Hyundai Sonata 2023, a more attractive appearance and interior features, with a premium of 800 riyals

The 2023 Hyundai Sonata represents many things to many midsize sedan buyers. This is not because of the more attractive view, but also because of the many interior features. The Hyundai Sonata is also generally very affordable and good in fuel consumption. As well as providing enough space for passengers and cargo. It also comes with the agent’s warranty and an additional warranty by some car dealers in the Kingdom which can extend up to half a million km. The Sonata 2023 is available in more than one category, including a hybrid model, but the Sonata 2023 Sport is the best among all categories. And do not forget, of course, the first category Sonata Smart 2023.

Hyundai Sonata 2023 specifications

give a car Sonata N line This unassuming family car has a sudden turn of speed. This comes thanks to its 290-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The Sonata 2023 N Line is also fun to drive, as you only need about 5 seconds to run from 0 to 60 mph. Against rivals like the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, the Sonata is a handy way to get around town or take road trips that take hours. The Sonata 2023 is also more lively and graceful. In terms of fuel efficiency, the Sonata gets nearly 37 mpg highway.

Hyundai Sonata 2023 Prices

global reach Class price higher than Sonata 2023 N Line and Limited models, around $33,750 and $34,500, respectively. This puts the Sonata on par with rivals such as the Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry and Subaru Legacy Honda Accord Sport And other sports sedans.

Hyundai Sonata Smart 2023 price

In Saudi Arabia, the Hyundai Sonata Smart 2023 price can start at 95 thousand riyals, excluding taxes. And it reaches 108 thousand riyals after adding taxes. while contrast Installment price according to the monthly installment and down payment. If 800 riyals are paid per month over 60 months, the total installments will reach 48,000 riyals. The rest of the price is divided between the first and last payments, and note that the latter does not exceed 40%.

Sonata SEL Plus

The Sonata SEL Plus is the immediate predecessor of the Limited. The car comes with a great Bose stereo system, and the technology is pretty cool since the car basically drives itself. The only minor complaint is the window noise. Other than that, it is the best car you can think of owning so far. The 2022 Sonata N Line is a different kind of fun.

Convenience and comfort in a pleasant experience

The Sonata 2023 offers a wonderful experience of driving comfort and pleasure at the same time. This comes thanks to several advantages, including the electric parking brake with a very light touch. And cruise control with the inclusion of the second row seat air conditioning vents. And the possibility to adjust the seats manually, either for the driver or the rest of the passengers.

Hyundai Sonata 2021

The 2023 Sonata builds on the same legacy as the 2021 Sonata. It came with a new set of wheels, tires and additional features. The Sonata SEL Plus was fitted with Pirelli P Zero tires mounted on 19-inch wheels. While the Sonata SEL, SEL Plus and Limited have a standard Intelligent Safe Exit Warning system.

Sonata 2022 continues the march

As for the 2022 Sonata, it comes with features, the most important of which is high fuel efficiency. In addition to the elegant interior design full of technical features and remarkable value. For 2022, Hyundai hasn’t made many changes to the Sonata. The only difference between this model and the previous year is the addition of the Night Edition. In addition to the sporty N Line model.

Sonata Hybrid

The Sonata is available in a hybrid version in America and some international markets. Where the car comes with a twin engine gas and electric capacity of 2.0 liters. With a 6-speed automatic transmission with OD. Fuel efficiency is 50 mpg city and 54 mpg highway. With beautiful black interior and elegant exterior.

Sonata vs Honda Accord

regarded as Honda Accord The 2023 is one of the cars that competes fiercely with the Sonata. It even outperforms her in some respects. Accord comes with several advantages, especially a thin body, great acceleration, and the infotainment system is simple and intuitive. The Accord 2023 is versatile, comfortable, affordable and fun in every possible way, making it one of the new favorites.

Sonata 2023 Smart

The Sonata 2023 Smart comes with many advantages, the first of which is the 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine. With automatic transmission that can generate 180 horsepower and 237 Nm of torque. The car has a windshield with several layers to isolate noise. Double glazing for the front windows with a gearshift function from behind the steering wheel, and the car comes in two driving modes, normal and sport.

Hyundai Sonata vs Hyundai Elantra

When it comes to the Hyundai Elantra and Sonata, the bottom line is that no matter which option you choose, you’ll be getting a premium vehicle. The main difference between Hyundai Elantra and Sonata is that they are in a different class of sedans. The Elantra is a compact vehicle, and in terms of wheelbase, cargo volume and size, it is smaller than the Sonata. While the Sonata, gives you more space with a slightly larger frame.

Compact vs medium size

There are also some differences in the design, as the front grilles of all cars have the Hyundai badge on them. But with some nuances that make it unique. The same goes for the design lines inside and out, as Hyundai wants to ensure that these vehicles stand alone as separate entities, not just a bigger or smaller version of each other. The Elantra also has a five-door option, but in Oklahoma City.

Super strong mechanical abilities

The Sonata Hybrid comes with superior mechanical capabilities. Notable among these is the 2.0-liter DOHC GDI gas engine that comes with a 16-valve DCVVT ​​transmission. In addition to a hybrid electric car equipped with a lithium polymer battery capacity of 1.62 kWh. The car also has compressed gas shock absorbers and a multi-link rear suspension.

Honda Civic vs Hyundai Sonata

The Honda Civic is slightly shorter than the Hyundai Sonata, which may make it easier to park. However, the Honda Civic has the same turning radius as the Hyundai Sonata, allowing for equal maneuverability in and out of confined spaces. In terms of horsepower, that’s pretty much the only common denominator between the Honda Civic and the Hyundai Sonata.

Sonata 2023 special appearance

The Sonata 2023 has a distinctive look that is striking at the same time. Whether in terms of exterior appearance, interior design or multiple categories, you will find what you need in the Sonata. The Sport Sonata and the N-Line Sonata are two great options. The Sonata combines 3 advantages: powerful curves, sharp lines and a modern cabin. The vehicle is professionally designed as if it was made just for you.

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