The Egyptian Chinese University is the link to transfer the latest technology from the Chinese giant to the Egyptians

For the first time.. training opportunities in the largest educational and economic institutions in China..

Since its establishment, the Egyptian Chinese University has been distinguished by its zeal to implement a set of basic concepts that have led to its placement in an excellent position among international, private and government universities, the most important of which is the concept of quality implemented by all faculties at the level of facilities, laboratories and study halls, as well as the scientific material provided, which is comparable to that of the largest universities in the world. The university is also distinguished by scientific partnerships with a group of the largest universities in the world, a trend supported by the Egyptian state under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in order to transfer the different experiences of students and qualify them at the highest level to enter and participate in the local and global labor markets thing.

The Egyptian-Chinese University in Cairo includes the faculties of engineering, technology, economics, international trade, pharmacy, drug technology and physiotherapy. It is a non-traditional technological and productive university characterized by offering high-demand study programs in local and global labor markets, as well as offering non-traditional fields of study, and it follows a practice-oriented teaching strategy True to the needs of different labor markets.
The Egyptian-Chinese University is the only one in Egypt and the Middle East among the private universities that has partnerships with many Chinese institutions and universities, and is also distinguished by its excellent geographical location.

The Egyptian-Chinese University has announced the opening of the door for admission to high school students and the equivalent of Arabic and foreign equivalent certificates, and the university provides all means to help students who want to study with them to register and meet the admission requirements to meet

The study program at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Technology (Pharm D) is one of the best programs at the level of pharmacy colleges in Egypt, as it enables the student to study all pharmaceutical disciplines (industrial and clinical), not only clinical, and the study program works to connect the student to the needs of the labor market and to identify them since the student’s enrollment at the college in the first semester by holding dialogue meetings and specialized scientific seminars with the prominent figures of the pharmacy profession. college is also interested in studying Chinese herbs as well as Egyptian and Arabian origin herbs because of their great and unknown benefit to many students in other colleges.

The college offers outstanding students opportunities for summer training in pharmaceutical factories and hospitals in China, and the college offers online training grants for top students in herbal and Chinese medicine in partnership with faculties of pharmacy in Chinese universities, including Hebai University of Chinese Medicine for a period of one month, according to which the student obtains an accredited certificate from both universities and receives it Students from the President of the University in a special ceremony in honor of the first and distinguished students in scientific, sports and cultural activities.

The University’s Training and Rehabilitation Center (TDC) runs specialized training courses in the Chinese language (six levels) in collaboration with the Chinese Cultural Center Areas of human development, including courses in self-development – writing a CV – scientific and psychological excellence – the choice of the appropriate field of work.

With a select group of elite faculty and professionals from various fields of business, the College of Economics and International Trade encourages its students to develop their skills and knowledge to engage in the business world not only as qualified employees, but also as companies with innovation and pioneering work. business ideas.

Enhancing the idea of ​​entrepreneurship is a fundamental pillar supported by the university in general and the College of Economics and International Trade in particular.

Students also have the ability to increase their knowledge and skills in five specialized programs such as the field of international business and this program prepares students to understand and participate in the framework not only according to local standards but also according to international standards, and international economics It encourages students to understand the business and financial transactions that take place within the economy and across borders, it prepares students to develop their ability to develop growth and development plans at state and formulate and implement corporate level.

There is also a financing and investment program. This program introduces students to different financial instruments and institutions, and improves their ability to analyze and evaluate various financial and real investment opportunities. There is also a marketing and innovation program, as this program requirements and variables in a world characterized by intense competition and changing needs, as well as The accounting program improves the skills to use and record data and record accounting and financial reports set to make accurate, effective and informed decisions.

While the Faculty of Physiotherapy at the Egyptian Chinese University is distinguished by concluding international agreements with a group of Chinese universities, including “Wenzhou Medical University, Nanxia Medical University and Shanghai Jiaotong University”. Through these agreements, students are trained in the means of Chinese medicine during the study program.

The student can also travel for training and attend lectures at these universities, and the student can travel for training for 3 months during the concession, and the student obtains a certificate for completing any training course, and 392 students from the university have already these certificates so far, and the student can complete postgraduate studies in these universities. The college is distinguished for teaching Chinese medicine and its uses within the medium of physical therapy.

The university offers a package of scholarships to outstanding high school students with the highest grades, in addition to grants to the sons of martyrs of the armed forces and police, people from remote provinces and people with special needs, in addition to providing partial scholarships to some groups that provide services to the community, as well as his decision not to increase tuition fees for all faculties.

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