Gambling: How goalkeeper Peter Shilton’s wife helped him break his addiction?

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Peter Chilton, now 72, spans three decades in football

As the most capped player for the England national team, goalkeeper Peter Shilton was one of the most successful and famous players in the world, but off the pitch Chilton was the victim of a lifelong gambling addiction – until his wife helped him break it. it off Steve Shelton describes, in her own words and words, life with a gambling addict and how she is determined to help others who live with loved ones and family members with the same problem.

Shortly after we met in 2012, I noticed his suspicious behavior. He stepped out of the room to use his phone, and he was suspiciously discreet.

I thought there was another woman, so if you live with a gambling addict, you will inevitably feel like there is a third party in your relationship.

On his phone I saw the same number over and over again, it was the phone number of a betting company.

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