Paintings, the secret of an elegant home. A guide to common rules and mistakes

Paintings are one of the most beautiful house’s most mysterious secrets. They give it a distinctive touch and give the interior a sense of that sophistication that comes from the artists’ fingers, colors and lines. However, the matter is not limited to that, as many psychoanalysts have spoken about the influence of paintings. Among them is the French specialist Christophe André, who explained that drawing has the ability to contribute to the development and advancement of the human psyche. In the same context, the psychoanalyst Jean-Pierre Winter pointed out that the feelings we get when we look at some paintings are similar to love at first sight.

(Photo courtesy of Eng. Michel Raidy)

painting styles

(Photo courtesy of Eng. Michel Raidy)

When we hang it on one of the walls of the house, the painting becomes a moral person over time. We can talk to her in silence from time to time, we can express our fluctuations in our feelings to her, and we can hear her with our thoughts. So we cannot choose them at random, but it is important that we give them all the attention. Decorators point out that there are several options available.

hand drawn paintings

When choosing home decor items, many like to add hand-drawn paintings by a local or another famous painter. The material is often acrylic. It can decorate the walls of the reception hall, the corridor, or perhaps one of the rooms.

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printed board

(Photo courtesy of Eng. Michel Raidy)

It may be a copy of a world-famous painting, such as Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”, or “The Scream” by Edvard Munch, “Guernica” by Pablo Picasso, or “The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali. But this painting must be chosen carefully, and that means picking out those that contain details that are closer to what was included in the original painting.

Paint themes

Taste varies, and with it the themes of the paintings that can be chosen. It is followed by a special taste, or perhaps a life experience, memories or feelings.

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landscape paintings

Michel Raidy

It is one of the most widespread works of art, and with it the place becomes a world of imagination, as it works to turn the thoughts of the viewer, turning them into smiles or other ideas that invite relaxation. So you can choose photos of trees, sea, volcano, waterfalls, sand dunes and more. These paintings are usually suitable for all decorating styles.

animal paintings

This subject is also related to nature, but it is unique in its style and connotations. It is possible to add these paintings to the decor of rooms with a more natural character. By this we mean those that contain, for example, wooden benches. And according to taste, you can choose images of lions, bulls, zebra trunks and others. The wall area should always be considered to determine the size of the painting.

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abstract painting

A painting drawn by plastic artist Maha Al Mazrouei

Some people do not understand the meaning of abstract paintings. It does not include any specific shape, but it is full of colors, and it can give the hall or room an additional dimension. And most importantly, it suits all rooms such as the living room, the reception room and even the kitchen.

pop art paintings

These panels are suitable for rustic decor. They add a lot of attractiveness with their colors and images. In this case, it is recommended to choose small sizes, especially if the wall is decorated with other accessories. But large paintings can be chosen if the wall is wide and empty.

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The painting must be placed in the right place, as it is necessary to consider the environment from the furniture to the colors and the space

Rules for choosing plates

A painting drawn by plastic artist Taghreed Al-Baqshi

It is wrong that the paintings are chosen at random, which he pointed out in an interview with “Madam”, the Lebanese interior designer, Michel Raidy. He said that painting brings life to the surrounding home landscape, and offered a number of helpful tips:

  • It is best if the paintings are selected in the original, that is, drawn by a famous artist. This gives the place a lot of value, he says.
  • The size of the painting should be suitable for the wall space as well as the space of the room. It is wrong, according to the decorator, to hang a large painting on a narrow wall because it loses its value.
  • Put the board in the right place. In this context, Raidy emphasized the need to consider the environment, from furniture to colors and space. He pointed out that the value of the painting, although estimated in the millions, cannot appear if it is hung in the wrong place. He was of the opinion that it is possible to distinguish between right and wrong in this framework.
  • Make the painting a distinctive touch in the room, through its colors, lighting and placement.

The engineer also listed some mistakes to avoid when choosing panels.

  • Decorate the modern decor with classic themed paintings. This means, in his opinion, that it was placed in the wrong place. For example, he mentioned that gold-framed paintings have been added to contemporary home decor.
  • Raidy also spoke about the mistake that is made at the subject level. He felt that the natural theme suits all styles of decoration, adding that abstract paintings are best suited for homes with a modern architectural style. In this case, he warned about the need to abandon the paintings that show drawings of historical figures.

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Additional tips

Painting by artist Alonso Guevara

Paintings are therefore an integral part of home decor. It can be relied upon to decorate all rooms of the house, according to their themes, sizes and colors. And after choosing a palette, it is necessary to pay attention to some details.

  • The painting should be hung 34 distances from the base of the wall. And it is better not to move more than 1.70 meters away from it.
  • The base of the board should be placed 20-25 centimeters away from the edge of the bed or couch.
  • The wall can be decorated with 3 panels of 50 x 60 cm, 60 x 90 cm or 90 x 120 cm.
  • You can choose two square panels measuring 80 x 80 or 100 x 100. Before that you need to measure the wall area.

It is also important to pay attention to the meaning of colors:
the red Matches the kitchen.
blue Especially the turquoise suits all rooms.
gray and whiteThey can add elegance to the shower space.
yellow or orangeThey can be added to the decor of the living room, the reception hall and the kitchen through paintings.
Chocolate and dark grayMatches the living room and shower room.
VioletIt is now the color of children’s rooms and gives the decor a touch of softness and calmness.

Paintings in a variety of themes, styles and colors can be purchased on, and or directly from the artists.

(Photos courtesy of Eng. Michel Raidy)

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