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Positive thinking solves most problems, but it also keeps them away from you. Ideas in general can be good, bad, non-creative and tend to be somewhat traditional, which is the reason to learn how to think in a positive way All experiences and experiences are the result of prevailing and habitual thoughts . This can explain negative thoughts about things that need to be changed and attention, since thoughts generally help determine what to do. Such a person can think in a positive or negative way. Many people succumb to negative thinking and do not see it as a learning experience, but the person feels victimized and helpless and blames others instead of facing themselves.

Steps and ways to think positively throughout life

aMethod 1-3 Get rid of all negative influences

Positive thinking

1- You must avoid all negative influences

Even if it is a family member or a good friend of yours. Do not let any negative thinking control you, and the best thing to do is to stay away so that you are not affected.

  • Choose friends wisely: Friends have an effective influence on us, be it a positive or negative influence. So you should pay attention when choosing your friends.
  • Do not do anything you are not convinced of: If you don’t feel comfortable doing a certain thing. We may feel guilt or compulsion to do so. It doesn’t help me Positive thinking . So you have to learn to say “no” if you don’t want to do something.

Positive thinking13

2- Replace negative thoughts with positive ones

You have to look on the bright side in every situation. You will find a wonderful difference when you look for the pros and cons in each situation, and after a while it will become familiar to you. This will make a huge difference in improving your skills Positive thinking You have. When you repeat “I can” instead of “I can’t”, everything will be framed in a positive light, just by making an effort.

  • Even if you don’t get what you want, you gain valuable experience. Experiences are worth more than material things. Material things may be lost over time, but experiences remain within us, grow and remain throughout our lives.
  • Most situations have positive aspects and negative aspects. And you choose what you will focus on. We can control ourselves when we think negatively or the opposite.
  • You don’t have to worry about negative images that can’t be changed. Some things and situations in life are unfair just because life is like that. And if you waste your time always thinking negatively, you will lose happiness and feel constant frustration.

Positive thinking 11

3- smile

Many studies have proven that even the smile you are forced to make can change the mood of the individual. It encourages positive participation with others.

  • A smile is a reward, not a risk: it gives a sense of happiness.

Positive thinking 14

4- Understand that we all need and deserve time to rest

For example, if you are coming out of a bad emotional relationship, you need to take more time to break away from the hustle and bustle of life. Rest helps you think calmly and make the right decisions.

  • You can do something very simple to rest well, like taking a small trip somewhere quiet, whether it’s to the sea or discovering nature. These places are a good tonic for good thinking.

Method 2-3 You must surround yourself with positive influences Start positive thinking:

Positive thinking
1- Use the law of attraction

This means that our positive or negative thoughts are like magnets. And sometimes we avoid dealing with the problem and it stays as it is or gets worse because of negative thoughts. But if you think about it positive You become more effective in acting, coping, achieving goals and overcoming problems, so you must think positively, in the sense that positive thoughts attract positive results, and negative thoughts also negative results.

  • What you think determines your life. And that the ideas that will be pushed forward or backward, either directly or indirectly.

Positive thinking 6

2- Do positive activities

Whether you are watching movies or shopping with friends. And you can spend your day in a positive way, for example, when you spend time for entertainment, it leads to to think positively . Like watching a comedy movie makes us laugh, on the contrary watching a sad movie makes us cry and feel sad.

  • You can do the activities you like to do:It may seem difficult to do some activities because your life is completely busy, but these activities are very simple, they help you go through your day in a happy way, and we suggest some activities that you can do:
  • Listen to music: You can listen to all kinds of music such as rock, jazz or pop.
  • Reading: Reading helps you increase your knowledge and think straight.
  • creative activities: Like writing, drawing or playing sports.

Positive thinking 3

3- Be surrounded by friends

Appreciate the people who stood by you in situations of joy and sorrow. And that their support helps you think positively. And you have to help your friends too. Friends are really those who help each other in all situations be it joy or sorrow and this develops a sense of positivity in them.

Positive thinking 9
4- Focus your thinking, imagination and efforts to become a new positive person.

It is very easy to make a change in your personality just by changing the way you think. We can never control all the things that happen in our lives, but with more effort and control over what we think we can do.

Positive thinking 8
5- Constantly keep track of quotes and sayings about optimism in your portfolio:

It helps to get rid of the feeling of despair or negativity just by looking at it. Here are some famous sayings about optimism:

  • No one can go back to change beginnings, but anyone can start today to make new endings. (Maria Robinson)
  • If you realize how powerful your thoughts are, you will never think negatively (Peace Pilgrim)
  • that Positive thinking It means always wondering how to do things, not about the obstacles to doing things (Beau Bennett)
  • A pessimist is someone who sees problems in opportunities, while an optimist is one who sees opportunities in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill
  • An optimist is someone who travels to happiness without anything from any destination (Mark Twain)
  • I’m not afraid of storms, I’m always learning to steer boats (Louis May Alcott)

Positive thinking12

6- Imagine that you are really a positive person and love life:

The only way to happiness is the way you think. We can become unhappy because of the way we think. And that if you keep thinking about things like “my life is miserable” your life will seem really miserable.

positive thinking 1
7. Creativity in life comes from within you.

If you really want to achieve success in your life, you must follow the ways that lead to success. Also, if you want more love, you must focus on the people who care and love you and you must give love to others. And if you want health, you must follow healthy ways, and so on
Don’t waste your time on small matters, but you should pay attention to the important matters and focus on them, such as:

  • the health
  • Friends and family
  • Love and Happiness

There are some things that are confused with the importance of their presence, such as

  • Money
  • material things
  • the fame.

Method 3-3 Identify problems and set goals

Positive thinking 2
1- Recognize the problems:

We cannot change the way we think without identifying problems. And accept the facts. This will make it easier for us to think positively.

2- Set goals:

Goals have a more positive outlook on life. Life without goals is boring and leads to feelings of depression. But setting goals helps individuals move forward in life.

  • When setting goals, you need to specify from the smallest to the largest, you will not go to the moon immediately.

Positive thinking 7

3- Ask for advice (consultation)

It doesn’t matter who you ask, as long as he knows what you’re talking about. You can ask a parent, friend or expert in a specific field. Sometimes the responses give us a different point of view and therefore multiple opinions and ideas on a specific topic.

positive thinking 5
4- Don’t be afraid of failure.

The most important thing to be afraid of is to be afraid of yourself. Fear of failure reduces chances Positive thinking .

  • When you feel like you are going to collapse, take a deep breath and count from 1 to 10 and put a smile on your face, this will improve your condition and focus on the good.
  • Notice how you think when it becomes negative, you need to change it to positive, which means correcting your way of thinking.
  • Smile at strangers: It might sound a little strange, but it makes you feel better and more positive
  • Look in the mirror every morning and think of five good qualities you have.
  • Look at the glass half full, not half empty.
  • Repeat positive statements such as “I am a positive person” or “I can do this.”
  • Think about what you want and set your goal.


  • You should avoid dealing with negative people.
  • Learn from your past mistakes.
  • Ignore those who belittle your positive way of thinking. Trust your thinking.

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