Riyadh Newspaper | An academic’s monthly salary is equivalent to playing 20 minutes of football for a footballer

An academic’s monthly salary is equivalent to playing 20 minutes of football for a footballer

Professor Al-Aqili

Sports has become an industry, so its follow-up is no longer limited to athletes, there are others who are not in the sports community and have responsibilities and tasks far from sports, but they love it, either recently or for a long time.

The other side of sports for non-athletes presented by “Dunia Al-Riyadah” through this corner, who are looking for a useful mathematical abbreviation in their lives, and our guest today, A. Dr.. Abdulaziz bin Nasser Al- Aqili is professor of conservation biology and supervisor of the Mammal Research Chair at King Saud University.

Objects in their beginning are great, and in the end there is nothing wrong with them

  • Are you in favor of holding wildlife awareness seminars in the club headquarters for the masses?

  • I don’t think so because there are not enough beneficiaries during the seminar, nor will it include all socially targeted groups. The best thing is to display awareness phrases on stadium screens, in addition to the cooperation of club administrations through their players to communicate these awareness messages related to the environment and wildlife. This method is more acceptable and reaches everyone quickly.

  • In the context of the awareness seminars themselves, in your opinion, what is the impact of these seminars on society’s awareness of the environment and wildlife?

I demand to find containers for recycling dry batteries

  • I have not seen a strong impact from the awareness seminars, as they are usually held during official work and study times, and therefore attendance is often poor. On the contrary, the impact of awareness exhibitions in markets and commercial centers is great because it reaches the beneficiaries where they are.

  • You previously raised the topic of the demand for “dry battery recycling containers” as one of the environmental solutions in your Twitter account. Do you call for a partnership to discuss it with officials in the sports sector to award it at the gates of stadiums and clubs?

  • I advocate placing them everywhere, especially in the entrances of supermarkets, workplaces and schools, we need to build a culture of safe disposal of hazardous waste.

  • Why not see a partnership between wildlife conservation and golf professionals to create a natural environment that surrounds the courses with creatures and animals that fit our environment?

Yellow is for a hunter who targets female animals, and red is for someone exposed to my patriotism

  • Why not, I think that the partnership should go further to reach all government institutions and the private sector by actively contributing to building a green Saudi Arabia adopted by the pioneer of the blessed vision, His Highness the Crown Prince – may God protect him – From the danger of air pollution, it is a source of food and shelter for many wild animals, and once you pursue organized afforestation, you are laying the first building blocks to a healthy and sustainable environment.

I am Hilali and I will not forget his match with Al-Nasr

Man is one of the most important enemies of the environment

  • What is the deadliest enemy of wildlife? And why?

  • They are many enemies, and most of them are linked to people, so ignorance of their importance, industrial progress and its products of pollution, waste and noise, and the destruction of natural environments due to the expansion of cities and the spread of agricultural land undoubtedly harms wildlife and its components, but as a fact it is illogical to ask that this development renaissance in the world be stopped. We are the ones who use technologies and take advantage of industrial advances and spread over paved roads and inhabit those homes. and we need more of them, but it is important to reduce their negative effects on our environments as much as possible.

  • We hear a lot about phrases that warn about the extinction of a certain kind of animal and how dangerous it is How is it dangerous for human societies?

  • Some living organisms have roles that only professionals and those interested in them see. For example, when the number of starfish on the eastern coast of North America decreased, other species began to decline one after the other, and it became clear that this creature had an importance that the public only realized after its disappearance and the disappearance knew. of other beings thereafter. Once restored and maintained, life began to return to the same area.

  • What is the importance of initiatives related to the resettlement of endangered species in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

  • There is no doubt that these are very important initiatives, which started in the eighties of the last century, and have played an important role during the last decades in the protection of game animals such as the Arabian oryx, ibex and antelope from the danger of extinction, and even increase their numbers. Vision 2030: To protect at least 30% of its geographical area as natural environments. This year, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we exceeded the internationally set percentage of 15%, and we reached 16%. , and we are moving, God willing, in the right direction.

  • Between players’ salaries and academics’ salaries, who beats who?

  • Many in our society believe that the salaries of academics are high, and I don’t know how and when they formed this perception, and in general, I would say that the monthly salary of an academic is equivalent to playing 20 minutes for a player in our big clubs, and we can agree that it is a written existence for all join these stars.

    The language of money is not a tyrant

    • Do you think that the language of money has overshadowed the aspect of creativity and sincerity in sports?

    • Not much, here is the club’s player who takes great delight in the shirt of his national team and his representation in international forums, albeit for free. And the masses are the player’s gateway to stardom, and I don’t blame the player for seeking his interest, because it’s ultimately a market of supply and demand, championships and history to be written.

    • In sports, the winners and the brilliant take the cups, so how does this compare to the creative people in other fields, medical, cultural, social and economic?

    • They reap a lot, and perhaps I’m devoting my talk here to academia, firstly that your research output is a science that benefits from it, and therefore it’s an ongoing job that benefits you in your afterlife, and secondly, seeing your students compete with others for a job and get it, and thirdly, pure patriotism by passing on your knowledge and experiences to the next generation after you And fourthly, the satisfaction that you have provided your country with what the confidence of its people in you satisfied by a scholarship for higher studies from the favor of the country to return and serve them in your field.

    I slipped into engineering and quit

    • Have you ever done a job and the result was an offside in the language of football?

    • Yes, I registered at the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals to be an engineer and took care of myself and withdrew to study the specialty I love, biology.

    • In your opinion, do sports differentiate or combine? And why?

    • Both of them are separated when the crowd is fanatical, as in football, and they unite when it is a hobby shared by its pioneers and lovers.

    • Do you think that sport is a culture? And if so, how do we fully address that culture?

    • Of course yes, choose any type of sport and you will find that you need a lot of information about it, its history according to its type is a culture, and information about the place of residence its activity is a culture, and the society that hosts it is a culture, and so on, and in the end you find yourself looking for all the details related to the type of that sport, which increases your stock of culture in general.

    • A healthy mind in a healthy body is a phrase we grew up with despite its flaw How many genius personalities don’t have a healthy body, in short, we want you to have an alternative phrase of yours for the future gender?

    • Your bodies in the beginning are great, and in the end “for some” it happened and there is nothing wrong with that, your body is really against you.

    • Honestly, what is your favorite club?

    • Al Hilal Saudi Club.

    • When was your last visit to the sports field? What meeting did you attend?

    • More than two decades, and I don’t remember the reality of the match, but among the matches I attended and can’t forget, the famous Al Hilal and Al Nasr match (4-4), I left the stadium and Al Hilal advanced by 4 goals because my colleague Nasraoui didn’t want to finish the game, and when I got home I turned on TV to watch the goals and I was surprised that it ended in a draw, it was a beautiful time, we go to the stadium together and we cheer for two competing teams and go out when we enter the stadium friends and comrades.

    • Which stadium would you like to visit in the future?

    • The masterpiece of Saudi stadiums, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Sports City in Jeddah.

    • In percentage terms, what is your interest in sports?

    • A very small percentage (less than 10%). Maybe local football takes this percentage, but the increase in the number of foreign players in it made me move away a lot because our teams became strange to us at the beginning of each season with new faces. I wish we could play one season without foreigners completely, with the aim of building a strong national team and discovering new strikers.

    • If you were given the choice to work in the field of sports, which doors would you enter?

    • Archery, and nothing compares to its prestige and skills, and its appeal to all segments of society of all ages.

    • Who is the yellow card for?

    • Every hunter carries his weapon at the time of breeding wild animals, and every hunter targets female animals.

  • And the red card in the face of defamation?

    • For everyone who is exposed to my country, even with a word.

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