The middle of the wedding night… A groom uses his mother to break his wife’s “hymen”… So the ending was disastrous?

She opened her eyes and her heart almost tore her clothes to come out of her body due to the strength of his beats and speed, she sighed as if she was running for long distances, so she hoped that what she saw was just a nightmare was breaking into her carelessness, and when she looked at her clothes, she discovered that what she saw was real and not just a nightmare that almost took her breath away from its cruelty. Manal caught a spot of blood that stained her clothes and began to remember her husband, who since the engagement period was unable to make a decision without turning to his mother and uttered nothing other than what his mother said didn’t, and despite her desperate efforts to change the personality of her partner, Amjad, the one who turned a young man against him. From a young age, he turned to his mother to make all the decisions of his life, no matter how important they were. For him, she is the mother and father after the death of his father, and he is no older than three years old. not old

During the engagement period, Manal tried to overcome this matter, assuring herself that the marriage would change its condition with time, and she endured many situations that no human could endure in return for marrying a young man of character who did not had no previous experiences, so she was the first girl who penetrated his thinking and attracted him to the idea of ​​association, and after completing the marriage ceremony and on the wedding night, she discovered that her husband was not only “she mother’s son” was not and he had no experiences, but it appeared that he had no information about the intimate relationship between men. Manal tried to provoke and caress him in the hope that his feelings would move him towards the relationship created by instinct in humans. Indeed she could provoke him strongly, but he could not do anything due to his complete ignorance of the relationship, so of where does he get information if he had no friends and talked to no one but his mother. After three days without consummating the intimate relationship, she listened to his conversation with his mother as he told her what had happened to them and asked her what to do.

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The middle of the wedding night… A groom uses his mother to break his wife’s “hymen”… So the ending was disastrous?

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