Tourism in Abha.. 5 surprises on a cable car trip

Tourism in Abha is characterized by many historical and cultural sites and ancient architecture, as well as wonderful parks and scenic mountainous areas.

Located at the southernmost tip of the Red Sea coast, Abha is the capital of the Asir region and a place of great cultural significance and an ideal starting point to explore this mountainous part of Saudi Arabia.

The city is home to many interesting tourist spots, such as Shada Palace, which is now a mud-walled museum, Abha Dam Lake and Abha Palace Park, among others.

Visit Abha’s vibrant traditional souks and historic neighborhoods, Abha is also a unique place to experience the unique culture of the Asir region, whether it’s a tour of the Muftaha village or learning about its most important historical sites .

In the following report we monitor for you the most beautiful places of tourism in Abha, the best hotels and the cost of tourism there.

The most visited tourist places in Abha

1. Mount Thera “Green Mountain”

Jabal Thera is also known as the Green Mountain and is one of the most touristic places in Abha. The mountain is located in the south and is illuminated by green neon lights that emit a warm emerald glow that envelops the entire city.

The best way to get to the top is to take a cable car, at the top you will also find a Lebanese restaurant and a cafe with a terrace and panoramic views of the city.

2. Shada Palace

    Shada Palace is one of the tourist places in Abha

Shada Palace An example of traditional architecture in Asir, this palace was built in the 1820s as a home for the royal family.

The palace contains many handicrafts and objects of daily use, you can walk around the palace and go up to the top to see the palace’s open roof and surrounding walls.

Much of the architecture in Abha is modern in style, but Shada Palace reminds us of the area’s past.

3. Shamsan Castle

Shamsan Castle is one of the tourism places in Abha

Shamsan Castle is of great historical importance as it is the oldest and most important historical monument in Abha and one of the major tourist attractions in Abha.Shamsan Castle is also characterized by a religious position where the Ramadan cannon was fired from.

The castle is a rectangular building consisting of 3 towers and a main entrance on the west side overlooking the city. The castle also has a rectangular courtyard to which all rooms and facilities open.

4. Habla Village

Habla village is one of the tourism places in Abha

The village of Al-Habla is one of the most important tourist destinations in Abha and one of the most important heritage and archaeological villages. It was called by this name because the way to reach it was by ropes. It is also called the hanging village for its location under a rocky cliff that descends for about 300 m from the edge of the high mountains of Sarawat. This gives her a certain position as if she is hanging.

The village has houses with antique wooden doors and a variety of restaurants and cafes along the village roads, which are now reached by pleasant cable cars.

5. Muftaha Village

Al Muftaha Village is one of the tourism places in Abha

Al Muftaha village in Abha is a village that includes many distinctive cultural and tourist attractions. In the past, the village was a residential area that included a group of traditional buildings adjacent to each other, and over time its inhabitants abandoned it and the condition of its buildings deteriorated.

Now it is a modern village in the same style as the old village. The village includes many activities for traditional and plastic arts, a living room for artists, a children’s theater, an art theater, a group of shops and markets selling products and craft display. , and the village also includes galleries to display paintings.

3 best hotels in Abha

1. Sarawat Park Abha Hotel

Sarawat Park Hotel is one of the best hotels in Abha

Sarawat Hotel is one of the best hotels in Abha. The hotel offers a wonderful 4-star hotel service. The hotel is 17 km from Abha Airport and 2.3 from Andalus Park.

The hotel includes duplexes, large suites, several separate rooms and complete two-bedroom villas for more comfort and privacy.

The hotel has a restaurant, a child-friendly buffet, a fitness center and free parking. The hotel offers 24-hour room service and a 24-hour reception.

2. Al Salam Palace Hotel

Al Salam Palace Hotel the best hotels in Abha

Al Salam Palace Hotel is characterized by its wonderful and distinctive design and elegant and elegant decorations and furniture. The hotel is located 400 meters from Al Muftaha Palace Museum, 1 km from Al Sadd Park, and 19 km from Abha Airport.

The hotel offers a concierge service and a visitor drop-off service to and from the airport for an additional fee. You can also enjoy many services offered by the hotel, such as breakfast buffets and snacks, a fitness center, a spa center, housekeeping services and free parking.

Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, flat screen TV, mini fridge, coffee maker and all units enjoy free Wi-Fi.

3. A transient hotel

Aber Hotel is one of the best hotels in Abha

Aber Hotel is one of the best hotels in Abha and most visited by tourists as it is characterized by comfort and luxury of 3 stars. The hotel is 0.5 km from Abha Mall, 0.09 km from Waterfall Park, and 16 km from Abha Airport Accommodation varies between double rooms and rooms Family and luxury suites, all of which have Wi-Fi and all the amenities a visitor needs during their stay.

Tourism costs in Abha 2022

Tourism costs in Abha 2022

The average tourist trip for two people for a full week in Abha is around 1500 dollars, which includes food, transport, accommodation and sightseeing in Abha without calculating air tickets. The average daily cost is as follows:-

  • The average cost of food in Abha restaurants starts from $8 per meal
  • Average hotel rates in Abha start at $23 for two people per night
  • Transport prices in Abha start only from $1

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