Discreet personality traits Know yourself and those around you

Secret personality traits It is difficult to deal with them, since in our daily life we ​​meet and constantly deal with different personalities with multiple characteristics. Society is individuals with different personalities, and there are the secretive, quiet, jealous, opportunistic and shy character. , and each character is characterized by different characteristics than others, some of which we find in some and others that others lack in terms of advantages and disadvantages. Within her she reveals her feelings without guile or falsification. As for those with a mysterious personality. , it is difficult to deal with them because they prefer to hide what is inside them and seek shelter in silence.

Secret personality traits

There are many characteristics of the mysterious personality, and they are as follows:

  • She does not talk about her personal life: Because she doesn’t like to talk about her personal life and doesn’t like others to know everything about her, because she feels that the more others know something about her, the more she feels weak, so this type of person doesn’t like it to disclose. anything personal or talking about herself and what is happening in her life.
  • Do not create conversations with others: She doesn’t like to start conversations with others, which makes her wear headphones most of the time even when she’s outside, and she doesn’t want to engage in communication with others most of the time, especially strangers who refrain from interacting with them as much as possible, and her messages and incoming communications are much more than you send them to others.
  • Prone to silence and solitude: Because she loves silence, solitude and spending a long time alone, in addition to thinking deeply before speaking, the idea of ​​her being alone at home is a good idea for her because it allows her to think freely and provide her with energy and happiness, so the mysterious personality enjoys many individual activities such as Writing, reading, crafts and other activities.

Characteristics of a discreet girl

There are many characteristics in the mysterious girl, and they are as follows:

  • Avoid long discussions: Because the mysterious girl does not like to participate in long discussions, whether it is with colleagues at work or family, and she does not volunteer her opinions or advice, or even participate in conversations, especially in public places, so most of the time she keeps her opinion to herself unless others ask her Or insist on knowing.
  • Her calm response: Most of the time, a mysterious girl is described as an introverted, conservative and calm personality, and some may classify her as shy, but shyness is not a characteristic of all mysterious people. Don’t waste her time in useless and useless conversations.
  • Listen carefully to others: Many think that a mysterious girl cannot be a manager or a leader because she is an unopened personality, but this is not true, because this is one of the main advantages Secret personality traits She is very good at listening to other people’s ideas, be it with her employees or her friends, and although she doesn’t make many friends, she makes deep friendships with a few people she talks to and hears very well .

Secret Personality Treatment

The treatment for a reserved personality is as follows:

  • Feel your interest: Especially if the mysterious personality is one of the people close to you, and you need to take care of her from time to time, so that she can feel you and your love for her, and not to talk about what is going on in her mind. and closing her doesn’t mean she hates you or stays away from you and stress her from time to time that you accept her as she is.
  • Ask her permission when you perform activities in front of her: If you are sitting with her and with a group of people, you should ask her permission before doing any of the activities such as walking, eating or other things, and ask her about her desire to participate in the group or not because it brings her closer to you and makes her trust everyone around her and is often excited to participate.
  • Don’t make fun of her: The mysterious personality is one of the most sensitive personalities of many actions, so you should not mock it in front of anyone or even between you and her if she remains silent for a long time, and her feelings should be taken into account because there are ‘ an upheaval in her thoughts that she cannot translate well into words, therefore she prefers silence, which is one of the Secret personality traits
  • Don’t force her to talk. As the mysterious character, if she suddenly speaks, you should listen to her because she rarely finds the words to express it, but if you happen to find her and she doesn’t want to talk about something, you should never force her to do it , don’t even hint at her and try to lure her, because this act will cause her some distress.
Secret personality traits

Secret personality traits

Positive mysterious personality traits

lie Secret personality traits Below:

  • She has the ability to listen and listen to others, which makes her a good judge of things.
  • It is characterized by its great accuracy, strength of observation and its ability to analyze.
  • She is characterized by balance and calmness, which makes it easy for her to make many decisions, and many people turn to her for advice in many matters because of their trust in her opinion.
  • She doesn’t care what other people say about her because she’s always busy with herself and moves on and doesn’t look back.
  • She has the ability to be creative and innovative, especially in relation to individual works, and to explore herself and develop her abilities.

The mysterious character in love

There are many characteristics of the mysterious personality in love, and they are as follows:

  • Her character and character changes: The discreet personality often changes a lot of its nature about its feeling of love, and it can be noticed that it clearly changes, especially because in the past it did things or actions differently than it does today, and became more open. and begin to speak and express what is in it, and you may find that it shares with you Talk about things that have not been discussed before.
  • try to get your attention: The discreet character tries to attract the attention of the one she loves with some physical movements, or she may make some external changes, such as changing the way she wears clothes or her hair style, and deliberately talks about herself and the excellent work she does in her life, trying to show herself in front of her lover and draw his attention to her.
  • Look carefully at you: as a result of Secret personality traits When she loves, you will find that she often looks at the person she loves with an interest that he did not know before, and even at other times looks at him for a long time, and it will be noticed that she has the one she loves prefers to talk to her more and she enjoys the conversations she offers.
  • start talking to you: One of the signs of a secretive in love personality is that she loves the other party and always takes the initiative to talk to him about various topics, so don’t be surprised that she started talking about a topic that is not of great importance interest is not from you. point of view, because it is the style of a mysterious personality who does not express her feelings towards the one she loves, and chooses common topics to talk about in it.

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