Ideas for using neglected spaces benefit every family

Ideas for using neglected spaces Just as many people want to get acquainted with the best ideas that they can take advantage of the spaces in the place and to take advantage of, as currently many people live in small houses due to the high prices and the inability to buy houses with large areas, and here we start thinking about exploiting all Neglected places so that we can take advantage of them, so today we will help you to provide some ideas that help you take advantage of those spaces and give you a giving decor to the place instead of leaving it, whether these spaces are in bedrooms, children’s rooms, walls, kitchen or other important spaces. At home, follow us to learn in detail about the best ideas and benefit from them.

Ideas for using neglected spaces

As we mentioned, there are many Ideas for using neglected spaces Which can give you an elegant look and match with home decoration and the most important of these ideas are as follows:

Exploitation of neglected spaces on the walls

  • Walls are one of those spaces that are not used much and you can take advantage of them without reducing the space of the place or obstructing movement in the house, such as placing furniture like on the walls
  • Especially for desks or other furniture, it gives you room for a wider movement in the corridors.
  • In addition, we can take advantage of large areas on the walls by making shelves for placing books, accessories or antiques.

  • Also, the idea of ​​wall shelves is more appropriate in the walls of children’s rooms, where you can put toys and children’s things on them instead of leaving them on the floor and narrowing the place.
  • In addition to using neglected spaces on the walls around the bed to place personal items or stories and books for bedtime readers.

Exploit neglected space in bedrooms

  • Many of us have many spaces in the bedrooms that we do not use, and one of the most important Ideas for using neglected spaces Like under the bed.
  • Since the bottom of the bed is one of the places that can be exploited because it can accommodate many things, such as putting on clothes in the change of seasons, placing excess furniture and things that are not used continuously.
  • All these things make the room neat and wider, in addition, when you use that neglected space in the room, you help to make the rooms more elegant and comfortable for the nerves when you sit in them.

Exploitation of neglected spaces on the balcony

  • Most houses have a balcony, and this is one of the most neglected places in many houses, but in the case of a small house, you can Ideas for using neglected spaces They made a great place to sit and relax.
  • One of the most important of these ideas is to arrange the balcony through a closet, in which all unnecessary items are placed, in addition to placing a small folding table with 2 chairs in the case of a small balcony.

  • To feel comfortable and relax to be able to read or drink coffee with a friend or family member.
  • And we can put shelves on the walls of the balcony to put some antiques and books that are used every day.
  • The balcony can also be opened to the rooms in it to expand the room if you do not feel its great importance in the place.
  • If the balcony is for the kitchen, you can use it to store food, but make sure you block the sun’s rays so that the food inside does not spoil.

Exploitation of parking spaces

  • The corner is one of the new and wonderful modern ideas that most people use to be the place for family gathering and watching TV together.
  • But this is one of the places you can take advantage of and make it much better, like buying a corner with a siphon from the inside.
  • It helps you to put a lot of unused items in the house and put them inside when needed, such as furniture, and children’s toys when needed.
  • In addition, a small place in the corner can be used to put a small boot to organize, arrange and maintain shoes.

Exploitation of children’s room spaces

  • Children’s rooms of the places you use correctly will get the most wonderful Ideas for using neglected spaces Like the walls, the bottom of the bed, the library and the balcony.
  • As the walls can be placed shelves as we mentioned and put books and children’s things on them.
  • As for the bed, it must be closed from the bottom, or something called a siphon, to put summer or winter clothes in it.

Exploitation of neglected kitchen spaces

  • There are many women who struggle with a small kitchen that does not accommodate all their things, as every inch of the kitchen needs to be used.
  • And if you take things off the shelves, it creates a mess and there are many ideas to help you create a new and attractive look for your kitchen.

  • One of the innovative ways to take advantage of neglected spaces in the kitchen is a tall storage unit that covers everything, which you can place next to the refrigerator to place cooking bottles such as oil, vinegar and others.
  • In addition to placing another one next to the kitchen table to place the things you want, and a stand can be placed above the sink to place dishes after they have been washed and dried.
  • You can also hang several small boxes to put small items in the kitchen, and here it is neat and gives a better and elegant look.

Exploitation of the entrance to the house

  • Many women do not care about the entrance to the house and putting on shoes can be neglected and disorganized, but it is the most important Ideas for using neglected spaces In the entrance of the house is to put small boots to arrange shoes.
  • It is also possible to exploit the wall above the boot by placing one of the drawings indicating the width of the entrance, and a folding chair can be placed on the side of the boot to sit it at the time of wearing the boot.
  • In addition to placing hangers to place small personal items in the entrance, such as keys, or hang jackets to leave the house.

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