A sharp dispute between an Omani minister and a Kuwaiti writer sets “Twitter” on fire

home country The microblogging website “Twitter” witnessed a sharp debate between the Omani Minister of Heritage and Tourism Salem Al-Mahrouqi and the Kuwaiti writer Hussein Al-Rawai, after the latter published an article on his Facebook page that described the lack to development in the Omani governorate of Dhofar, which he visited a few days ago.

Al-Rawi explained in his article that he saw no development in the Omani governorate of Dhofar during his recent visit to it, criticizing the lack of interest from the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism to develop it despite its importance of it for tourism.

He said: “Between the 19th to the 30th of July last year, ie specifically a period of 12 days, I spent my holiday period in the Dhofar region in the Sultanate of goodness and love in Oman, and it was a wonderful holiday.”

No real tangible development

He continued, “But unfortunately I found no real tangible development in Dhofar! Nor anything! And nothing and nothing! Neither Plain Etin developed as a tourist, nor Ain Darbat developed its surroundings, nor Ain Hamran , nor Ain Athum, nor any other spring in the geography of Dhofar, nor the area of ​​Falqout, nor the Mughsail beach, nor the Marneef cave , nor anywhere else! It is as if Dhofar is outside the accounts of the Omani Ministry of Heritage and Tourism is!”

He added, “I was in one of the green plains of Salalah, where there are no commercial service centers, and I remembered the words of the Omani Minister of Heritage and Tourism, Salem Al-Mahrouqi, when he said in an interview said to him. on Al-Arabiya channel: “We are working silently.” I laughed at the silence that brought Omanis and tourists no real work to see!”

No government investment

Al-Rawi addressed a question to the Omani minister by saying: “I ask Mr. Al-Mahrouqi, is it conceivable that a person going to any natural tourist spot in Dhofar will not find any government tourism investment in it , nor restaurants, markets, nor cafes, or even a single supermarket that sells what tourists and others need of food? And drink! In those places, you will only find some workers selling their meat, grilled chicken and rice on open and sold dilapidated places of wood, and it is rare to find clean food without defects from them!”

He continued his questions and said: “Is it possible, Mr. Al-Mahrouqi, that the small, now primitive kiosks used as groceries are the masters of all the plains, valleys, mountains and highways in Dhofar?! Where is the work you did while you were quiet?!” Khaled Al-Balushi responds to “Al-Rawi” and the minister takes his position

Al-Rawi’s criticism of the Omani Minister of Tourism prompted the Senior Director of Government Affairs at Oman Air, Dr. Khalid bin Abdulwahab Al Balushi, prompted to respond to him in an article he published in the newspaper “Al Ro’ya” and was adopted. by Minister Salem Al Mahrouqi.

Minister Salem Al-Mahrouqi republished the article, which was titled: “Stop your pens from our tourism,” on his official Twitter page, in a clear and clear acceptance of everything mentioned in it.

And he added in another tweet, saying: “The space for constructive criticism based on knowledge, awareness and objectivity will remain welcome, but without that, his position is where it is, no matter how loud the voice. The terms of reference, goals and plans are clear and firm.”

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Hussein Al-Rawi responds to Minister Salem Al-Mahrouqi

Minister Al Mahrouqi’s acceptance of Al Balushi’s article prompted Kuwaiti author Hussain Al-Rawai to respond again, tweeting and addressing the minister by saying: “Your Excellency, as a minister in the honorable Omani- government, is supposed to have a larger mind and a larger breast than to adopt these hired lines which will not benefit the great Oman, may God save her.”

He continued, “His Excellency the Minister will carefully read your tweet and the Omani people who are jealous of their country wrote under it, and he will make sure of your negligence.”

Omani criticism of the minister’s position

It is worth noting that Minister Salem Al Mahrouqi’s acceptance of Al Balushi’s article unleashed a storm of criticism against him by Omani tweeters who saw that the Kuwaiti writer published his article out of love for the Sultanate of Oman and a desire to seeing it as a strong competition. and attractive to tourists.

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