A Virgin at the Gates of Hell, chapter fifteen

A Maiden at the Gates of Hell novel written by Cinderella Anush

She shrugged nonchalantly, then went in and took her place, then she heard a sound and a man shaking the house with his loud angry voice.

And from others, Murad.. She ran out of her room to the place of his voice, and found him shouting loudly at his father..

Murat angry: You don’t know what happened to you.

Tawfik strong: Be a little polite, don’t forget yourself, Murad, I am your father.

Murad sarcastically: Ah ah papa, my uncle is one *#&$% raising me right!

Nowruz angry: You shouted, my son.

Murad and Tawfiq turned to her, and she looked at them and said secretly: May God destroy the agreement between you.

Then I went towards him steadfastly..until I stood directly in front of him..

Nowruz definitely: I am the one who brought it from above.

Murad looked firmly in her eyes and said: And who allowed you to do this?

Nowruz: I am the one who allowed myself, you are not in control of me.

Murad looked at her and whispered: You seem to have forgotten what I did this morning.

She rose on her tiptoes to reach his lips and said, “Go to hell, Doc.”

Then she went to Tawfiq Pasha and moved him inside and said: Come now, Tawfiq Pasha, from here the weather is better, it remains free and unpleasant.

Then she gave him a disdainful look and walked in with that shocked one.

On the way to Tawfik Pasha’s room..

Tawfiq was shocked: What did you do?

Nowruz with its innocence: You don’t have to come back.

Tawfik: I’m a cape, I don’t know how to stop him.

Nowruz cheerful: Forgive me, Hajj, but you don’t know how to raise your son.

He laughed loudly and said, “You were really long ago.”

Nowruz, placing her hand under her chin: Prophet, O Hajj, I was there, but in another world far from you.

Tawfiq giggled vigorously, and behind them came Murad’s angry voice: “Neroooooouz.”

Her body trembled strongly and said: Look, O Hajji, I must tell you about money.

Tawfiq: May God protect you.

I helped him get up and let him sit on his bed and put his chair in his room, her eyes fell on a man’s scarf, and she said: May God’s pilgrimage protect you.

He laughed and nodded, then I took him and closed the door.

She looked around nervously and startled

Then she vented comfortably when she didn’t find him in that role.. I went to reassure Zain and got him to sleep. I kissed his head and came down spying like she was a thief.. Then she hurried to her room closed and closed the door behind her with the lock and the door locked..

Nowruz with relief: Praise be to God, my time was peaceful for the martyrs with me.

She went to her closet and opened it.

Murad inside the closet: Surprise, not so!

Then he pushed her hard on the bed and she came out of the closet and shrugged his shoulders hard.

Nowruz as she retreats: I swear to God, I will let the pain of the whole villa be heard on you and that you molest your daddy your son.

Murad approaches: My voice, your height, your width, Sarah is not here and Tawfiq Pasha is upstairs in his room..then he pulled her off her feet in his direction..and his father, Souad, knows that you me woman is !

He knelt on top of her and looked into her eyes and said, What have you done?

Nowruz: It is forbidden to you, medicine. It does not matter. I said that I am a stranger to you, and that you see me as just a womb to remove your son.

What is that look..h..is it a look of weakness!!

What makes him sad now.. I didn’t say anything wrong..

Murad looked at her with deep sadness, for a moment, Murad’s weakness. He wanted to reveal his secret that weighs heavily on his heart, but hey, hey, it’s his arrogance.. his vanity prevents him..

Nowruz said sarcastically: Oh, you can’t even touch me.

He looked disapprovingly, and then continued: I’m still his father from four days ago..and you know what I mean, Doc.

Then I pushed him away from her..but he was not shaken, then he said slyly: But it is not surprising that I do this.

Then he tore her clothes and she gasped and tried to hide herself from him.

Murat: Yes, you are blinded by your husband!

Nowruz decided: No, then she proceeded to tear her apart and impulsively said: Do you want to take what you want?

Then she started hitting him in the pectoral muscles while crying: He raped me.

He moved away from her as if a scorpion had stung him.. He looked at her while shaking his head disapprovingly. Then he came out and closed the door hard, and she kept crying in her place..

Then he came in again and said: The last time I touched you, the last time.

Then he came out of the whole villa.. She wiped her tears and then the place of her heart began to beat hard as she screamed: Enough, enough. You hurt me now. Now, he doesn’t love you, Nowruz, he loves you.. Then she put her hand on her head and shouted: Enough!

The father gambled with luck, so she panicked about her appearance. She ran to her and took her tightly in her arms.

The father, tenderly wiping Nayrouz’s head: Give my daughter.

Nowruz is in pain from her heart: I love him, oh my father, and God is great, I love him after all this, and my heart is still a loud beat from her side.. but my thoughts refuse, reject love, daa , I am tired, oh, my father is tired.

Then she buried herself in the mother’s chest and began to cry from burning and oppression..

Until she calmed down, the father said: Nowruz!

Nowruz: Ummm.

Al-Dada: Get up, change your clothes, wash your clothes, my daughter, and see your son above.

Nowruz, wipes her tears: Is he doing this to me?!

Al-Dada: Forgive him, Nowruz.. your path will one day know the truth.

Let’s win like this.

In the evening in another place..

…: Okay, my son, congratulations, we are reading Al-Fatihah.

Youssef: Seriously, my uncle, no Dana Hazgart left, lol and lol.

Mai is ashamed of her secret: God embarrasses you as you embarrass me, ver.

Mai’s father: In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful.

Everyone recited Al-Fatihah, then the voice of the scream was raised, including Yusuf.

Youssef: Najib Al-Shabaka left tomorrow, and then the engagement.

Mai’s mother: You are in such a hurry, my son.

Youssef: Oh, very urgent too.. I mean, no, I swear, I swear, but I want to make my mother happy.. No, I need it.

Youssef’s mother: I swear to God, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

Mai: God bless you, Tan.

Youssef’s mother: I have nothing left.

Mai embarrassed: No, of course, Mom, may God bless you and protect Youssef and Lina.

In the Egyptian villa..

Nowruz was about to come out of Zain’s room until she met Murad in front of her as he was on top of her in a state of wealth.

He talks about his condition.. Nowruz took pity on him and secretly said: Oh, if I knew your money, Murad.

Their eyes met, and he was drunk, and he said: Hey… Oh, I forgot, I don’t remember you… You’re doing something here in the cemetery!

Nowruz: Cemeteries!

Murad while drinking from the bottle: Ah, the graves are faint, Zain’s cemetery, you just step on it.

Nowruz looked horrified, then he ran from before him.. to her room and shut the door hard..

Nowruz: I erect graves, that is, the cemetery of Zain, that is, my son lives.

Then she gasped loudly and beat her breast: He does nothing in the valley while he is drunk.

I ran upstairs from her room and opened the door and found him carrying something..and he was singing strange songs..

Nowruz watched him and he said: Zain, do you like chocolate with hazelnuts or caramel??

Then he said: No, tell us, no, no ice cream, because visiting you will hurt you.. You don’t like to hear Babi’s words to me!

Nowruz watched the situation with concern.. He said: Come in, Nowruz.. Come see Zain. He wants to complain.. Then he starts crying!!

Nowruz came to him and put her hand on his shoulder and whispered, “You are good!”

He turned to her and said while crying: No.. I wasn’t healthy, Nowruz, my life.. I don’t want to live like my life, hell, Nowruz, and it’s still hell.

Nowruz: You are drunk, doc, go to sleep.

Murad with emotion: I am talking about my soul, you are sleeping.

Nowruz unlucky: You don’t carry Zain, this bride!!

Murad looked at his hand and actually found that it was a doll..He threw it on the ground..

And he went out cursing and cursing himself.. Nowruz took pity on him and said: Your subject is very big, Murad..It is not easy at all!

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