A journalist pours vinegar into oil… and Nigeria’s gas is lost between Algeria and Morocco!

Some Arab satellite channels focused on children’s games in commemoration of Ashura, and turned a blind eye to adult games, because they found in the first type of game a diversion and distraction for people from their daily issues, as they do with trivial matters .
On the other hand, “not innocent” adult game has always been rich material for independent channels based in Europe and London in particular.
Saleh al-Azraq in the “Free Opinion” program on the “Al-Hiwar” channel heals the anger of some, and irritates others: the cheerful makes his discussions an opportunity to take revenge from most Arab governments and regimes ; As for the angry, they blame the show owner for the value judgments he expresses and for his ready-made positions, instead of being a neutral party, managing the dialogue and keeping his personal opinion to himself.
As for him, this very personal opinion is, for him, a way of “pouring vinegar into oil”; Similar to what was done by the “rababah the housewife” in the famous poetic story of Bashar ibn Burd; When he addresses Morocco, he sees nothing but normalization and betrayal in it. Even if a speaker spoke in one of the episodes of his television program, her words include it within the official position of Rabat, without the necessary separation between the position of the people and the position of the government; They are of course different in the Moroccan context, to the extent that nowadays a large group of citizens raise the slogan “Leave” in the face of the prime minister!
And when he talks about Algeria, he finds no subject worthy of reciprocity, except President Tebboune’s honor of the “gang”, referring to a number of former generals who were accused of conspiracy, before being acquitted. But they did not attend the ceremony of receiving the honors, and this was a reason for Al-Azraq’s ridicule!
But when he comes to Tunisia, he focuses on the religious side in marginal events, aiming to win his country’s audience, such as pasting the image of President Said on the minaret of a mosque, not forgetting to the issue of erecting a monument to the late leftist Chokri Belaid.
The important thing in all this is to play the strings and provoke feelings to attract callers or electronically, and to increase the number of followers of the program, either on space or through social networks. Therefore, the program can be called “Free Opinion … as Saleh Al-Azraq wants it”!

Media exaggeration!

In Morocco, the government has found that the best way to distract people from their daily existence, which has been damaged by the huge increases in the prices of consumer goods, is to follow the method of media “intimidation”, which was succeeded. almost two years, by exaggerating the “Corona” pandemic.
This time, the government of Aziz Akhannouch, known for his liberal and brutal nature, chose to settle the world and not make it difficult, because of the issue of water, which became dominant on television and radio news broadcasts. As soon as the rains subsided this year, the cylinder of drought and water scarcity returned in a flawed manner, and the focus in the media discourse was on the weakest link, i.e. the citizen who is blamed for the wastage of water, with a deliberate disregard for the vast amounts of water wasted in the cultivation of tropical fruits. He brought it to Morocco, as well as watering the lawns of “golf” courses and the fields of the aristocracy, whose products are exported abroad!

Tourism and greed!

Tourism in Morocco has recovered, after a difficult period due to the repercussions of the cursed virus, and with its recovery “Halima has returned to her old habit”: the high prices of hotels and tourist accommodation, and the greed of the owners of “bazaars” and restaurants and traditional products… “except by the grace of your Lord.”
Many actors in tourism and those who work in its field look at the customer/consumer with a greedy look, as if they want to avenge him for the stagnation stage, and even the complete stagnation, and for the money they missed during the time , to recover from him. the previous period, knowing that the state provided them with material aid.
Many negative behaviors are complained by the local customer in front of the incoming tourists, but they do not find their resonance in the television reports that only show examples of overcrowding in tourist facilities in the cities of Morocco during these days on the occasion of summer and the holiday season.
There is a darker side to this rosy picture, which the local authorities must pay attention to, with more surveillance, precision and legal beatings at the hands of greedy offenders, in the service of local tourism and the country’s image as a country of hospitality and generosity.

Gas battle!

Morocco says that there is a project to export Nigerian gas across its borders to Europe… and rightly so.
Algeria also says that Nigeria will extend gas pipelines through its territory, to cross the Mediterranean Sea to the old continent… and it is right in that too.

So where is the problem?

There is no room for competition or haste. In the two Maghreb neighbours, the matter is still limited to an “initial memorandum of understanding” with Nigeria. The latter plays with two pressure cards, taking advantage of the apparent conflict between Algeria and Rabat, and sets its eyes on Europe, which is waiting to reward financial support for the success of the project in one of two destinations, or the pipeline that runs from Nigeria to Algeria will pass through Niger, or the line that will start from Nigeria to pass through 12 countries in West Africa before reaching Morocco. And both projects will go to Europe, at least in theory.
Nigeria is also taking advantage of the crisis between Moscow and Kiev to offer a possible alternative to Russian gas. But the paradox – and therein lies the strangeness – is that Russia itself is eyeing Nigerian gas, in an attempt to displace European countries. So the issue is like playing on a chess board.
As the journalist Moataz Matar explained with argument and proof, it is still a question of a preliminary agreement with each country separately: Algeria on the one hand, and Morocco on the other. Nigeria, while addressing the officials of the two countries, likes to talk about a “giant project” that requires billions of dollars. The neighboring countries of the Maghreb countries wish themselves to benefit from the project/dream and to occupy a stronger position on the African continent. But it is certain – as the quarrelsome journalist said – that “Europe is in great distress, and Russia is in grave distress, to swallow this project and have the upper hand. And between this and that rage ‘ a struggle in preparation for a difficult winter on the old continent if it abandons Russian gas.”

A writer from Morocco

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