Shaima Seif receives the stars’ congratulations on her 35th birthday

Shaima Seif celebrated her 35th birthday today, receiving dozens of greetings from her fellow artists who wished her a happy, joyful life and longevity, all highlighting her love, spontaneity and wit. Artistic or her appearance on social media with entertaining videos and her interaction with her colleagues with fun messages and videos, here are the most prominent star salutes to her, apart from her personality, where she wins the hearts of the audience and her colleagues with stole her humor.

The stars and the public celebrate Shaima Saif’s birthday

Comedian Shaima Seif received special greetings from her fans and co-stars on the occasion of her 35th birthday, including receiving a funny video from her followers that included many funny shots of her, so she thanked them with a special message in which she wrote: You are the most beautiful family, back and support. You are the true supporter of me. You are the love for me without reason. May God not deprive me of you. Thank you for these sweet words. You made me happy.

The star Yousra was one of the first to congratulate her colleague and friend Shaima Seif on the occasion of her birthday, so she published a picture of their gathering and told her and wrote: “Shimo is the soul of my heart and the owner of the heart of my life, Becky, is full of laughter and joy. Every year you are successful and happy, my dearest Shemo to my heart. with your love“.

Yousra celebrates Shaima Saif

The artist, Donia Samir Ghanem, sent Shaima Seif back and said: “You are good every year, the sweetest, the most delicious and the best sister in the world, God willing, our Lord will fulfill everything you wish for, O Lord. ” And I love you, Shushu.” Also, the Lebanese actress, Dana Al-Halabi, sent a greeting to Shaima Seif in which she said: “I love you to lead the world, my sister, my stump. May God bless you with your love.”

Shaima Seif steals hearts with her wit on Instagram

Shaima Seif, known to the public for her distinctive comedic roles and her humor, most recently in the series “Happy Dreams” and the series “In Our Home is a Robot”, this wit is also reflected in her interaction with her audience and colleagues, where she interacts in a funny way with the publications of her co-stars, and also interacts with her audience by publishing them. Funny personal videos of her, either in the details of her daily life or through videos of her reacting to being bullied in a funny way.

And Shaima Seif’s latest post, via her Instagram, is a video in which she sarcastically reacted to her loss of 40 kilos, based on a photo of her showing her face at a different angle. And she sarcastically indicated, “Watch before the deletion, Shaima, after she loses.” The video got thousands of views in a short time as they interacted in a sporting way with the way she responded to bullying without hurting or accusing anyone or saying harsh words to anyone.

This was not the first time that Shaima Saif responded to bullies in a playful way and dealt with them publicly on her social media account. On the other hand, she held an “apple” to express the healthy food to be followed; And she spontaneously and in a childish voice looked at the apple and said no, and looked at the other side of the soda water and laughed with joy and expressed her love for her.

At that time, the video achieved more than a million views in one day, and the stars interacted with her as the star Rogina commented: “Have mercy on me in death.” Shaima Seif answered her: “And I am my money, Knobbel,” as the artist Yasmine Rais wrote to her: “I watched him 100 times.” Actress Mona Zaki, Zina, Dina Fouad, Mai Selim, Malak Zaher and Laila Zaher laughing on the video.

Shaima Seif also likes to share with her followers on Instagram, along with her diaries, and a while ago she published a funny video clip in which she documented her experience with an entertainment game, namely skating, while in the “Boulevard “. “-area in the Saudi capital, Riyadh. Shaima Seif appeared in the video, laughing and having fun while skating, amid the cheers of the participants, and as a writer commented on the video: “Finally I got on climbed the slide, go to the boulevard and try it, you won’t regret it.”

Shaimaa’s character on Instagram is also similar to herself in her artwork. On one occasion, she made sure to publish a video clip of her from one of her plays shown in Saudi Arabia, where she played the famous Saudi girl ” Falula” imitated. by her famous clip in the Golf center “Bay” with her father, It was in the midst of a large number of followers.

Shaima Seif appeared in the scene in front of the Egyptian comedian Bayoumi Fouad and sang the word “Bay”, and Bayoumi continued: “Oh, sweet, come on, O Tohma”, amid applause and laughter from the audience.

Shaima Seif couldn’t control herself as she imitated the Saudi girl “Falula”, and she also kept laughing amid the audience’s laughter.

All these videos that Shaima publishes with her eagerness to interact with her colleagues’ publications and try to receive bullies in a playful way as well, through which she managed to steal the hearts of the audience, in addition to her series artwork of course and plays, in which she proved herself to be a spontaneous comedienne of the first order.

Her colleagues and the audience always praise her for the spontaneity of her acting and her wit without making up, as she is close to their hearts, especially with her famous laugh and her childlike and innocent features.

The latest artworks by Shaima Seif

Shaima Seif participated in the series “Happy Dreams” last Ramadan with the star Yousra, Ghada Adel, Mai Kassab, Shaima Seif, Hisham Ismail, Nour Mahmoud, Nabil Nour El-Din, Imad Rashad, Otaka, Sami Maghawry, Maysara, Afaf Mustafa, Jihan Al-Shamashirgy, the King of Badawi and a number of other artists, written by Hala Khalil, directed by Amr Arafa, and produced by Al-Adl Group, produced by Jamal Al-Adl..

Shaima Seif

The story of the series revolved around a light social framework, and Shaima Seif managed to grab the limelight with her character in the series, in addition to her brilliance a while ago in the series “In Our Home is a Robot” .

And you, what do you think of Shaima Seif’s wit? Which of her favorite works of art are you?

Shaima Seif’s photo from her Instagram account.

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