Castle News | Anomaly platform advances information-based threat detection and response capabilities and prevents business disruption while reducing security costs

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Anomaly, a leader in information-enhanced cybersecurity solutions, announced today that a quarterly update to its platform is available to meet the growing needs of its customers and partners. This release introduces new capabilities that enhance threat intelligence-based use cases and Anomaly’s expanded threat detection and response services that enable companies to stay ahead of their adversaries, prevent business disruption, and reduce security expenses.

Mark Alba, Chief Product Officer, Anomaly, said: “The new version of the Anomaly platform launched in August brings new capabilities and enhancements to security operations teams who struggle to identify not only who they are targeting, but how and why they are also being targeted.

Some of the key notable features of this release include:

Create extended insight with Anomaly’s attack pattern detection and the Miter Attack Knowledge Base: In 2021, Anumali joined the Threat Intelligence Center of Miter Ingenuity to collaborate on the Attack Traffic Monitoring Project to better understand the opponent’s behavior and defensive capabilities improve. This partnership culminated in the public release of the project in March 2022.

Since then, Anomaly has been integrating attack traffic patterns into its platform. This release directs the platform to the Anomaly Threat Steam “Attack Traffic Patterns Library”, which will provide an entry point to new attack traffic patterns that track cyber attack technologies. This capability will provide new information about an adversary’s behavior and help security teams identify them expertly. It will also enable them to better protect the organization before it is attacked, to detect and respond to attacks in real time.

In addition, CIOs and security professionals will benefit from this predictive visual planning to align attacks with potential vulnerabilities in their security posture to enable proactive threat response.

John Olczyk, Senior Principal Analyst and Academic Research Fellow in ESG, said: “Academic research in ESG found that nearly 97 percent of security professionals believe that the ‘Meter Attack’ rule. This knowledge is extremely important to their organization’s security operations strategy.” He added, “Anomaly’s commitment to integrating the Miter Attack Framework into its solutions and its participation in the Miter Ingenuity Threat Defense Center will help security teams adopt the framework and better understand their cyber adversaries.”

Automating routine workflows: Given the macroeconomic conditions, customers are looking for capabilities that will make their existing investments more impactful. As a result, we introduced a new extensible framework to support the automation of routine tasks across the platform. The first application of this release has become available to automate improvements in the investigation workflow. Drag-and-drop can also be easily configured to enable the multi-stage optimization task to be configured and run when conditions require, saving analysts time on repetitive tasks.

Additional improvements with this platform release include:

• Support for mobile meter attack and Internet connection sharing: Collect information, contextualize and analyze mobile attack surfaces, and share Internet connection to improve the overall security posture.

• Version No. 11 of the “Meter Attack” knowledge base for enterprises in “Anomaly Lance”

Retrospective table research: The Security Operations Center helps automate the association of historical events with newly available intelligence to produce reports and gain insight into threat actors, tactics, technologies, procedures or other adversary behavior. This new capability allows CIOs to discover real-time threats in their on-premises IT environment.

It is worth noting that Anumali will be at the Black Hat conference, which will be held on August 10-11, at booth no. 3034 will participate.

Visit our booth to chat with our team and find out more about our information-based solutions.

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