To present the new study programs.. Demand for Benha University’s pavilion in the “Idegate” exhibition

Benha University participates in the activities of the eleventh session of the International Forum and Exhibition for Higher Education “Idegate”, which will be held during the period from 9 to 11 August 2022 in a hotel in Cairo, under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, where the forum comes with the participation of dozens of universities and educational institutions from Egypt and the world, in addition to hundreds of the most important international higher education officials and experts, and thousands of visitors seeking educational opportunities.

Prof. Gamal Soussa, President of Benha University, emphasized the university’s eagerness to participate in the “Ideogate” exhibition, as it is one of the most important university and training exhibitions in Egypt, as it brings together various universities, training institutions and donors . , which offers students the opportunity to determine their university studies, as it enables them to learn about various The study programs offered by the university, in addition to discussions with students and parents regarding the programs and study systems therein.

The university president noted Benha University’s zeal to attract Egyptian and foreign students to enroll in it, and emphasized that the university’s programs keep pace with the latest education systems and programs that meet international standards in various disciplines.

Sousse explained that Benha University offers many new study programs that match the needs of the local, regional and international labor market, through the faculties of engineering in Benha, engineering in Shubra, veterinary science, nursing, science, computers and artificial intelligence, law, commerce, and specific education. , applied arts, education and agriculture, in addition to many study programs at the university’s branch in Obour City, which are the programs of the College of Engineering (Electrical and Control Engineering Program, Communication and Computer Engineering Program), Energy and Sustainable Energy Engineering Program) and the Biotechnology program at the College of Agriculture, as well as the programs of the College of Science (Program Nanometz and its applications, Microbiology and Biochemistry program, Computer and Bioinformatics program, Petroleum and Mineral Geology program) as well as Law and Commerce Schools Programs (English Law Program, Business English Program).

The President of Benha University indicated that the university’s participation in this session of the forum will differ from previous sessions, as the university focuses in its propaganda on the promotion of the study programs offered at the Benha National University at its headquarters in El-Obour City will start. Qalyubia Governorate, explains that the study at Ahlia University will start from the academic year 2022/2023 in 5 colleges: Engineering (6 programs), Computer Science (5 programs), Economics and Business Administration (5 programs), Visual Arts and Design (3 programs ), and Human Medicine (1 program).

He continued that Benha National University offers many study programs that include various modern scientific disciplines, explaining that Benha National University offers 20 study programs, such as the Faculty of Human Medicine offers (medicine and surgery program), and the Faculty of Computer Science offers 5 programs (artificial intelligence and machine learning). Computational linguistics, data science, software and application development, virtual and augmented reality).

The College of Economics and Business Administration also offers 5 programs (Business Administration and International Relations, Statistics and Insurance, Digital Marketing and E-Business, International Economics and Finance, Accounting and Business Informatics).

While the College of Engineering offers 6 programs (Manufacturing and Materials Engineering, Mechatronics and Automation, Communication Systems Engineering, Medical Engineering, Building Engineering, Housing and Community Design), the College of Visual Arts and Design offers 3 programs (Interior and Furniture Design, Media and Advertising Arts , and sculpture and molding). Architectural and Restoration).

Prof. Nasser El-Gizawy, Vice-President for Postgraduate Studies and Research Affairs, for his part emphasized the diligence of Benha University to communicate directly and effectively with students and parents, in order to gain a full understanding and awareness of the specializations and study. programs available in the various faculties of the university, so that they have the ability to determine their decision when Enrollment in one of the main subjects at the undergraduate level.

He extended his invitation to parents, male and female students, to visit Benha University’s pavilion in the “Idegate” exhibition and learn in detail about the various study programs in order to choose the college and the most suitable specialization for it.

Dr. Tamer Samir, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, explained that the importance of the Edugate exhibition is an important way to help Egyptian educational institutions to spread and introduce a wider range of students to their academic programs, explaining that from this point of view comes the zeal of Benha University to have a permanent presence and participate in events Idiojet.

He advised male and female students to visit Benha University’s pavilion and learn more about the various study programs offered by the university, in addition to taking advantage of the various academic and training grants and offers available at the exhibition. is available.

While viewing the exhibition

The turnout for Benha University's branch
The turnout for Benha University’s branch

side of the rise
side of the rise

Exhibition participants
Exhibition participants

Students turn to Benha University's branch
Students turn to Benha University’s branch

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