Have we fallen in love with a robot?

  • Michael Dempsey
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Starship’s home delivery robots line up outside a supermarket in Milton Keynes

It’s a sweltering day in Milton Keynes, and here I am chasing a little orange flag on a white six-wheeled robot, relieved that it has slowed down and stopped.

Christian Bonifacio took out a giant chocolate bar from the robot that stopped in front of her house. Bonifacio rushes home again because she’s about to make a Zoom business call, but she has plenty of time to express her passion for home delivery with the robots that send all those jogging machines across her neighborhood sidewalk.

“I love robots. Sometimes you find one of them and you help him and he says ‘Thank you’.”

Starship Technologies started Starship technologies The robot delivery service in Milton Keynes four years ago, and has since expanded, adding more towns last month.

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