Some offer hugs and ear cleaning services. Here are 10 of the strangest cafes in the world

Many people seek strange and unknown things, in various fields, and there are those who offer you “crazy recipes” for what may or may not occur. Here are 10 of the strangest coffee shops in the world and what they have to offer their customers.

earthquake cafe

The “Disaster Cafe” in Spain offers a strange experience to its customers who are looking for oddities and wonders. This cafe offers you a session mixed with a kind of fear and anxiety.

The cafe, like other cafes, offers you the experience of drinking coffee or eating your favorite sweets in a natural, peaceful atmosphere, but without you the matter will change completely, and an earthquake of 7.8 degrees on the Richter scale will be emulated within. the restaurant, where you will have a strange experience that is difficult to live on the ground and then survive alive.

For the safety of customers, drinks are served in heavy, unbreakable glasses, and employees are working to provide safety equipment to protect them during the earthquake.

But before you go to the “disaster cafe”, it is advised not to wear expensive clothes, which is of great value, because the drinks will probably spill on you.

prison cafe

As soon as it opened in the Turkish city of Yalova, the prison cafe became very popular among the Turks, especially the young people. This place offers an opportunity to live the prisoner’s experience in all its details, to feel the importance of freedom.

Upon entering the cafe you will find the employees, some of them wearing prison guards uniforms and others wearing prisoner uniforms. After that, you progress to enter the prison space surrounded by iron doors, cells, inspection halls and other various prison facilities.

And before submitting your order, you will in turn get the prisoners’ uniform, to live the full experience, and feel as if you are inside the walls of a real prison, and this is what attracts customers to this place, with the goal of taking photos that remind them of their experience in an unreal prison.

heart attack cafe

In the United States, which suffers from the scourge of obesity on a national level, and whose people also love hamburgers on a national level, there are those who have founded and opened a restaurant that scoffs at this excessive concern.

Heart Attack Cafe is inspired by hospital emergency rooms, where customers dress up as patients, waitresses dress up as nurses and serve delicious food rich in grease and fat.

Located in Dallas and then in Las Vegas, the Heart Attack restaurant is all about “fighting anorexia” (an eating disorder that causes anorexia).

The restaurant is inspired by hospital emergency rooms

The restaurant is inspired by hospital emergency rooms, where customers dress up as patients, waitresses dress up as nurses and serve delicious food rich in grease and fat.

In this cafe, they respect obesity to the extent that they serve free food to those who weigh more than 175 kilograms.

animal cafe

Cat cafes have become a fashion, not only in Japan; In the United Arab Emirates, France and South Korea, not all these cafes make animals their permanent residents.

You enter the cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee, and the company of these pets, such as cats and rabbits, or cafes for animals we are not used to, such as owls.

cat cafe

The idea of ​​an animal cafe has become popular in Tokyo; Training these animals was not difficult, it seemed; Where, for example, a visitor can enjoy the company of an owl on his shoulder for about $9.

As for reptile cafes, they are often teeming with very friendly lizards, snakes, turtles and frogs that are available in various Japanese cities.

toilet cafe

With an idea that some will find strange and others disgusting, a restaurant has opened in Taiwan called “Toilet Restaurant”, offering its visitors a very strange experience, sitting on toilet-shaped chairs and serving food in plates with the same strange shape of the chairs.

Although it sounds very disgusting, the restaurant has seen a lot of popularity

The restaurant developed its ideas by presenting food in a way that suggests that it is waste, and although it looks very disgusting, the restaurant has seen great popularity, has gained notoriety and has its customers, including foreign tourists.

The idea of ​​this restaurant is not only found in Taiwan, it was also imitated in Russia, but in the form of a small cafe called “Crazy Café”, which in turn became very popular among the Russians.

About cleaning cafe

There is no doubt that the idea is very strange, so what is the need to go to a cafe to clean our ears? However, many Japanese (mostly men) have a different point of view; They find in this idea an opportunity to rest and relax after a long and hard working day.

This idea stems from Japanese customs

This idea stems from Japanese customs; Mothers often clean their children’s ears with love and care. The child sits on his mother’s lap, who gently cleans his ears. Therefore, for many Japanese, these cafes are considered a return to childhood memories.

hug cafe

Some people prefer to connect with others by pushing and touching in search of certain moments of interest. It’s also possible in Japan, as long as you don’t refuse to hug strangers, and don’t ask for more than that.

Some people prefer to connect with others by pushing and touching in search of certain moments of interest. It’s possible in a cafe in Japan, as long as you don’t refuse to hug strangers, and don’t ask for more than that

And at Suina, if you’re alone, you can take a twenty-minute cuddle nap for $38, or a whole night (10 hours) for $640; A hug here can be expensive.

ice cafe

In a unique experience in the Arab world, an ice cafe has been established in the capital of the UAE, Dubai, where the temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, and it is the fifth ice cafe in the world after London, Milan, Stockholm and Tokyo.

Ice Cafe in Dubai

It was created for hot city dwellers who feel as if they have gone to a European country as soon as they go, as the temperature is within 6 degrees below zero.

The cost per person when you enter the cafe once is 16 US dollars, including heavy clothes worn in the extreme cold inside, and the duration of stay inside no longer than 45 minutes to preserve the customers, which may affect them due to the extension and then the sudden transformation of extremely hot weather.

sleep cafe

In Tokyo, specifically at Cafe “Kawaska”, the owner of the cafe has created sleeping places in which workers can sleep during lunch breaks at work or after the end of official working hours to complete their work afterwards, according to the “Adity Central” website.

According to the cafe's website, a short nap in it contributes to an increase in work efficiency by 20%.

According to the cafe’s website, short sleep in it increases work efficiency by 20%, and to ensure that sleep is not delayed, the cafe warns the sleeper by means of special headphones that are obtained at the entrance.

Sadness Cafe

If you suddenly feel sad and feel like crying, you can go to the Sadness Café in China, which provides $6, onions and red peppers to help you shed tears.

It also provides napkins and peppermint oil to relieve the pain of the depressed, and provides an opportunity for collective crying to solve various psychological problems.

This cafe is a group therapy based on the principle of gathering the depressed, or those suffering from other problems, in one place to breathe, talk about their problems and cry.

Save $6, onions and red peppers to help you shed tears

In Japan the idea was invested and developed. She offered to rent a “mourning room” in a hotel for crying people, and offered a bunch of movies to help you shed tears.

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