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At the moment, and after many recent discoveries and the development of all areas of life and its aspects, there has also developed together what is known as artificial intelligence, which is again considered one of the most important playgrounds in which e-marketers are considered. wander and arrive, as this artificial intelligence has led to the explosion of a revolution in the world of electronic shopping.

Artificial intelligence is not limited to or monopolized by large companies, but has gone further to the level of start-ups and small projects, as some studies have shown that more than 50% of companies either use or are using artificial intelligence in their online marketing. In this article, we will discuss the main uses of this artificial intelligence in the field of internet marketing, or what is known as digital marketing.

Artificial intelligence, its definition?

Not a short time ago, man talked about this concept and expressed it with the idea of ​​making or inventing something that can simulate the human mind in the thought pattern, and these ideas spread through various industries such as developed digital games, films , etc., and movies talked about it and about the tremendous development they will make in the life of all mankind.

Artificial intelligence is one of the branches of computer science and techniques, and some literature defines it as the study of an intelligent client, and this intelligent client or software is a system that absorbs the environment around it and can judge and make decisions and situations take that increases his chances of accomplishing a particular or specific task.

It is also called the science of making intelligent machines, or it is also defined as the ability of a particular system to correctly interpret external information and data, in addition to learning from it and achieving desired and specific goals regarding it by adaptation and flexibility.

What does the term “digital marketing” mean?

Digital marketing, also known as internet marketing, is an ideal way to help you promote your brands or even your products or services through internet sources and portals, such as websites, search engines and other different types of social media, and emails . to mobile apps and numerous webinars.

In a simplified way, we can explain digital marketing that it is every marketing effort that requires electronic devices and internet-related software to carry out marketing campaigns and then promote them well. Experts have also defined it as a collection of integrated technology, information, technology and data that help you market new products and services, reach new markets and develop what is needed to improve the conversation with people and buyers.

How do you take advantage of artificial intelligence in your digital marketing?

After seeing how each term was defined and its purpose was to reach the category of customers and users, and the purpose was to reach the user in an easy and high way that attracts users and gives them an impetus to communicate more, whether in digital marketing or artificial intelligence, we will now talk about the most important ways to benefit from artificial intelligence in digital marketing.

Talk and chat bots

What is known as chatbots or (chatbots) is computer software that has been extensively processed and updated to talk to customers over the Internet, thereby answering their questions, offering them support and helping them complete their purchase. Chat bots can also be integrated with social networking sites.

Interactive bots enhance your brand and improve performance experiences with your customers by providing support at any time 24 hours a day, and they can deal with more than one customer at the same time, and they are characterized by low costs, and human-like in trading .

dynamic pricing

It is a specific pricing strategy where the price is determined according to the volume of product demand and its availability in storage, in addition to the customer profile, where artificial intelligence programs can analyze your personal data through cookies, the history of your visits and searches, in addition to your digital activities.

Based on this matter, the price of products is determined dynamically, for example the pricing of reservation sites in hotels, where prices drop and rise dynamically according to the rates of tourist seasons, room occupancy, reservation or customer history.

targeted advertising

Using cookies and browsing history, artificial intelligence enables you to target your customers based on specific criteria such as geographic regions, gender and even age, among others. We see this clearly in “Google”, where when you search for something in “Google” and go to “YouTube”, you will see ads that are similar to what you searched for and related to what you read in “Google” has. “Google” has invested these techniques of artificial intelligence, in their marketing, after simulation and analysis of the activities, according to your interest.

data analysis

data analysis

One of the most important applications of artificial intelligence in the field of digital marketing, where at the moment it is very important to rely on the analysis of customer data for marketing, because we have a large amount of customer data, and therefore it is analyzed and the formulation of attractive marketing messages according to each case. This pattern exceeds human ability and speed, so this technical pattern needs to be worked on extensively.

Understand your customers

Artificial intelligence uses this form of customer understanding, so that the marketer is able to understand what consumers are talking about their brands, since there are tools that monitor social networks and analyze what people say, whether it is praise, slander or neutrality.

Personalize and recommend your content

Content recommendation or manipulation is one of the best examples in which digital marketing engages with artificial intelligence by analyzing the activities of your website and social network visitors, thus making recommendations about your products and content that are relevant to consumers and spend more time on them. let spend your site. A good example of this is e-commerce sites like “Amazon” where they suggest to their visitors products that match what they are looking for.

A/B Testing Method

This marketing method compares two versions of a page on a website to find out which version customers interact with favorably and better, i.e. which version has a stronger conversion rate.

A/B testing is practical and complex because it requires a lot of data analysis, so it takes a lot of time to do it manually. Artificial intelligence allows us to save effort and time and provide the necessary tools to perform these tests, analyzing the results better and more accurately than humans and away from errors.

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