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Islam Musa

Women are perhaps one of the most powerful and influential members of society in both developed and developing societies. In any case, it cannot be underestimated or ridiculed about the effects and repercussions of the education and empowerment of women on society. Women in societies have different roles. They are grandmothers, mothers, daughters and sisters. They are the head of the family, the educator of generations and their teacher. In her hand it is to create a generation of educated, open-minded youth, who enjoy normal physical, mental and psychological health. She also has the ability to create a disintegrating generation of closed youth, the extremist who rejects the other and the sick person, who is a woman capable of self-realization and her intellectual, material and moral independence, who will positively reflects on her family environment and methods of education and management of domestic affairs.


Yesterday, Friday, the first international scientific conference of the Prime International Academy for Training was launched in light of Egypt’s adoption of Vision 2030 and the launch of the National Strategy for the Empowerment of Egyptian Women 2030 and its important role in the achievement of sustainable development, under the title ” Entrepreneurship and women’s leadership development in the light of sustainable development » In the conference hall of the Civic Education Center on the island, under the banner of Prime International Academy and in the presence of academic figures and members of the House of Representatives, in order to Egyptian women 2030 and their important role in achieving sustainable development empower .


The conference was inaugurated with verses from the Holy Quran, after which it acted a.Dr Jamal Al Arabi Former Minister of Education His speech welcomed all the participants, highlighting the impact of women in leadership and advancing the wheel of development in society, pointing out that the leadership role of women is not a new role due to the cultural perspective that lives in the depths of their conscience, and emphasizes that the role of women in life should not be neglected, because without this role men would not have existed and did not exist. The family was not society, explaining that women are the basis of economic development.

On the other hand, he said Dr. Hani Ramadan Conference Chair and President of Prime International Academy, said that the Egyptian state has largely opened the door to entrepreneurs and supported the e-commerce and financial technology sector, noting that despite the empowerment of women, challenges still exist, representing become in gender inequality and that the number of female entrepreneurs is less He concluded his speech by emphasizing the role of women in increasing productivity.

On the other hand, she added Engineer Nermin Mahran Vice President of Prime International Academy, said that the state in general has intensified its efforts on both sides, “women and men” to spread the culture of entrepreneurship in Egyptian society, by developing the intellectual foundations of entrepreneurship and innovation identify and apply entrepreneurial education in the Egyptian state, to ensure the provision of effective education that contributes to Comprehensive development of Egyptian society, through the application of the entrepreneurship curriculum for technical education, a three-year system, and the development of entrepreneurial and innovative skills among students in all fields and disciplines, due to the presence of a clear vision of economic growth and the provision of employment opportunities for graduates of technical education, emphasizing that graphic design is the basis of any business project.

The Vice President of Prime International Academy added that the Egyptian state appreciates the abilities of Egyptian women at different ages, as it has enabled them to assume leadership positions and take their opinion in various fields.

On the other hand, she said Dr Ghada Abdel Qader Head of the conference preparation and organization team, the political orientation to support entrepreneurship and small projects in the light of the new republic, adding that entrepreneurship is one of the magic solutions for the development of any economic environment, maximizing the domestic product and assimilating the political leadership to the real obstacles for entrepreneurs as well as keeping up with technological developments.

The head of the conference preparation team stated that the new republic established by His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the President of the Republic, has put Egypt at the forefront regionally and internationally, pointing out that the new republic based is on basic pillars in the field of development and human rights, the main of which is the empowerment of women as they are half of the society.

On the other hand, he gave a.Dr. Aladdin Seed Professor of Curricula at the Faculty of Education, Benha University and the general rapporteur of the conference, thanks for inviting him to attend this conference, and welcomes all participants and says that this conference is interested in the development of the role of women and empowering them to match the requirements of sustainable development, contributing to the achievement of the Egyptian state’s vision 2030.

The general rapporteur of the conference explained that the conference includes two main axes, namely the leadership woman between development and discrimination, and the woman between empowerment and innovation.

On his part, he said, Bishoy Daoud Naguib Trainer, coordinator and ambassador of the Prime International Academy “lptA” The technological development that we experience today helps to develop in all diverse areas of life, where women during this modern era play an active role with their participation in making important decisions in various fields, and emphasizes that women work to provide the appropriate climate for the family.

The conference sessions were divided into three scientific sessions to discuss the scientific research submitted by researchers in various disciplines. The scientific committee was led by prof. Yousry Mostafa, Head of the Department of Educational Technology at the Faculty of Education, Sohag University, and prof. Randa El-Deeb, Professor of Child Education at the Faculty of Education, Tanta University.

And the membership of prof. Alaa El-Din Saad, professor of curricula, and Major General Ashraf Fawzy, security expert and head of the Egyptian International Federation for Intellectual Awareness, as well as dr. Mahmoud Hajjaj, coordinator of training programs at Ain Shams University, prof. Safaa Sayed Mahmoud, Head of the Department of Educational Technology, Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, prof. Dr. Enas Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Professor of Child Education, Department of Kindergarten at Helwan University, Dr. Amal Abdel Sattar, psychology, family counseling and special education consultant. Prof. Mohamed Taha, Professor of Fundamentals of Education, Tanta University.

Among the research papers presented at the conference: A paper on the role of information and communication technology in supporting female entrepreneurs by dr. Nisreen Al-Tabi’i, who confirmed that the availability of information and communication technology will bring special benefits to female entrepreneurs. Dr. Fatima Saad Allam also presented a paper entitled The Role of Women in Leading Professional Change in Governmental Institutes, which affirmed that women possess sufficient characteristics and qualities that qualify them to play a key role in leading the change process . He spoke about the role of education systems in the development of entrepreneurship skills and their suitability for recognized international models.

Among the researchers who also submitted research papers, which made the conference fruitful, are: Dr. Randa Shaheen, Head of the Education Sector at the Ministry of Education, d. Hala Taha, Dr. Wafaa Al-Tabbakh, prof. Suhair Safwat, d. Fatima Shaker, a. Muhammad Imran, d. Habiba Mohammed, Ms. Nermin El-Demerdash, d. Nihal Ahmed, a. Juhida Mohamed, a professor, dr. Hanan Hussein Amer, d. Amira Abdel Azim.

The conference was also graced with the presence of members of the People’s Assembly, representative Mai Rushdi Ghaith, who emphasized the establishment of specialized seminars and panels for the women’s agenda and the strengthening of social responsibility in a way that meets the needs and requirements of women’s needs. empowerment. Representative Jihad Ibrahim, a former member of the House of Representatives, delivered a speech in which she emphasized how to build a person, face all challenges and build self-confidence, which qualifies her to assume her leadership role play.

The first international conference highlighted a set of recommendations during its closing session, namely: improving the positive and effective capacity for women’s participation, establishing a social infrastructure, highlighting successful leadership models and activating the leadership role of women . The conference also recommended the promotion of financial inclusion and the support of entrepreneurship in all fields and specializations. Also by providing systematic programs offered to academies in the field of training to encourage the training of women, as well as the importance of training and rehabilitation for women in rural areas and the importance of intellectual education and the quality of high -end thinking.

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