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There are always a few days in the summer when it seems like you can’t get out of the house without breaking into an instant sweat. Some years have warmer days than others, but luckily there are some great techniques that will make your home more of a great getaway.

Most of these items are intended for use in your home, such as a portable air conditioner or cooling mattress cover. But it’s impossible to stay indoors all summer, so we’ve also included some chic must-haves to keep you cool, like a water bottle that hydrates you and sprays a fine mist on your face.

For rooms that don’t seem cold: portable air conditioner

BLACK + DECKER 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Heat and Remote Control
Black + Decker

Unless you’re very lucky, most people in the United States have a working AC unit in their homes. Sometimes trying to cool a large house or apartment with a poor system is futile and ends up being incredibly expensive. If you have a small apartment or spend most of your time in a single room in your home, consider splurging on a portable air conditioner.

This durable unit from Black + Decker is one of the best portable air conditioners because it’s reliable, easy to use, and can keep your room cool up to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. This particular model is rated at 12,000 ASHRAE BTUs (or 5950 BTU DOE), but the Black + Decker has other options with different power ratings as well as options for in-cooler heating.

It can cool an area of ​​up to 300 square feet, so if you’re in a dorm room, small apartment, camping cabin, or single bedroom indoors, the Black + Decker Portable Air Conditioning Unit will get the job done. The unit acts as an air conditioner, fan and dehumidifier, so your space will be cool and clean. And while you can use the touch controls and the LED display on the top, there’s also a remote control, so you can stay on the bed or couch while the temperature drops.

Besides being easy to use, they are easy to install (and move around) because they have wheels. It weighs 60 pounds, but you’ll be able to move it from room to room once it’s set up. You just need to find a place next to an outlet to plug it in and a double or sliding window to connect the included hose and window adapter. Maintenance is also very easy. Simply squeeze out the filter twice a month, rinse it with running water and put it back.

For rooms that don’t look cold

portable air conditioner

You can’t cool your whole house with this portable AC unit, but you can certainly keep a small room airy and airy.

Drink a cold drink at all times: Rapid Drink Chiller

Patented HyperChiller HC2BG Iced Coffee Chiller
Hyper Chiller

Going to your fridge for a nice chilled soda only to realize you have none is the worst. But it’s even worse when it happens in the summer when you really want that chilled drink to cool you down.

This Hyper Chiller Quick Drink Cooler is the solution you’ve been looking for. While other beverage coolers use synthetic gels that contain chemicals, this cooler is water only, meaning it’s completely dishwasher safe. Fill it with water, stick it in the freezer, then take it out to use when you need a cold drink.

You can use it with iced tea, wine, alcohol, juice, or a summertime fan favorite: iced coffee. Prepare your coffee as you normally would, then pour it while it’s still hot, swirl it for 1 minute, then pour the chilled coffee over ice for the perfect brew.

Or, if beer is your go-to summer drink, check out Chilsner’s Corkcycle, a beer cooler stick. Freeze Chilsner 45 minutes before use, take a big gulp of beer to make room for it, then squeeze it all the way down to create an airtight seal. Then you can drink through it and immediately enjoy an ice beer.

Drink a cold drink at all times

Quick drink cooler

Nothing beats a cold iced drink on an incredibly hot day, and HyperChiller’s elegant method ensures you don’t miss out.

Don’t wake up sweaty: Mattress Cooling Pad

ANNI STAR 2021 Mattress Cooling Pad for Night Sweats
Annie Star

If you’re a hot sleeper on a typical night year round, I’m sure it’s even harder in the summer. Blowing the air conditioner all night isn’t just affordable so you can rest at night, so try investing in a cooling pillow mattress instead.

This mattress pad is made of 100% organic cotton on the outside, with a soft, medical-grade silicone tubing system inside. There are no wires inside, so you don’t have to worry about possible shocks or fires while you sleep.

Instead, it uses chilled water circulation to cool you down. The water temperature can reach 7 to 12 degrees Fahrenheit below room temperature. There’s even a removable filter on the back of the device that the top of the mattress attaches to, helping to purify your room for a better night’s sleep.

Don’t wake up sweaty

mattress cooling pad

Some people sleep hot all year round, but this is especially true in the summer. Stay cool with this cooling mattress cover!

For travel or when the power is off: Mini Portable Fan

TriPole battery powered mini portable fan

It’s usually much easier to stay calm in your home than when you’re out and about. You have more energy, and even if you end up in air-conditioned places, like the grocery store or your car, you still feel hot at some point. So carry a small portable fan with you

This little fan is slightly larger than popular smartphones, three inches wide, about one inch thick and just under seven inches long. You can easily fit it in your pocket, backpack or even a bag if it is deep enough. Or you can also hang it around your neck with the included string.

There are two wind speeds: high and low. It is built with a copper motor that can withstand many revolutions per second and produce enough wind to cool you down. Plus, it can be recharged via the micro USB to USB-A cable included with your purchase. So if you charge it up and your power goes out in the summer, at least you have some relief with this little fan.

For travel or when the power is off

portable mini fan

Sure, your air conditioner can keep you cool at home, but what about when you’re outside? Keep this little fan handy at all times.

You don’t even have to move to turn it on: intelligent tower fan

Tower fan on a white background

This smart tower fan from Jovi might be my favorite item on this list. A fan you can turn on while you’re dying from the heat on the bed or the floor? Yes please! You can use voice commands with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, or download and control the Govee Home app (Android/iOS) from there.

There are eight speeds to choose from and three preset modes: normal, sleep and nature. In normal mode you will get the most powerful cooling. In sleep mode, the fan is quieter (as low as 38dB) but still provides enough air circulation to keep you cool at night. Nature mode simulates natural winds to help you feel relaxed. Or you can create your own custom mode within the app.

The fan’s vibration angle is 75 degrees and the maximum wind speed is 20 feet per second. The app lets you set timers, create a custom fan schedule, and even connect it to a Govee thermometer coil (purchased separately) to activate Auto mode, where the fan automatically adjusts speed based on the sensed room temperature.

You don’t even have to move to play it

Intelligent tower fan

When you’re hot, you don’t want to move; Luckily, this smart fan allows you to control it with an app from your phone or voice commands.

Stay hydrated all day long: a mist water bottle

O2COOL Mist A Sip Misting Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important throughout the year, especially in the summer. It’s very easy to get dehydrated and realize that you only need water when you have a bad headache. However, if you keep one of those O2COOL water bottles, you’ll have a constant reminder to drink more water.

O2COOL has several designs of water bottles to choose from, and they are all designed with the same great features. Each bottle mouthpiece has a silicone cap to prevent leakage and keep clean and protected, which is especially useful for hiking or sports. Then each bottle has a double wall insulation design to help keep your drink colder for longer and prevent condensation on the outside.

However, the coolest feature of O2COOL water bottles is the mist function. At the top of each bottle, a pressable trigger uses the water in the bottle to produce a fine mist. If you’re working out on a hot day or going to a concert, being able to spray yourself with cold water is a lifesaver. In addition, the built-in lock prevents you from accidentally turning on the fog function.

Stay hydrated all day long

mist water bottle

It’s so important to stay hydrated when it’s hot outside, and this bottle can spray you with a fine mist and remind you to drink water.

Cool With Dessert: Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart blends it in a soft serve ice cream maker

Most people crave cold food and drink when it’s hot outside. A refreshing smoothie, a big bowl of frozen yogurt, or an ice cream cone full of different flavors makes more sense in the summer.

Instead of going out every time you feel like eating, you can make cold treats at home with the ice cream maker, Cuisinart. If you love having people over in the summer or have kids, then this device will be a hit. It’s a complete, self-serve ice cream station packed into one machine.

There is a 1.5 liter freezer with refrigerant within its double insulated walls for faster freezing. Place this bowl in the freezer for 16 to 24 hours before making a frozen dessert. When you’re ready, whip up your mixture and wait until it reaches the right consistency. You can even watch the process through a small window on the side.

Then you can store the ice cream cones (with a flat or pointed bottom) at the front, next to where the ice cream is dispensed. And the coolest feature? Bahar waterfall. There are three spice containers, one that holds smaller mixes, like sprinkles, and two that hold larger mixes, like mini chocolate chips or M&Ms. These containers are compatible with three dosing arms. You can mix spices at any time during the process.

Cool off with a sweet treat

ice cream maker

Ice cream, or any very cold treat, in the summer hits the spot. Now you can do it without leaving home!

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