in the hospitality and restaurant sector.

How do you view the design scene, in Lebanon and the region, and the progress in the aforementioned artistic field?

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to come and live in Lebanon, get close to the creative Lebanese design industry and meet many talented and enthusiastic designers and artists. This country (Lebanon) polishes talents. I am happy to be a part of it.

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Back to the roots

Your signature furniture and lighting pieces take clear geometric shapes and are made of noble materials. How would you describe your style?

I raise the slogan of returning to the roots, specifically to the spirit of decorative arts that aims to spread beauty and philosophy of beauty, purity and elegance.

Are you influenced by the Art Deco era?

The Art Deco style is my favorite, although my designs develop in a more harmonious and abstract direction.

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Design language for self-expression

Some designs by engineer Eva Shumilas

You describe yourself as an introvert; Does the design answer some of your inner questions?

It doesn’t answer my questions, but it gives me the opportunity to express myself and my inner self in the language of design, allows me to share my stories with people, and gives me the opportunity to bring people into my world. to bring

She designed an award-winning wardrobe; What are your sources of inspiration for this work?

The treasury bears the name “gong” or “cymbal”; I am inspired by the Far East culture which I am curious to explore. The gong is a musical instrument that signifies wealth, status and power, according to Far Eastern rituals (the instrument was used to make way for officials and important processions), and it still retains its importance to this day.

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Four artisans

What is your relationship with craftsmen, which favors designers, in the context of transforming their ideas into reality?

There are many skilled craftsmen working in wood, copper and stone in Lebanon. A few years ago, the technologies, new materials and 3D printers accessible in Lebanon were in short supply; For my part, I appreciate the handmade compared to that of the machine, and I benefit from the skill and talents of the craftsmen, and I celebrate their professions which are sadly in decline.

What are your projects for the remaining few months of this year?

I put the finishing touches on a new set of furniture; You are supposed to see the light at the end of the year, and I am also working in parallel on interior designs for a few projects.

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